Joystiq interviewed Leo Boyarski and Kevin Martens about Diablo 3 after they announced the new Monk class.  A few things popped into the radar such as Diablo 3 PvP having a few nice twists besides the fact it will be much better than in Diablo II. And a few lore bits on some locations found in Diablo II.  The amount of info was very limited, yet may fill up some gaps from what we learned at Blizzcon.

    • Few bits of lore about Lut Gholein and Caldeum that some fans may not have known about before Blizzcon 2009.
    • Diablo III won’t have LAN as we know it over Battle.net 2.0
    • No modding at all and no map editors
    • Monk class will have a female. All classes will have gender choices.
    • Easter eggs and jokes may be found throughout Sanctuary.
    • Monk weapons: Staff, Fist Weapons, Fist-knives, and other stuff not yet revealed
    Well, going back a little bit, are we going to see anything from Diablo II, like any of the towns like Lut Gholein or Kurast or anything? Are we going back to those areas?

    Leo: Kurast was pretty much destroyed and some of the history is that it was abandoned and everybody there moved to this place called Caldeum, which is now the center of pretty much the world, especially on that continent, which is kind of down the street from where Kurast was. You do start off in Tristram, New Tristram as it’s also called. So technically that was in Diablo II. And there’s going to be some NPCs and some other stuff that we’re not quite talking about. There should be some surprises for you.

    Kevin: There’s a lot of nods to D2.

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