A gaming site called Botchweed has posted their first impressions of the Diablo III beta. There’s nothing real new there, but just because it’s been weeks since we’ve seen one of these, I figured it was worth a news post. Here’s a quote:

    Diablo 3 tries to show that it’s no where near as limited as Diablo 2 in terms of movement space and playable area. Unfortunately adding a little bit more area to explore around each town and dungeon doesn’t really detract from the inevitability of going from town to dungeon and down various levels until you find the next person that you need to kill. Going from town to dungeon on repeat isn’t a criticism of the game though. It’s the method that worked for Diablo 2 and we all loved it, and I think we’ll all feel exactly the same about Diablo 3. The only problem with this illusion of free-roaming open spaces is that it’s not really there, the spaces are incredibly finite and almost not worth being there in the first place.

    There’s no telling if this guy just got into the beta recently, or if he’d had a key for weeks but no time to check it out. It would be nice to think the former, since then you could imagine that *someone* had been added to the beta since those idyllic weeks back in early and mid-September, when the invites were flying and interest was spiking.

    The lack of fresh meat blood is very telling in the few public games available, the general lack of fresh posts and conversation about the DiabloWikiDiablo 3 beta, and especially in the DiabloWikiAuction House, which is just comatose for lack of interested participants.

    I can only repeat what a few of the Blizzard guys said at Blizzcon, which is that they’re going to ramp up the invites considerably in a couple/few weeks, after a big beta patch goes in. Hopefully the many class tweaks in the patch will reactivate current testers, and as they mingle with the waves of new people the Diablo 3 Beta test will regain its lost momentum/attention/interest level.

    I do continue to wonder why Blizzard didn’t include DiabloWikiArena access in the Beta. Surely they needed to test out the match-making and hidden character ranking features, and PvP dueling would have provided an end game for beta testers, ensuring constant crowds online and giving players an incentive to keep grinding and trading for top items. Besides being fantastically fun, even with just Clvl 13 chars.

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