Boss Runs and Elite Mobs

We’ve recently had a few posts from blues about DiabloWikimagic find, DiabloWikigold find, and how it works in party settings for DiabloWikiDiablo 3. We also know that Boss hunting will be a sub-optimal strategy for loot hoarding. However, the plot is finally thickening as Bashiok has illuminated that elite mobs may in some way affect a boss’s loot.

The idea, as we’ve been told, is that the developers want to make the path of least resistance to be the most enjoyable/fun. As such, elite mobs and the mobs around the world of Sanctuary would potentially provide better loot than the bosses themselves. With this new twist, however, it would seem that it would combine the idea of elite mob hunting with the destruction of a boss to receive a good payout for your time. We don’t know the exact formula or how the two might relate, but we can expect it… yeah, you guessed it… “soon.”

The designers have been working on and testing a system that actually ties the rare/champion pack kills to boss kills quite nicely. It seems like it’s solid enough for us to talk about the intent and goals even though it’s still in testing, we can look into sharing more about it … SOON.

I just realized this is another thread calling me out in the title… oops.

With my somewhat educated guess, I’d say that elite mobs may somehow be related to a boss kill in that with each elite pack you kill, you receive a passive magic find buff that stacks. While DiabloWikishrines also give a passive buff, it’s also a fairly short duration. Personally, I would surmise that with each elite pack you down, the buff is refreshed with increased potency. Whether or not this theory would actually work, I have no idea. But I can’t think of any other viable way for elites and bosses to be connected somehow. Anybody else have some thoughts on how the two may affect one another?

Also, it seems that threads that call for blues aren’t entirely in vain.

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  1. Oh nifty, this has been a popular suggestion about how to keep bosses relevant without making them pinata dumb farmable.

    inb4 “zomg blizzard another last second desperate change worst developers ever”

    • Any iteration that has you looping the same path is fail.  the beauty of the super rares is that you had to search for them.  it wasnt make a build specifically for the boss in question and the b line right for it.  i liked the idea that we had to party and search all of the diablo world to find stuff- the best stuff. that would keep your sessions fresh.  not to mention the rare packs could be anywhere.  so in inferno you can just pick the act you had a taste for that evening and go to town.  the next run or the next night pick another act.  

      • Except… you know…. this isn’t looping. Looping would be to force players to go back to repetitive “fly straight at the boss” farm. This change seems to be designed to allow bosses to be viable for farming in a game where you can still do all those things you are referring to in past tense.

        • Except…you know…we will ultimately be boss running again.  My statement was my opinion.  I find the looping boring after say a million times.  I thought the idea of the best loot being placed randomly with super packs to be a good idea.  The bosses should have diminishing returns.  Get out and play in the world.  Mix it up.  Work for that meal.

          • It kind of sucks for people that enjoy fighting the more interesting bosses with unique abilities and unique personalities. The rares and champions will always only ever have abilities picked at random from a set list of affixes, and after a while, they will get monotonous as well. Plus, if bosses are useless, then what’s the point of even having them in Inferno? It pretty much makes them a waste of time and effort to even have them there, balanced for the difficulty. Some people may actually want to play through the story again at Inferno instead of just farming random monsters out in the world. Should those people not be rewarded for their efforts? What’s wrong with people hunting down all the rares and champions on their way to the bosses? Personally, I think it is much more enjoyable to have both options be rewarding, even if the rares and champions are a little better.

          • “My statement was my opinion.  I find the looping boring after say a million times.  I thought the idea of the best loot being placed randomly with super packs to be a good idea.”

            You are still repeating things over and over, no matter what they do apart from releasing new content, you will eventually just repeat areas. Its what happens. If you get bored, go play RL for a while.(Or another game 🙂 )

          • We could keep going on the “except.. you know..” dance, but neither of us can predict how exactly this system will work, but given that the “all of Inferno is viable for farming” stance is not inherently contradicted by making bosses viable….

            For example, all this system could do is make bosses equivalent to the rare chests that pop in all the random dungeons if you explicitly clean out all of champions in the area leading up to the boss.

            Point is, you are jumping the gun in declaring that suddenly, all we are going to do is run bosses again.

