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We’ve seen several previews of the official BradyGames Diablo III Strategy Guide, including the news that they are releasing a Collector’s Edition (with bonus artwork). Today brings our first look at the guide, with a bunch of sample pages from the ipad version, available exclusively through the Apple store. (No link; you’ve got to navigate to it via your ipad or itunes.)

The pictures are pretty and the info looks good, but the best part is the detailed monster info revealed in the images. Four monsters are shown with their full stats, and holy cow at the jump up from Hell to Inferno. Massively more hit points, massively more damage dealt, and the special scratch ‘n sniff plug-in (just $.99 from the Apple Store) reveals that they even get worse breath. Check out the images for full details, and thanks to Azzure for ruining his wrists by viewing them all and emailing us the pics on his ipad.

Sadly, there’s no telling how accurate these stats are; official strategy guides are notoriously for becoming completely obsolete with launch day patches. The info seems recent, but the image of the DiabloWikiArcane Enchanted shows the purple Hydra form, which was removed from the game back in oh… November-ish? (Though the text description is accurate, so maybe the images and layout was set long ago, but they updated the text and stats recently?)

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    60 thoughts on “Bradygames Strategy Guide Pages

    1. we we will not know until we have 60 characters of our own calculating our hps and dps. then those big numbers for inferno will mean something. until we know those other variables, these seemingly “huge jump” in monster stats is probably not quite so steep most are making it out to be, omg its 10x harder ect ect. Doubtful but i agree it will be harder but not ridiculously harder heh. cant know for sure until we get there ourselves!!!!!!8) 

      • the one monster was lvl 60 in hell difficulty. meaning its supposed to already be difficult for a max lvl character on hell, it only deal s like 14-16K damage on hell. then on inferno, where you cant level anymore, it suddenly deals 170K damage.

        also, on the skill calculator, it says the monks breath of heaven heals for 6-7K (9K with a rune) HP. I assume those to be end game numbers, so on hell you can heal back a lvl 60 monsters hit in just 2 uses. which seems pretty reasonable, but on inferno, it would take 17+ uses or, 4.5 minutes if you just stood and waited for the CD.

        also, in the weapons guide, some of the most powerful weapons only go up to about 600-700DPS. with millions of HP, the scaling seems crazy.

        • So if SK has about 15.7 million HP, it would take (with ~700 DPS) about 373 minutes of non-stop hitting to kill him. That’s just ridiculous.

          • Or not. You also have to factor in damage from int / str / dex, depending on class, as well as damage boosting skills, as well as + damage mods, and other mods that we have yet to see.

          • 700 dps only? check out hero planner…
            8lvl 1800hp for normal SK? In beta 18p he was bigger. At about 2400-2500hp and, I’m not sure, 10+lvl

    2. I like the avenger trait because it is really going to change the strategy you need to use. Normally do you focus your damage on monsters who are hurt the most, but with the avanger trait might you instead delay your first kill for as long as possible.

      • Yea people will really need to be careful with these monster packs. Probably create a large area to kite them and hopefully seperate them.

    3. Funny thing is that nobody is looking at this like an actual strategy guide. But look it over and tell me: what about this would make it worth getting?

      Do we seriously need a map of new tristram to figure out where stuff is, what with the map pings and gigantic icons and everything being within like three screens of each other?
      Do we need to know how much life a monster has in inferno? I mean, this will eventually end up on the wiki but I just don’t get it. 

      • For the “strategic” value?  No, probably not worth it.  I usually only buy guides like these for the art and such.

    4. There should be some spoiler alert there 😉
      On the monster page: “Armaddon/ appears in act IV/ Likely Locations: Gardens of Hope, The Silver Spire” 
      Seems we’ll visit Heaven after all, and a bunch of demons will be dropping by…

      • You call for a spoiler alert, yet you specifically say the spoiler in your comment?

        • I was joking about spoiler alert (if the winking smiley face didn’t tip it off). If someone wants to avoid spoilers they should steer clear from this page 🙂 “Location of Act IV” was pretty much given away by the artwork data-mined from beta client months ago.
          I’m just excited about “location of Act IV” 😀

      • I was about to say the same thing. Too bad you can’t edit your comment on these forums because anyone who didn’t read the spoiler yet will get it from your comment. Probably better to say “It gives the location of Act 4.”

        • Just by saying it spoils the location of act 4… IS a spoiler for anyone who can put 2 and 2 together.

    5. Whiz: I sure hope so. Right now, I’m a bit daunted by the fact that a rare version of an Act II monster can have over 1.7 million HP in inferno.

