Botters Banned from Diablo 3 Leaderboards

All your Paragons belong to him.

All your Paragons belong to him.

If there’s one great truism of online gaming, it’s that if people can cheat, they will cheat. Even when there’s nothing really to gain and not even a proper PvP environment, such as we see today in Diablo 3. The incentives for botting aren’t what they once were, but players can still use automation to grind levels, and apparently some of the highest ranked players have done so. And gotten caught at it.

Botters Banned from Diablo 3 Leaderboards:

Characters removed from leader boards?

I was just looking at the Grift leader boards for DH and yesterday I was #4 and now I am #3? I was also #9 when they reset and now I am #5. I haven’t played so there is no way I could have improved my position.

Did Blizzard remove banned players (did they actually ban people?) from the leader boards?
Nevalistis: Some of the shifts you may be seeing on leaderboards are a direct result of a recent ban wave issued for cheating.

Players that were found to be in violation were removed from the leaderboards and other rankings have been adjusted appropriately as a result. This means your ranking may have increased if someone ranked above you was removed from the leaderboard. As we move forward to future seasons and eras, we’ll be continuing to monitor for such behavior and take appropriate action, though we may not always message when such ban waves occur.

I’m sure no one is shedding an tears over cheaters getting their accounts deleted, but have you guys seen evidence of this? Hopefully D3 won’t ever get to a state like D2 was for so long, when most public games were filled by bots running their item farming scripts.


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  1. I hope they are more active with banning bots (and exploiters) during season 2. It would make for a much more interesting season.

  2. Can Blizzard start bringing the ban hammer down on players on consoles using hacked/modded items too? Paragon level 3000 Demon Hunters using 3 socket everything and 'Professional Russian' bows and instakilling GR#100 is just stupid and tuins the game when those fools join.

    Please sort it Blizzard.

    • woulda thought this would be a no brainer to ban the para 3000's since they have para 3000 im no where near a 1000 on the pc version yet im only above half way

    • If think that it's the "you wanted offline mode? you got it!". Blizz won't do anything with it, to prove that online-only is the right way to go.

      And I agree with them.

      • I think this is probably true, though of course Bliz wouldn't phrase it in such mercenary terms.

        Philosophy aside, I don't think the D3 console technology allows them anything different. There's no server hosting the games or characters, and with everything on the user's end, that data is always susceptible to violation. Blizzard doesn't have the infrastructure to monitor console player accounts and hit them with Rust Storms, and even if they did, people could just hack back to where they were easily enough.

        I don't pay much attention to consoles, so how do other console games prevent or at least discourage hacking? (Or do they?) I guess they're a bit like D2, with some online network with protected data, while also allowing an unsecured offline mode?

  3. I have seen evidence of this! I managed to make it onto two leaderboards at the end of Season 1; I was 75 on the achievement leaderboard and 909 on the solo dh leaderboard. After reading this article I checked, and I am now 73 and 877 respectively…

  4. There were a buncha folks that seemed to have way too high of a paragon level in seasons for how long it had been out early in the season I'm talking 650+ a month in.

    • That was because of an exploit that was available only early on in the game; where 4 players doing a grift would split up and one would just sit in town, while the others completed the greater rift. Meanwhile, the one in town was receiving EXPONENTIAL and COPIOUS amounts of experience points.

      This Cheat/exploit went on for a WHILE before it was caught and launched some players into a position of having nearly 500+ paragon levels.

      If any of those players kept at it … there was no beating them. And, there went season 1's competition.

      Yet, when I found out, I didn't know what made me more upset, the fact that i wouldn't be able to compete with those in the know; the whole season unfair … or the fact that I didn't know about it.

      If you're a min/max-er. There's always the thought to keep up with the competition. I realize that's a bit 'toolish' of me. But, I enjoy many things about diablo competition. (an oxymoron at this point)

      It would be amazing to have one season with a level playing field but, my available time to sit and play an entire season has been steadily receding. And, I don't even know how long I'll be able to go on this season as my hand has literally started to hurt. I had to sit out a few weeks of season 1 just to avoid outright injury and my monk fell to position 676 on the leaderboards … (I haven't checked to see if he's been bumped up since the wave of bans)

      • I just checked and after the ban wave I have moved up almost 100 levels. My monk now sits at 599 on the season 1 solo monk leader-board. which means there were 77 KNOWN cheaters between me and the number 1 slot on the list of top players.

        And, supposedly, Blizzard still isn't able to ditect at least one known cheat/map hack/bot. Which means there could be at least double this number of players who cheated in the top 500 players.

  5. Hmm If I do some Grift fishing I could do Top 30 DH EU now.

    Why are 9/10 rifts Winged Assassins or Thunderstorm entrance Rifts ?


    If its DHs then they probably used a certain tool that makes the char stay at 40 yards it also gives you infos about elites. Why the fuck even bother to play if you cheat ? Pathetic.

    • From what I understand there's no competing with people who used the newest Map Hacks. They had information galore. They saw the entire GRift map layout immediately up start: where shrines were, what the shrines were, where the exits were, where the dead-ends were, where the monsters congregated, what types of monsters and how many and where the elites were and what their elite affixes were.

      No wonder people with these hacks were on top. So, did they deserve to be banned? Hell yes … no wait … TORMENT YES!

      People say … well that's just video games, everybody cheats, but even in televised sports, with cameras rolling, cheaters and exploiters are caught all the time.

  6. Does this include turbo Hud users? If not, very disappointing.

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