          • Imho if they do a stacking buff that resets after you kill a big boss,it will push you to find every single elite on every map, so that you still explore everything rather then just repeat boss runs.

      • Well, ultimately, all content in Diablo like WoW are looping, rides that are fun that you repeat again and again until it stops being fun.  Nothing ever really changes; there’s really no history or change apart from the regular story that you experience once.  If they introduced semi-random quests and progression or history to the game, it might be different.  Say one day there’s this random event where you log in to a game and are informed that the demons have taken over town X (Lut Gholein in D2 example) and that you cannot even do any act2 quests or visit those areas until you’ve fought off demons in that town, etc.  And if you “save” the town, you get some preferential treatment like umm better gambling prices or options to take on some unusual quests that otherwise cannot be undertaken.  These events cannot be “traded” like shakos that everyone can buy for pul or whatever, so they’ll make different paths that different characters will take because you won’t be able to take ALL such opportunities not only because you’re not that lucky but because certain paths will exclude others so that there’ll be relatively unique history to each character.

  2. This is a brilliant idea to keep bosses in the formula.
    how to pull it off is quite easy.  for each champion killed, logged in session variable = + X to boss magic find.   They could even do it such that it narrows the focus to a boss in the same act as said champions. 

  3. Good job Blizz, best to not make your boss creations redundant 🙂 Now the big question: Did they think of it on their own, or did they steal it from that D3 forum-goer? 😀


  4. yet more good news

  5. Yeah, this sounds like a promising change.  After a slew of disappointing changes it is nice to hear about this one and the +skills items. Hopefully they pan out well.

  6. I’m guessing it works like this:
    Games (not as in, video games, but as in games you join/create) are focused around quests. Bosses are likely going to be tied to quests–that just makes sense given what we’ve seen so far. Every elite/champion/etc. you kill while on an area tied to that quest (which will work so long as the game is relatively linear) enhances the drops gained from the quest mob (i.e., the actual boss). So every elite/champion/etc. killed while on the “Reign of the Black King” quest and the areas tied to it (Cathedral Garden, Cathedral Lvls 2-4, Royal Crypts) would get you an inherent bonus upon completing the quest by killing the Skeleton King.

    • Yes, this is how I would have thought it would work, a bit more elegant than constantly topping up your buff and sprinting around trying to find the next elite pack before it wears off. 

  7. Sounds more like you get a bonus to the loot(maybe just straight +MF) a boss drops when you’ve killed elite/rare monster packs. 
    Maybe tied to the act you’re in? Because if you kill a lot of mobs in your inferno/hell run looking for loot you’d probably take your bonus to the easiest to kill boss(most likely act 1’s).

    in response to the article, not any of the posts above Ivan also has an idea for how it’ll work, but that might be too small, because there wouldn’t be that many elite mobs per quest areas. Think of baal runs, you don’t go straight to baal the 3 wsk levels between you and his minions is just as long as any of the areas making up the quests in d3. At least the ones we’ve seen.

    That’d just work out to being the same as a boss run if it’s just tied to your quest.

  8. Simple, really:

    Every subzone should, in theory, have a boss; let’s take Leoric’s, for instance

    Every Elite killed within Leoric’s “part” of the game, ie, from the start of the game till his death, would grant a stack to a buff called, say, “Thirst for Marrow (King Leoric)”. Buff names would be more or less related to the boss they would benefit. So, with every stack, a large % increase is added to the boss’s chance to drop good items.

    Then, once this is done, players could either remake the game, or go to, say, Blood Raven (hypothetical boss following Leoric), and, from the point of Leoric’s death until that of Blood Raven, a buff called “Call of the Blood Moor (Blood Raven)” would instead stack, this time, benefiting Blood Raven’s drop rates. 

    • ^
      ElementEight, I really hope this is how they implement this system….
      It’s something I’ve actually been wishing for, for a while now.
      Reward a lot of exploring, and then reward the player for finishing the area then killing the boss.

  9. I think the whole stacking buff is a bit too much…

    It is more realistic to see a point system, for each elite/champion you kill you get X number of points. The boss for the act/quest has tiers of items that are unlocked at specific point levels. Meaning, to gain access to the highest tier items you need to do a full clear of the zone/dungeon or it will never drop for you.  

