One of the cooler Witch Doctor builds in v2.2 is enabled by the Carnevil voodoo mask. The helm causes Fetishes to shoot a Poison Dart every time the Witch Doctor does, and with lots of fetishes this turns levels into delightful shooting galleries. Or at least it did before a bug came in with the latest patch.

    Broken Fetish Darts are no Carnevil:

    I just updated the game and noticed while grifting solo that Fetishes will stop after 1-2min in game from shooting darts and they go physical!!??? only way to get them to shoot darts again is by dying and then the new batches restart shooting darts and then again they stop after a min or so! anyone noticed anything since patch?… I tried this 6 times and in all 6 times it happened.
    Grimiku: We’re currently looking into an issue where Fetishes sometimes forget to shoot despite the fact the Witch Doctor has a Carnevil equipped. We’ll be sure to give you all an update once we have more details to share, but we’re not there just yet. Thank you all for the reports, and good hunting out there!

    Well, official confirmation helps. Now we hope for a speedy solution.
    Grimiku: For what it’s worth I’m playing a Dart Doc in Season 3, so I’m crossing my fingers (hooves?), too.

    That’s not exactly a hardcore-friendly work around there, so let’s hope this build-breaking bug can be patched in the not too distant future.

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