Budgeting for Reaper of Souls Economic Changes?

A fan brought up an issue of strong relevance for most Diablo 3 players; how to play/prepare now for the big changes coming from DiabloWikiLoot 2.0 and DiabloWikiParagon 2.0 and all the other changes coming in DiabloWikiD3V and DiabloWikiReaper of Souls?

Budgeting for RoS

Summary: Best approach for limited funds in the next 6-8 months: Hoarding crafting mats and gems, AH items, or something else?

Option 1: The Conservative Approach: Don’t waste gold on the AH since that stuff may be rendered obsolete, and hoard gold, found gems, and other materials for crafting or trading.

Option 2: The “Gold will now be worthless” argument: Get as much as I can from the AH before it shuts down at all costs (gear and mats).

Option 3: The Meek Shall Inherit: Don’t buy anything or go out of your way to obtain anything vanilla-related. Look for a fresh start with RoS.

I missed all of the get-rich-quick things that went on with this game, so I’ve got a lower middle class set of dudes. I see RoS as a way to get back caught up with the wave of people who play more than I do, and I want to maximize this opportunity. Thanks for your input.
Grimiku: There’s nothing wrong with trying to maneuver yourself into a more advantageous position for Reaper of Souls, but I feel like I should point out that it’s not necessary to enjoy it. However, I like the conservative approach when it comes to preparing for the expansion, and feel like it’s a relaxing way to get ready.

I’d like to hear more about how other people are getting ready for RoS. Are you preparing for the expansion? How are you gathering your resources? Do you feel like your method is working well for you?

It’s tempting to try to closely parse Grimiku’s comment, since the Blues have information we do not, but I don’t see anything there that gives us any indication of coming changes. And that’s really the key point, since feature changes we don’t yet know about (and probably aren’t set in stone by the devs either) will determine everything.

We did an Auction House shutdown podcast that delved into every major question (and resulted in the longest show contents bullet list ever), and then posted a debate between Azzure and myself about whether or not gold would retain value in RoS. I said it will not retain (much) value and Azzure said it would retain (most) current value, but the whole argument is mostly hypothetical now since it’s predicated on major game system changes that no one outside of the dev team knows about.

The OP’s three options are interesting, but way too simple to embrace the full range of player options… A few of those can be seen on the click through, and like Grimiku, I’m curious what approach you guys are taking today, if you’re actually planning ahead or just playing and enjoying the moment.

From the sample items they’ve shown us, new higher level RoS gear will be much better than current gear. So do you sell your stuff now while it’s got value? Save your best gear now so you can use it to survive in Act 5 once RoS goes live, while you hunt upgrades? Or do you spend your gold on gear now and rack up EXP to transfer into Paragon 2.0? EXP will be great to transfer over… unless we get ladders right from the start and ladder chars exist in a fresh economy without access to your old paragon points or gear.

So maybe save up gold now, figuring you can spend it to buy the first-found item upgrades in RoS? But how will you find those items without an AH? And what if those level 64-70 items are all BoA and untradeable?

So maybe you should horde gems and mats and DiabloWikiDEs now? But what if there are new RoS-only materials and they form the real bottleneck for crafting and Mystic upgrades? Then you’ll have stacks of mats you don’t really need.

Like I said, there are too many questions we don’t know the answers to at this point. One thing I’m fairly certain of; the best strategy would be to horde time, since time spent playing in Loot 2.0 and/or RoS seems certain to be much more valuable, in terms of item and exp rewards, than time spent playing today. If only there were some way to store away extra hours now, so you could spend them in-game in the future. Maybe get ahead on your homework, at least?


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  1. I will be playing ladders only (as I did in Diablo 2), so getting gold/items/materials for RoS right now seems pointless.

  2. I’ll be holding 1 off-ladder toon (main).
    I’ll play ladder since the xp/gear/gold is stored after each season.

    My main will be the main hoarder/crafter with the best gear I found overtime.

    At least, this is how I think it’ll go with RoS, so count me as a conservative player.

  3. QUOTE

    I will be playing ladders only (as I did in Diablo 2), so getting gold/items/materials for RoS right now seems pointless.

