Forum user SaintMek made a great post relating his recent interview with Diablo 3 Lead Story guy DiabloWikiBrian Kindregan, from GDC China 2013. He hasn’t been able to upload the full audio of the interview yet, but provides an excellent bullet point summary. Here are the highlights — see SaintMek’s forum post for the full quote.

  • Brian was originally the Lead Writer for Starcraft 2, and joined Diablo 3 team about a year ago, from then, he started to work on the opening cinematic of RoS, which we saw on GamesCom this year. Also, a lot of works about the lore of Crusaders.
  • There will be more conversations in RoS than D3C, they leave players with many questions in the beginning and players have to discover what’s going on.
  • After Tyrael became Aspect of Wisdom, he was trying to make things right, but it ain’t a easy job, because the angels are very struggling. Brian mentioned that because human beings could choose to become good or evil, so when they choose to be good, they are more noble than Angels. Tyrael is now a mortal, but he is still physically stronger than normal human.
  • Malthael is way stronger than any angel, even if Tyrael still was an angel, Malthael could easily beat him and throw him out just like in the cinematic.
  • His favorite class in D2 is the necromancer and druid. But there is no other new class in RoS than the Crusader. And the necromancer in game that “fans are familiar with” is Zayl. (Yes, he called out that name. He said Zayl is a good character and they are starting to use him)
  • Brian mentioned there was a meeting before he come to China for GDC, and there is might be a major change in storyline of RoS.
  • There was a lot of arguing during development of D3C about Cain should live or die between Bliz employees.
  • That last one made me grunt. I’m sorry, but whoever won that argument and decided that Cain, the only meaningful character in the entire Diablo series, should be wasted by dying in meaningless fashion to an annoying and forgettable NPC with butterflies on her shoulders… needs to stay away from any future Diablo 3 story/plot development.

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