A few days ago, Danish site Diablo3x.dk posted three short gameplay movies recorded from the monitors at DiabloWikiGamescom 2011 earlier this month. Though there’s no sound and the gameplay action is nothing special, but the video quality is quite good for a ninja cam, even allowing for the lens cover strap that dangles partially in front of the lens through most of the first video.

    Video one features a DiabloWikiBarbarian, video two a DiabloWikiWitch Doctor, and video three is mostly a DiabloWikiWizard, all working their separate ways through the fiery torture chamber dungeon players started out in the Blizzcon 2010 demo. And yes, that same demo was at Gamescom this year, making the huge DiabloWikiDemon Hunter-focused official gameplay movie a far better visual of the proceedings. You guys always like the DiabloWikininja videos too though, so check them out and enjoy. Thanks to Bjarke for the tip.

    Click through for the other two short videos.

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