    • Isn’t that, in theory, the same thing? Stack and point are interchangeable in this context and they both amount to the same result – just with slightly different terminology 😉

      • I don’t think it really matters. It could be something nameless like a bar above your experience bar indicating what level of items your boss kills give you access to, doesn’t matter to me.  However, a “buff”, using the lens of blizzard games, generally implies a limit to the duration (like shrines) which I dont believe fits.

        Having it “buff” MF is flawed because hammering out more boss runs would still be beneficial due to inherent access to the entire loot table.

    • Yes, it makes sense, because if you have to kill X rare/champions packs to have 100% MF on the boss, it means that the boss can drop anything anyway and it would be faster to rush to the boss several times than to explore everything.

      Here, you HAVE to explore everything or the boss won’t drop the best loot. 

      • I don’t think they’d take a tiered approach. By dint of the boss being a mob, it already has access to all the loot. All mobs have access to all the loot. 

        The current mechanic is the following: your first “pop” of the boss gives you a higher percent chance for better loot. All following kills reduce that inflated chance for better loot. This reduced loot makes boss runs a void strategy.

        I surmise that it will be based on magic find and an increase, perhaps, in the amount of loot dropped. You can, in theory, start at Reign of the Black King. However, you have incentive to start from the beginning because you will have more elite packs to inflate your passive buff. You could always rush to the boss, but you’ll have a very limited scope of possibility for elite mob packs unless you go backwards from that quest to find them.

        Tiers of loot will be a no-no – especially if they are to keep elite-mob farming viability. 

        • It makes me wonder how many elites you will have to kill to get the quest bosses to drop legendaries after the first time (assuming they all switch to the normal monster drop rate like the SK seems to). I wouldn’t be surprised if people figure out the optimal route for each boss (as in the best route for killing enough elites for just enough of a bonus  to make the boss worth it and running the boss more times overall instead of doing a full clear every time) and then farm that over and over.

          • Hmm… Maybe make the bonus also progressively affect subsequent rare/champion packs before topping off on the boss? If the quality of drops from the rares/champions are also increasing as you go, it provides even more incentive to get them all. 

            It’s interesting to see development moving in this direction. The benefit of this mechanic may be difficult to extend to short casual games (and the casual gamer) unless the incomplete bonus transfers over to new games (assuming the bonuses are for act bosses). They would probably have to enforce a cap threshold or progression tracking to remove the bonus for extraneous packs (in repeated areas of new games). Considering that it is unlikely for the bonus to carry over, this is probably a nice benefit in favor of the non-casual gamer or group play (assuming it is much faster to clear an act with a group). 

  10. I’m very glad to hear they are trying to implement such an idea. This would make playing the whole game worthwhile. Chaboi’s idea is very intriguing.

  11. While I would prefer the flexibility of choosing between boss and area runs myself without any negative consequences, this is still better than making any one of those two the clear winner.

  12. Doesn’t MF only affect the class/quality of item dropped (magic, rare, legendary, whatever), not the “power” of the item (ie. let’s say by default rares/champs drop item lvl 100 items and bosses drop item lvl 80 or something). Or am I completely wrong here?

    Edit: Unless of course they implemented the boss/rare difference such that they drop the same stuff, but the bosses just have a highly reduced chance, in which case MF would work fine.

    Not saying it won’t be something like a stacking MF buff, but I don’t think MF is quite the same thing. 

    • Where it really matters (inferno) all monsters and bosses are the same level so their won’t be a difference in ilevel.  I’d expect that it will be a little smoother in the lower difficulties as well than the large jumps as in D2.

  13. I like it, I was worried about never wanting to kill bosses for loot because as nice as a rare/champion pack dropping rare loot is, seeing it drop off some big bad is always going to make it feel a little cooler. It would be weird for them to design these complicated boss fights just to have the players do them 4 times each as they pass through the difficulty’s and be done with it for the rest of the game.

  14. Wow, this seems like one of those cool ideas a game developer would never consider. Bravo Blizz, bravo. It seems like communicating this to the player would be a little weird though.