      Holy crap, I missed the 3.4 million HP for Act IV monsters. I wonder how much HP the quest bosses have. Suddenly, 10,000 dps is not looking so impressive.

      • and all that for /player 1 I assume. Yea seems like we are gonna get owned rly fast in inferno. The min DMG numbers are even more breathtaking than the HPs.

      • I just skimmed some of the pics, but 305,000 min damage per monster hit!

        We’re going to need a bigger boat! 

    6. This post needed “MASSIVE ACT IV SPOILERS”  at the start with the offending preview images :(.

    7. Having the monsters going from 3075 min damage per hit in hell to 26K, holy smokes!  I remember the first time I tried hell on D2, now inferno takes the jump to the hardest difficultly to the next level.   

      • If you checked the Monk healing skill Breath of Heaven 5 patches ago, it healed for 30k with Circle of Life rune (healin on steroids); in the current patch it goes up to 8-10k with the same rune; so you might want to rescale damage/ hp of monsters down just to get an idea of the current situation in end game (Because healing spells are a counter mechanic to damage/monster hp). Yes, this means in particular that the info in this guide is out of date

        • Or they decided it was healing to much and nerfed it? That says nothing about this data or whether it is out dated. 

    8. Risingred:

      April 11th, 2012 at 04:13

      I would plug a USB into it and figure out a way to datamine it.

      well now you can! (sort of) haha

      • Nah, I was joking. I’m done. (And I couldn’t find the guide online w/wireshark >.>)

    9. lol, why are these numbers so stupidly high? Wouldn’t it be cleaner and slicker to use similar percentages, but lower numbers? (Like have 1000 HP instead of 1 million, and 200 dmg instead of 200,000?) Something seems seriously wrong here…

      • Because big numbers are more impressive – it doesn’t make any difference whether you do 10 damage to a 100 hp monster, or 1000 damage to a 10000 hp monster – but you’ll feel more awesome doing 1k…

    10. Inferno monsters hit hard enough to kill your next HC char before you create it

    11. Inferno monsters will hit hard enough to knock the hardcore players back to softcore.  

    12. “Inferno monsters will hit hard enough to knock the hardcore players back to softcore. ”

      No they won´t :mrgreen:
      Inferno Skeleton King 15.7 Million HP. LIKE !

    13. But why the Inferno monsters gives us xp points? Aren’t we max lv on Inferno? Doesn’t make any sense.

      • You lose xp when you die. That’s why they give xp because you’ll be dieing and you need to gain that xp back.

    14. From the pictures I can tell that health globes are ONLY in normal mode ,,,

      If that’s the case: health potions will sell like crazy …


      • No, “normal” in that context does not refer to a difficulty level. Check the table headers.

    15. I would say, that guide has a lot of numbers wrong!
      Noobskinbot made an absolutly valid comment about heal spells beiing a counter to the actual damage dealt. So you can see an even higher damage and hp increase on monster in Inferno, but nothing in the range of what the guide is suggesting. Anything else would be madness and unplayable, even with 4 characters playing.

    16. Blizzard Gone nuts….
      170K of HP for a normal enemy…
      If you hit for 1 K each hit.
      It means that you must punch that enemy with 170 HITS to kill just one normal ENEMY,
      We dont even calculate the scaling when other player joins….
      This is crazy..
      Theyll nerf it as soon as the realize that Inferno is too much….
      Skeleton King 15 Million….
      15000K. If you hits for 1K damage each hit,
      It means that you need to hit for 15000 Times, No wonder they said that they need an hour to kill the boss.
      This is nuts…

      • You can equip weapons in your hands in Diablo wich will buff up your damage way beyond 1k/hit.

      • People complained how the game was easy now they will start to complain how it is hard. If these numbers are true I personally do not want Blizzard to scale it down. Just think of it this way: In diablo 2 you had up to Hell difficulty. Now you have that again and you can enjoy yourself up to that point as you would do in diablo 2. And when you do that you get into Inferno (which you do not have to do if you don’t want to, although everybody will want to) and there you have to really try and strategize about everything! which is in my opinion awesome. I am sure Blizzard doesn’t want to make it impossible and that they calculated it right. I will personally spend 5minutes on 1 normal mob in Inferno if necessary. It will just make killing it more rewarding. Impossible – no, Extremely difficult – yes please and don’t scale it down !

