Brief Ninja Gameplay Movies from Gamescom

A few days ago, Danish site posted three short gameplay movies recorded from the monitors at DiabloWikiGamescom 2011 earlier this month. Though there’s no sound and the gameplay action is nothing special, but the video quality is quite good for a ninja cam, even allowing for the lens cover strap that dangles partially in front of the lens through most of the first video.

Video one features a DiabloWikiBarbarian, video two a DiabloWikiWitch Doctor, and video three is mostly a DiabloWikiWizard, all working their separate ways through the fiery torture chamber dungeon players started out in the Blizzcon 2010 demo. And yes, that same demo was at Gamescom this year, making the huge DiabloWikiDemon Hunter-focused official gameplay movie a far better visual of the proceedings. You guys always like the DiabloWikininja videos too though, so check them out and enjoy. Thanks to Bjarke for the tip.

Click through for the other two short videos.

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31 thoughts on “Brief Ninja Gameplay Movies from Gamescom

    • Put someone in and wait for tissue to, how is it in English, mortify?

      Anyway, this explains where skeletons come from 🙂

    • It’s just a clickable. There were a lot of those torture machines, bucket of skulls, etc in that dungeon. They’re just “hidden stashes” in D3 terms.

  1. For some reasen its looks faster then the older videos i watched from the demo play.
    Im a right!!!??? Anyway its looking good. I cant wait now for the game/ beta

  2. Why do people insist on using D2 music with D3 footage ? Lets hear some D3 orchestra music if it is so good. 🙂

    • Because nothing can replace the fantastic music Matt Uelmen did for D1 & D2. The D3 music will be different, just like most other things in D3 compared to the earlier games.

    • Thats what I thought as well.  It was funny cause, you can almost see what the player was thinking when he first came up to the circle and attacked the first guy.  He attacked once then stopped and must of thought to himself, “crap how do I kill all these guys before they transform… I got it…”

    • Those circles of cultists were fun. Fan of Knives was the best way to just devastate them, but frost nova was also fun. Worst: Ground Stomp for the Barb. It hit them all, but knocked them all back, and didn’t kill any of them. It took 2 or 3 Ground Stomps to kill them, but since it had knockback, you could only do a few if you had a wall nearby to push them back into. Meanwhile, the others were transforming.

  3. I find those fire traps a bit odd…I mean, there are zombies wandering about amidst them who step into them and get set on fire. One would think those hapless undead would of long since succumbed to the flames.

    • There are no runes in this version. So either this is their current (as of blizzcon) default speed or its the result of a passive. I’m thinking the former.

  4. Can someone who played the different demos multiple times explain how the environment generation is done ? Is it similar to POE where multiple big “tiles” are combined together in a somewhat random fashion from point A to point B ? I ask this because from the various videos I’ve seen, the environments look really, really really similar. So I was wondering exactly how much randomization there is ?

    • The limited variety may be a result of the demo being old.  They might have had a limited tileset to draw on for the particular dungeon in the demo.  It’s also possible that the dungeon is not heavily traveled so it has a smaller tileset.

      • That fiery dungeon was VERY random. I did it about a dozen different games, always trying to hurry through it to get to the rest of the demo in the 15m time allowed, and I never found it easy to predict the layout. Running around the perimeter was the best bet, but it didn’t always work out.

        That said, the overall design was very similar; I mean it was a lot of torture chamber type rooms, most about the same size, connected by those longer stretches of hallway where you see the coals burning below the floor.  It’s more varied in content than any D2 dungeon though, if not quite as varied in potential layout as something like Durance 2, post v1.10.

        • Could you approve my post below Flux? For some reason it says, that the “comment is awaiting moderation”. Never seen this message before.

    • Random dungeon generation works by joining together different rooms with fixed layouts and then filling them up with randomly placed monsters, breakables, chests and whatnot. This video from WWI 2008 shows quite a few randomly generated layouts as an example:

      As for the outside areas, their layout is completely fixed, but monsters, chest and the other stuff are still randomized. There are also random events (called adventures) scattered throughout the world and they will change with every playthrough. If I remember correctly from gameplay reports these adventures include randomly placed dungeon entrances as well. Here’s their presentation:

  5. It was great to see the flame-tiles and dropping blades (3rd video) in action.  I had no idea about the blades.  The wizard really owned in that video too… good to see the resource bulb in action – very cool effect.

    • There were always 3 blades like that, along a straight stretch very near the exit. That was one part that was always teh same, and once I saw the blades I was happy since I knew I’d found the exit.  They were fun to watch, but not actually very damaging, even though they looked like they should have been instant death. They did kill zombies pretty effectively, though.

  6. I went to Gamescom being a Blizzard fan that I am, passed the Diablo3 Booth severtal times and each time the line was 4 hours long, I couldn’t bother waiting for just 15min playtime(feeling that pressure you need to do everything fastfastfast because you only have 15min isn’t really comforting to check everything out) wich will pass as if it was nothing. Only played SC2:HOTS where the waitline was 50min and you can play for 20min and you can watch other players while waiting, because damn Germany rules about rated games couldn’t watch D3 from the outside. So we decided not to waste 4 hours standing and just play beta if lucky or just at release and play till our eyes bleed. It aint that much longer! [—1year—][—2years—][—3years—][now][beta][release]

  7. Ugh, it’s just nice to see a vid where the player doesn’t kill everything in one hit.

    • A few other things. That Arcane Power drops fairly fast, which is good to see. Definitely no spell spamming here, well, at least until you’re beastly geared. I don’t think the WD’s summons are glyphed, likely just that fast standard. Slow summons in any ARPG are beyond useless. Love the WD’s blow dart too. 😀

      • “I don’t think the WD’s summons are glyphed, likely just that fast standard.”

        They are at least as fast as the player, and when there are enemies nearby they charge towards them much faster than the player can run.

  8. Why does the game world feel more detailed in the ninja videos as compared to the official gameplay vids? . Maybe its the lack of AA which really comes out in the HQ gameplay vids, or perhaps the lack of the interface in those. Dunno.

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