  15. This sounds really cool actually. Provided Flux’s guess is right of course lol.

  16. I like it, I once talked about an idea I had on the podcast that was similar to this. 

  17. I think what Blizz wants to implement is pretty simple. Several posts have mentioned similar ideas and I agree with them. My idea on how it is implemented is a bit different though. Usually a player searches the entire map or area on their first play through. That way they discover everything in an area. On subsequent play through’s players usually take the quickest route to finish that area or map and move onto the next one. We all know Blizz is counting on the replay value of D3. So to award AND make players redo an entire map or area, they are tying in the champion’s and packs of elite mobs to the loot we get. You search the entire map or area and find all the special monsters, you get better loot from the bosses in the act. And I don’t think it is going to be a MF buff or anything like that. I believe it could be where your quest tracker is on your screen. They can have a header of “Special Monsters Found” and under that, you have the name or names of the monsters you have found on a map or in an area. You would have a check mark next to the ones you have successfully killed. At the end of the act or when you encounter the boss that’s tied into those areas or maps, you then get the better loot for killing that boss. They might even have the monsters names already on your quest tracker so you know that there are a certain number to find and kill already. Once you kill them, you get the check mark. Either way it’s pretty simple, and it makes it so players don’t just rush though an act to get to the boss at the end. That’s my thoughts. Hope I explained it well enough. 

    • I seriously doubt that Blizzard would tell you specifically what to look for when it comes to random objectives like that. Maybe there will be a cap on the buff you need to hit or something, but they certainly wouldn’t waste screen space on listing out every rare and champion there are in the area.

      • especially when you consider the random element of the packs your looking for, random names random skills etc

    • TLDR? D3 replay value = WoW Quests: Kill X Mobs; Kill X Boss
      This seems really silly to me, even considering Jay Wilson helped design WoW.

  18. I don’t think it will be in the form of an MF buff, since it would put a time limit on players and not many people like playing with a tick-tock over their head.  It’d also create party/group issues both time-related and on how many kills 1 player was present for compared with how good a drop he gets. 

    I think, instead, it will just “behind the scenes” add to the boss’s drop quality.

    Also, unrelated totally, I’m in the hospital for two weeks with pneumonia.  Is there an iPhone app to view these posts and the forum? This site is the slowest in the world on a smartphone. 

    • Since when does a buff have to have a time limit?

      • Since always. “Buff” indicates that you are enhancing a previous state for a duration of time. A “buff” with no time limit isnt an enhanced state, rather it’s your normal one. 

        • But that duration of time doesn’t have to be tied to a clock, it could very easily be tied to an event such as killing the boss so no time limit is required to make it limited.  Just about every game that has buffs of some sort has these sorts of conditional buffs so I don’t see why this is ignored as a possibility.

        • steveman0 is correct. An example of a conditional buff with no time limit would be the Templar’s Loyalty and Inspire abilities. They show up as buffs right next to all the others you can get from shrines and class skills, but they last forever as long as you have the Templar with you. WoW is full of such buffs and debuffs, so it’s not like they couldn’t do them all over the place in D3 too.

    • I’m not aware of any app – you may want to PM flux.

      Also, that is why I said the next pack of elite monsters would refresh and increase the time limit. And, actually, this plays extremely well into their idea that you should always be out fighting. Also, the time limit on such a buff could be upwards to an hour – perhaps when it reaches its cap.

      That way you have X amount of time to try to down the boss with maximum potency.  

      • Really hope this wont be the case, I dont want to fight a timer in D3. “Speed running” to get more loot/hr is fine if people choose to play this way. But making it required for people to get good loot, sound like very stressing gameplay long term.

      • Yeah, I would hate it if we were on a timer…..
        You would feel so rushed all the time…
        What if you need to take a bio, or salvage some items? What if your wife needed you for something? We shouldn’t get screwed since we have to constantly go to town and afk. I’m a player that has to do that frequently, that’s why I don’t get to raid in WoW for example…. If Diablo3 goes down that route, I might not even consider playing the game…

  19. Found it! That Mobile Button is nefariously small…

  20. This sounds like a pretty good idea. I like runninig areas better anyway, and this fits right in with my playstyle. This site works pretty good on my iphone. I dont have any problems looking at wiki pages or anything. I have seen a message a few times about an app, but I have never tried it.