    17. i dont know how people can take these numbers as truth.  these strategy guides have been known to have details that were incorrect or outdated, even on some console games, let alone a blizzard game which goes through several balancing acts before its released.  i’m not even sure blizzard knew in concrete what the numbers were going to be, and i’m honestly a bit skeptical that blizzard would even give these exact details when they know how likely they are to be changed before release.

    18. I had the D2 Brady? guide that I got in the battle chest I read it once, for fun, and decided it was pretty and well made. Beyond that it was totally outdated and written by people who have no idea how to play well (or at least write about it) :P.

    19. Yeah, I honestly will probably buy the guide, just because I’m a collector of Blizzard shit. But beyond that…I would estimate that pretty much EVERYTHING in there will be changed within 6 months of the game’s release.


    20. Skeleton King Life Upgrades:
      Normal to Nightmare = x68,5 increase
      Nightmare to Hell = x20 increase
      Hell to Inferno  = 6,3 increase

      Let’s say if defenses and resistance don’t scale at all, Skeleton King would “only” take 6 times as long to kill on Inferno then on hell – with a beginning Hell Char (around level 52).

      Doesn’t look like a huge difficulty gap to me, but as I said, we dont know about his resistances and defenses.

    21. According to the new DiabloNut hero planner (datamined from beta patch 18), all characters at lvl60 get a raw Life of 1,546. Even if bonuses scale it by a factor of ten, most of those damage stats for Inferno critters will cream you. Yes, even if you dodge/block/reduce 90% of incoming damage (and since you’re lower level than the critters, your dodge/block/armor becomes progressively less useful as I understand it). In fact, even if you scale the 1,546 Life by 20x through skills/equipment I think you’ll get wiped. 26K damage from an Act II critter, mitigated by 90%, would still be about 10% of your Life per hit. One to one you might kill a single regular critter, but face a couple and I’m struggling to see how you’ll do it. Face a champion and his minions….

      What am I missing, guys? 

      • I guess we’ll have to wait and see what actual high-end items look like.

        Based on D2’s better runewords, which had some INSANE attributes, every character could be Infernoing with high level Mantras, Vault, Pets, Archon abilities… who knows? 

    22. Wow. There is huge leap between Normal and Nightmare. I am starting to believe all this “Diablo 3 will be too easy” is a ranting of butthurt D2-fans-to-the-bone and we will indeed get our asses kicked.

    23. They said inferno will be easy, they were asking for more, they said to be Chuck Norris family…now…Fear reign over us all…
      I’m the only one who drown a graph with the DPS increase from level to level and fall on the floor laughing? xDDDD

      Hell 3k DPS…Inferno 26k DPS! ROLF!

    24. You didn’t post those with the achievements even though you could find interesting things there like for example an achievement called: “Wirt’s Case Scenario” for “acquiring wirt’s cowbell” 😉

    25. Here we go! Nabs started to cry before the game is even out. “We need nerf on Inferno,because it’s to hard”
      Wtf is wrong with you 👿  
      I didn’t understand where is your confidence,that the game will be to easy? What happen with all “mega pro godlike diablo players”? Come on,what happen with your claims for 1 week completion from normal to inferno??? 
      All I see in most comments now is fear! So, next time before you start talking how great you are,1st think and than talk. This is not Diablo 2, and you are not much better than someone else who is not familiar with Diablo series.
      Personally for me,I like the huge damage and hp boost to monsters in Inferno,and I hope it will stay the same,or even if Blizzard increase the difficulty later,I will be glad.


    26. Well, after seeing that German Naked-Hardcore-Ironman run of Diablo 2, I think anything is beatable even absurd conditions.

      Bring on Hardcore Inferno. You might take years to beat, but I’ll get there…

    27. This is the most awesome thing I’ve ever seen, can’t wait to get to inferno on HC, people are going to drop like flies haha. If they can pull this off and make it as hard as it seems (difficult to tell at the moment without knowing how the equipment scales), the endgame is going to be epic. Especially for us HC people, although you might say HC is an endgame of sorts once you are sick of SC, so really you have SC-> SC inferno-> HC-> HC inferno. The last of which should prove to keep the game interesting for a very long time 🙂

      EDIT: and once we have pvp, they’ll hopefully introduce HC duels to the death at one point (winner takes all in terms of equipment), which would be the very last endgame scenario. Kept me busy for a while in D2 once I got bored, and has potential to be much much more interesting in D3.

    28. if you can enter inferno only when you reach max level 60, why do we need to know how much xp is for that and that monster when we cant go any further in lvl, all i can see now is that hell and inferno xp cap is the lowest

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