    What if we get Loot 2.0 in D3V in March, and no RoS until months later? And then no ladders in RoS until months after release? It could easily be a year+ between the start of Paragon 2.0 and Loot 2.0 before ladders…

    • I haven’t played the game for months anyway. I’m not in hurry.

      Besides this game is not competetive. People having uber gear and shitloads of gold/materials/whatever won’t change my experience in the game.
      If they introduce loot 2.0 long before expansions / ladders then I might play some Diablo 3 to check loot, but I doubt I will play it 24/7 until ladders.

      • The idea of someone somewhat frequently checking out a site dedicated to a game they haven’t played in months kind of worries me.

        • I’ve been frequently checking this website since Diablo 3 was announced (and even some time before that), it’s just in my blood. Can’t stop it. Plus I have nothing better to do with my life.

          Besides I’m really looking forward to the expansion, and I want to know what it will contain. I’m just not in hurry.

  4. I left my agenda out of the post since it was too long already, but I was doing basically what Xanth described in his last column, weeks before he posted that column.


    Basically spending gold to gear up and have fun now. I do think gold will be much less useful/required in RoS, so might as well spend much of it now for gear and exp and fun, while it’s got utility. Plus we know EXP will transfer over, if nothing else. Though Ladders might defuse much of the use of it.

  5. I’m still basically playing the same way I always have been; the expansion is too far away at this point for it to impact my decisions. I’m saving up a few more Demonic Essences, but that’s mostly since I already have a lot of crafts and upgrading isn’t very likely. I still do occasional crafts, but don’t really expect much of an upgrade at this point. So…same ‘ol same ‘ol right now.

  6. I think the most valuable thing in which we can invest right now that will still hold value in D3ROS is XP. So gearing up a char for MP10 may be the wisest choice at the moment.

  7. My bet is on gems.
    I collect and craft them all.

    The other thing you want to collect: XP. Get as many paragon100 chars as possible to start with lots of points to spend.

    • Are gems even valuable in Softcore? I haven’t checked for a while, but I’d think by now there must be so many found and sold that they’re dirt cheap? In HC they churn since each dead char takes a bunch with them, but in SC I’d think people must have granaries full of them by now.

      I also think Bliz will finally implement some potential for special bosses or rewards to drop higher quality gems in RoS, which might make them cheaper.

  8. I’m just having fun with the game.

  9. Well, I’m not even close to the level of player of the people on this site, so I’m actually gold-poor. I’ve been leveling all 5 classes to 60 one by one so none of them are even at P10 at this point. I know, super inefficient, but I wanted to explore all the classes equally. I haven’t gotten the full clear – I have a Demon Hunter in A4 Inferno who could easily kill Diablo right now, but I’m actually waiting out of pride/stubbornness etc, because I don’t want my first full clear to be made with a DH (my least fav class yet all my best drops are crossbows and other DH gear, so I feel like I’ve been shoehorned into playing that class – I’m virtually all self-found). I’m just gonna go the conservative route… One of my informal goals is to get at least 1 hellfire ring before RoS drops.

    Playing self found has been a little frustrating. I like the Monk a lot yet have gotten no good drops for him in hundreds of hours of play. I’m looking forward to the drops to actually be appropriate for the class you’re playing, although I admit finding stuff for other classes has been good for motivating me to play them all.

  10. Door Number 3.

    Walking your walk is your best bet. If paragon 500 is anywhere close to a ladder plan, 1-100 will be doable in a heartbeat assuming a progressing curve.

    Gem farming would be troublesome without AH – unless they make Perfect square dropable at lvl 70, replacing flawless squares. Then you can axe your hoard by 3.

    Also, I see myself picking up every single item on the floor to gear alternates, hence, salvaging a lot on X-pack, so no worry with other mats.

    10 lvl 100 chars will put you far, far away from 500 (maybe closer to 300, assuming a nice and gentle curve). And I don’t love XP runs that much to do it. Not even 1 lvl 100 char.

    That leaves achievement hunting, while I wonder about getting a new computer and a potential PC version of GTA V. If that doesn’t happen, I have plenty of time to hunt monsters…

  11. I’m pretty much playing the way I was before RoS was announced. We really know so little about exactly how everything is going to turn out no matter what we do it could turn out wrong. I’m mostly trying to maximize my fun.

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