We’ve seen several previews of the official BradyGames Diablo III Strategy Guide, including the news that they are releasing a Collector’s Edition (with bonus artwork). Today brings our first look at the guide, with a bunch of sample pages from the ipad version, available exclusively through the Apple store. (No link; you’ve got to navigate to it via your ipad or itunes.)

    The pictures are pretty and the info looks good, but the best part is the detailed monster info revealed in the images. Four monsters are shown with their full stats, and holy cow at the jump up from Hell to Inferno. Massively more hit points, massively more damage dealt, and the special scratch ‘n sniff plug-in (just $.99 from the Apple Store) reveals that they even get worse breath. Check out the images for full details, and thanks to Azzure for ruining his wrists by viewing them all and emailing us the pics on his ipad.

    Sadly, there’s no telling how accurate these stats are; official strategy guides are notoriously for becoming completely obsolete with launch day patches. The info seems recent, but the image of the DiabloWikiArcane Enchanted shows the purple Hydra form, which was removed from the game back in oh… November-ish? (Though the text description is accurate, so maybe the images and layout was set long ago, but they updated the text and stats recently?)

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