A fan brought up the old topic of bottomless dungeons in Reaper of Souls and got some noncommittal Blue replies.

    As for me, I could see myself “teaming up with friends” on a Saturday night and see if we can improve our score. We would do it once per week. For the other days, we would keep on farming. It adds more things to do. I could do bounty alone. I could do Rift with friends. I could try a survival alone/with a team. I’m sure that people would ever create “competitive” clans and try to survive the longest/go as far as possible. It would bring part of the community together, even if it’s vanity items. Never underestimate the power of vanity items 🙂
    Vaeflare: Having different things to do when you log into Diablo III is definitely nice, and indeed some players are motivated more by shiny loot upgrades, while others are driven to test their limits, or to acquire challenging achievements and rare banner sigils.

    What motivates you?

    Why not both?
    Vaeflare: Both is totally fine too! 🙂 We’re all gamers, and we all have different things that motivate us. I know for me at least, I tend to change up what I’m doing in game quite regularly to keep it fresh, as it were (I also love working on achievements).

    For a long time I was a proponent of bottomless (or at least very deep) dungeons in Diablo 3, so much so that it was the first topic I brought up when I interviewed Wyatt Cheng and Josh Mosqueira earlier this year. Looking at that transcript now, you can see that they’re essentially describing DiabloWikiNephalem Rifts (which were still months from being announced) in their reply. More variety of level layouts and monster varieties, different content every time, new color schemes and looks, variety in density and length of challenge, etc.

    Down you go...

    Down you go…

    So now that we’ve got Nephalem Rifts, do they live up to what players like me always wanted from bottomless dungeons? I think yes and to be honest, they’re better than I imagined bottomless dungeons would be.

    Rifts have just as much variety of layout and monsters, the color scheme changes really give some dungeons the feel of being totally new tilesets, and the super shrines (Pylons) are game-changing for 30s at a time, plus the 100% counter to a Rift Guardian and the goodie bag reward for bagging them give the whole Rift an overall purpose. The only thing Nephalem Rifts don’t have is bottomlessness, but since you can just open new ones indefinitely, I don’t see that as a drawback.

    That said, I like the ideas I’ve heard for making them even moar. Giving players some more choice in how the levels and/or monsters are randomized, varying Rift types so some are great for gaining experience while others are great for items, etc. And I still like the idea of bottomless dungeons as a sort of end game or multiplayer challenge, where they could get progressively harder, or reward players for going further and further in an endurance challenge.

    What do you guys think? Are any of my fellow bottomless dungeon fans won over by Rifts, whether or not you’ve played them in RoS yet? And if not what do you want from a bottomless than Rifts don’t offer?

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