  21. the question is … why it is still in testing ? if they are still testing that means they are not done yet and dont have “internal” release date yet – it makes me hard to belive it will be out in May as i hoped ;/

    • They always have internal targets – especially when they have a release window of Q2. Generally, such dates are usually held up by IT more than anything else. Many things can go wrong when prepping servers and other things.

      April 17th is one such example of an internal target. These targets can easily be delayed based on unforeseen difficulties. 

  22. I really like this idea.
    Good job blizz. I knew you wouldn’t let the bosses collect dust!

  23. I like it.  I was actually mildly concerned about this, and saw it as an issue, because I didn’t want bosses to be totally anti-climatic.  I like that elites have the best drops, but I still wanted a reason to go kill the boss after clearing an act.  This system will reward full clears (more or less) capped by a boss fight, which is how I like my Diablo. 🙂

  24. Rather than looking at it like a buff, look at it like a meter. For the first kill of a boss, your meter is at 100%. After that kill, it drops to 50%. You kill two packs of champions and an elite in that area. Now your meter is at, say, 66%. You go and kill the boss again, and it calculates your total quality drop at 66% giving you a rare and some magic items, then drops the meter to 33%. You probably wouldn’t want to kill him again with your meter that low, because you’ll only get a few magics. So you go kill another 15 packs of champions or elites for that area/chapter. Now you’re back up to 82%. Theoretically, you could even boost the meter above 100% and get a stronger chance at unique items. Though I’d say anything above 100% should drop it down to 50% flat.

    With that sort of set-up, I’d hope to be able to see the meter somewhere, like someone else said as an EXP type bar.

    • Nice idea !!! And should be easy to implement. The game already has a switch that determines wheather a boss has been killed before. Change it to a “boss-meter” starting at 100%. That means the first time you kill an act boss you get the best loot like it is now: blues and at least one rare, maybe even a legendary or set. After each kill the boss-meter is cut in half. You want to instantly kill the same boss again? You can do it with only 50% on the boss-meter. That’s -50% MF technically. So you can expekt one or two blues and no rare. Third kill in a row with 25% boss-meter equals to -75% MF and you hardly even get a blue. Killing an elite/champion/rare in the same act adds 1% to the boss-meter and killing a “mini-boss” adds say 5%. There is already an achievement counting elite-kills in the beta, so it should be easy to implement as well. Best strategy would be to kill at least 50 elite/champion/rares and/or mini-bosses in between act boss runs. Sounds nice to me.

  25. I’m not going to deny that this is a good idea but it is amazing that this game is so late and they are still dicking around with features that should have been finalized a long time ago.

    • If you had any experience in developing a game at all, you’d know that given an infinite amount of time, you could easily iterate on a game an unending number of times.
      And given the fact that Diablo is easily Blizzard’s most important franchise, they risk fucking it up and ruining the franchise forever, so of course they’ll take later rather than sooner. 

      If you think Warcraft is Blizzard’s most important franchise it’s cause you’re an idiot.

      • “If you think Warcraft is Blizzard’s most important franchise it’s cause you’re an idiot.”

        What are you smoking and where can I get some, ’cause it seems like some serious s***.

        Warcraft: Orcs and Humans put Blizzard on the map, and Warcraft 2 reinforced that notoriety. Warcraft 3 was a huge step forward in custom map making, and, not to mention, it spawned the MOBA genre. And of course, World of Warcraft is by far their highest income source. Plus, I bet I could find waaaay more people that played Warcraft 2 as a kid than Diablo 1. If you really think Warcraft has ever been anything but their uttermost important franchise, then you are either mentally handicapped or tripping balls. Hell, I’d say Starcraft is also a good deal more important for them than Diablo as well considering how much business it has gotten them in the SEA market in addition being the starting point for the Blizzard custom map community and further solidifying their growing position as a key player in the PC gaming business (especially in the RTS niche).

        The Diablo franchise may be the most important to you personally, but do not think even for a bleeding nanosecond that it is the most important for Blizzard (especially when they are still riding high on the WoW gravy train and developing a new franchise to take its place).

