We’ve recently had a few posts from blues about DiabloWikimagic find, DiabloWikigold find, and how it works in party settings for DiabloWikiDiablo 3. We also know that Boss hunting will be a sub-optimal strategy for loot hoarding. However, the plot is finally thickening as Bashiok has illuminated that elite mobs may in some way affect a boss’s loot.

    The idea, as we’ve been told, is that the developers want to make the path of least resistance to be the most enjoyable/fun. As such, elite mobs and the mobs around the world of Sanctuary would potentially provide better loot than the bosses themselves. With this new twist, however, it would seem that it would combine the idea of elite mob hunting with the destruction of a boss to receive a good payout for your time. We don’t know the exact formula or how the two might relate, but we can expect it… yeah, you guessed it… “soon.”

    The designers have been working on and testing a system that actually ties the rare/champion pack kills to boss kills quite nicely. It seems like it’s solid enough for us to talk about the intent and goals even though it’s still in testing, we can look into sharing more about it … SOON.

    I just realized this is another thread calling me out in the title… oops.

    With my somewhat educated guess, I’d say that elite mobs may somehow be related to a boss kill in that with each elite pack you kill, you receive a passive magic find buff that stacks. While DiabloWikishrines also give a passive buff, it’s also a fairly short duration. Personally, I would surmise that with each elite pack you down, the buff is refreshed with increased potency. Whether or not this theory would actually work, I have no idea. But I can’t think of any other viable way for elites and bosses to be connected somehow. Anybody else have some thoughts on how the two may affect one another?

    Also, it seems that threads that call for blues aren’t entirely in vain.

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