    • …………4years since announcement…………….
      …………6years of development time…………….
      Yeah, I love Diablo as much as the next guy…. But their dev cycle is quite absurd. I’ve had 2 kids, I’ve gotten married, and went to college since the announcement @ WWI….. 😐

  26. ….even though it’s still in testing…
    You’re past time of testing Blizzard, it’s time to put the game out, ffs. Whenever I read something like this, I get a feeling this game won’t be out for another 6 months atleast

  27. My idea is:
    When you reach at least nightmare difficulty and kill a boss/unique monster you get Assasination(Elimination) Contract for random boss/unique. If you kill it the chance of drop is increased and you get another contract with even higher drop incrementation. The contract is available only in the same game and all people in this game have the same contract. The contract last for some time – so you have to find the mob/unique/boss fast!

    By doing so you will probably play 1 long game killing tons of monsters! Mayby the contract will say: “kill 20 random mobs” and the 20th mob drop is extremely increased!

    Self generated “easy” quests (assasination contracts) would be a nice feature 🙂  

    • Wait, what? You are saying that you get a quest for a specific random monster (sounds like Torchlight) and killing it gives a higher drop rate for the next random monster? That doesn’t do anything for the set bosses being worthless problem…

  28. I could see them doing a hidden tracking system that just innately increases the quality of the items the boss drops depending on how many elites you cleared in the areas up to the boss, but I think it would be more casual friendly if it is a buff that at least gives people an idea of what is going on, even if it’s not very informative. I could definitely see them doing a special buff situated with the rest of your regular buffs that has a tooltip like “The treasure dropped by the next boss is improved. Kill more elites to improve it further.” and it not actually have any numbers on it or mentioning of magic find or whatever. As far as tiered unlock approach, I don’t think they will do that. I think they will just have the chance for every kind of uncommon item (magic, rare, legendary) be increased by a small set increment for every elite you kill independent of your magic find (which can increase the chance further of course).

  29. A more elegant way to solve this would be to rely more on randomization. They should give each monster in Inferno the same chance of dropping great items. Then they should make the monster levels / affixes random, so you never know what you get before you enter an area. Sometimes the monsters in the Cathedral will be especially nasty, sometimes they will be easy and some other area will be the hardest. Yes, people are still going to pick the ‘easier’ areas first, but it’s going to be a different one each time. At the same time it’s not predictable where the best loot drops are going to be, so you can’t just farm one area/boss repeatedly for best results.

  30. Sounds nice, but why can’t they pick up on this stuff earlier? Now it does look like a last minute change with all of the imbalances it may bring.
    Anyways, i hope it’s not a tiered bonus and not a MF bonus. Just simply increase the amount of loot the final boss drops, easy.

  31. Ugh. How about releasing the game nao and making these stuff a patch later.

  32. Wow sounds like Blizzard are starting to implement some good stuff in the game, this and skill affixes on items is the kind of announcements I was hoping for consistently these past years. Too little too late is the feeling I have right now :/

  33. Come on blizzard dont tell us everything, “Just realase the game please! I dont care how the boss fights works or how diffrents systems works!
    I think we players can learn that on selfs!! This game will be release like Januari 2013 =(.

  34. I think these bubbleheads are overthinking the wheel again.

    Stop starting from scratch on mechanics that are so proven to work they resulted in one of the best games ever. innovate on the formula, innovate! 

    Rares are still fun to find today when playing D2 .. that hardly  sounds like something that needs reworking. 

    What kind of retarded script is fiRinG on eveRy keypresS??? it is so frustrating posting here fRom a smaRTphone !!

    • Rares are junk in D2:LOD with everyone running around in Runewords Wpn/Armor + Uniques. Only a few rares are good for those OCD min-max people doing PvP.
      With Rares potentially being better (and I really hope like a good notch above anything legendary can spawn on a rare item really making them unique and the best items) than legendary items in D3, we will finally be able to see truly unique builds and people running in armors that are mostly all different instead of every character being the same and wearing the same items for particular builds.
      If that’s not innovation/making it better, then you have your head where light doesn’t shine.

  35. I didnt read through all 3 pages but I’ve read the 1st one.
    Now, in my opinion, if you were to gain a small mf buff with every elite killed and then “charge up” before taking on the boss, as a player, I would just try to charge up in the fastest time possible in order to be able to go kill the boss. It would be boss runs all over again, except they would take a lot longer.

    What if you had some kind of a scroll drop out of elite monsters, and when you activated the scroll, the boss in that act gains increased chance to drop? So this way, the scroll drop is just an added bonus to your item hunt which allows you to try your luck with the boss.

  36.  Hmm… imo the inverse of what people are talking about would work better…
     Instead of killing the elites to make the boss drop more why not make killing the boss give every elite in it’s area/act a higher drop rate (and maybe make them stronger), so you go to kill the boss at the start, get a feel for the other players in your group, and then have to hunt the elites for the best drops…

    • I think that the current itteration is that the boss drops are reduced so it would be weird to have to kill a boss that has reduced drops in order to have a buff on the elite champions. If you increase the drops on the boss, then ppl would just boss-run so imo I don’t think that your proposal would work.

      • Why would it be any weirder then killing elites to raise the boss drop rate? 
         And why would you need to increase the drop on the boss, the whole point was to make the boss run be about something else besides item drops… and make the item drop hunt be more interesting by having to go after multiple monster after a boss fight to get the best items…

  37. It is great that Blizz is thinking of ways to improve the end game.  I will play the devils advocate and say that no matter what they do, players will find the path of least resistance.  We will eventually find the most efficient way to kill champion packs that will give us the quickest and most rewarding way to kill the boss.  Rinse and repeat, in a sense, it is still a boss run, just with a detour.  I suggeset instead of tweaking the MF, which might run into balancing issues, they should just do what they intend to do in two ways: 1) Don’t allow bosses to drop the best gear.  And allow the randomness appearances of champion packs rule the mf scene.  2) Do what they did in D2 in act4 when killing diablo.  Make the players actitivate certain points that will allow the boss to appear.  For example, have a counter that says /10 champion monsters killed\, until 10/10 is reached, the boss will not appear.  This way, people will have to fight the champion packs and explore the stage before boss can be killed.  Personally I like option 2.  This was tested in D2 A4 (and baal’s throne room), and I actually enjoyed doing the boss runs in D2A4 because I have to fight different kinds of monsters.  For example, with the ww barb, I am not going to ww through a pack of monsters with a mage in the back having the possibility of casting thorn and killing me instantly.  Or run in with a cold sorc alone trying to activate one of the seals that spawn cold resist monsters. With option 2, coupled with randomess of champion pack spawns will be a fresh idea to the boss runs. 

  38. My original thought when reading the blue post was that there would be some sort of passive count — so that drops are best depending on where your personal elite-to-boss kill ratio is relative to some optimal ratio. If the ratio ever skews in either direction, then drops would be worse for that particular group.

  39. I would love to see it work like that:
    Every rare/champion you kill increases mf on the next boss that u kill. Lets say a rare is 30% and a champion is 10%. And this bonus should be capped at 300% mf or so.
    And bosses should have the same chance of finding loot as rares. To explain why: lets say there is a 20% chane of finding loot from a rare/boss. If we kill 10 rares before killing a boss the chance of dropping good loot get tripled. Making it 60%.

    What this achieves is that it encourages you to explore the world, keep chasing after elites and the reward for that is a culmination in a form of an epic fight with a boss whom is almost sure to drop something awesome.

  40. Every rare/champion/boss/act boss you kill raises the MF bonus for Diablo him/herself. So the best gear in the game will come from a full Act 1-Act 4 clear of every single side dungeon, main quest path, random quests, random bosses, quest bosses, and Diablo. Blizzard will keep a ladder ranking of everyone who’s successfully farmed Diablo this way (you get TWO Stones of Jordan!), as well as a memorial to all those gamers who died from exhaustion/dehydration/starvation in the attempt. Now that’s a hardcore ladder!

  41. What I’d like to see is a mix of exploration and boss killing.  If you go straight for an act boss and kill him you likely won’t get much.  However, if you clear out large areas of the act, do some sort of repeatable quests, and kill special monster packs, you then get buffs to the drops of the bosses.  That’d give a bit more structure, and give the bosses some love.

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