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    All twenty-five DiabloWikiBoss Modifier articles have now been updated with details, strategies, screenshots, and videos showing off all of the monster modifiers in Diablo III. Part One went up a few days ago with some of the pages not quite ready for primetime. They’re all good now, with screens, strategies, and videos for every boss modifier, plus all sorts of miscellaneous tidbits of info.

    The main Boss Modifiers article has quick descriptions of every modifier, plus other useful boss modifiers info, including details about which mods can not spawn together on the same monster, and more. There’s even a section covering removed boss modifiers; ones that were seen in Blizzcon demos or discussed by the devs that aren’t in the final game. These include Stone Skin and Multishot (Bashiok forum posted about MSLE in 2010, so it was a fairly recent removal), and yes, it seems weird to have a Diablo game without them.

    Here’s the full listing, sorted by their spawning types/rules, since Blizzard just released that info a few days ago and it was easy to miss. The following lists show the limitations of their spawning; only one modifier from the first two groups can be on each boss or champion pack, while up to 4 from the last group can be on the same boss. If someone clever with math wants to calculate the possible different combinations (remember that 3 mods are Champion only and 3 are Boss only) post your results here; I’d like to include that info in the wiki.

    Strong CC (Limit 1)Defensive (Limit 1)Aggressive (No Limit)


    While researching and writing all those wiki pages, I hit upon a number of questions that I can’t answer yet, but that might come clear with some input from the community.

    1) What skills and runes break DiabloWikiJailer and DiabloWikiWaller? Both those articles have extensive lists, but as I have not tested every single skill and rune effect in the entire game, I’m sure there are some exceptions and additions needed; especially when it comes to which skills can penetrate the Waller walls.

    2) Can multiple types of ground AoE damage stack? Say a boss has Molten, Desecrator, and Plagued. What happens on the ground? Molten spreads everywhere behind the monster, but if they cast a Desecrator or Plagued, do those remove the Molten? Or stack on top of it? Can you get all 3 stacked in the same spot?

    3) How long does the Shielding property last on and off? In my observations it’s quite variable, and especially if you get a Champion pack there’s nothing like a uniform, A, B, C, D sequence of who has the shield at which time. But perhaps there’s a sequence or trigger I’ve yet to discern?

    4) Does Extra Health factor into the hit points of Illusionist duplicates? Do they have 50% more hit points than normal Illusionists? Lorieninfl points out in comments that these are both Defensive type, and thus can not spawn on the same monster.

    5) I’d like to compile a list of all the random Boss Modifiers that show up on Elites. Elites have a lot of special modifiers, but lots of Elites get regular mods also, either right from the start or added for Hell/Inferno. DiabloWikiCaptain Daltyn with his Frozen is the first one, and Maghda always has Shielding with a modified active timer, but there are plenty more. DiabloWikiThe Warden gets Molten on Hell, DiabloWikiSiegebreaker gets Damage Reflection on Hell, etc.

    5.1) Lots of Elites have special properties that only they possess. (All are listed, though not yet detailed, in the Boss Modifiers navigation.) You see this with all of the Act Bosses, but on a lot of the other quest bosses and even on the super-rare Elites. Might we see some of those properties put into the general monster population in the future? Imagine random bosses with DiabloWikiAzmodan‘s Cutting Laser, or DiabloWikiMaghda‘s Moth Dust, or DiabloWikiGhom‘s Acid Slime, or DiabloWikiCydaea‘s Spider Pits?

    Update: Lots of comments on DiabloWikiWaller and DiabloWikiJailer vs. skills, but nothing added yet that wasn’t already in the articles. So for people who won’t click the links, here’s the known info — much of the “skills go through wall” stuff is educated guesswork and needs testing. (Things have changed — Evasive Fire penetrated Waller until v1.03.)

    Click through for the current list:


    A number of skills break DiabloWikiJailer, and some move within it, allowing mobility but not escape. See the wiki article for more details.

    Barbarian Skills

    • Dashing Strike, Leap, and Wrath of the Berserker will break out out Jailer. A Barbarian in WotB form can not be jailed.
    • Sprint does not break Jailer.

    Demon Hunter Skills

    • Smoke Screen breaks the jail when cast.
    • Vault and Evasive Fire do not move or break the jail.

    Monk Skills

    • Serenity grants “immunity to all control-impairing effects” including Jailer. It breaks jails and prevents them from forming.
    • Seven Sided Strike escapes the jail.
    • Dashing Strike will not break the jailer, but the Monk will teleport to the target, the jail moving with him.
    • Thunderclap rune in Fists of Thunder provides a sort of teleport to the first targeted enemy, and can break the jailer effect.
    • Tempest Rush does not break out of the jail or make the Monk immune to being jailed.
    • All of the Monk’s protection abilities also work while jailed, so the class can shield and defend as necessary.

    Witch Doctor skills

    • Spirit Walk allows the Witch Doctor to pass right through the Jail.
    • All pets can be summoned while jailed, and will appear outside the jail and move normally. Pets will be caught in jails if they are active when the jail is cast.

    Wizard skills

    • Archon will break out of the jail, and a Wizard in Archon form can not be jailed.
    • Mirror Image breaks the jail effect.
    • Teleport does not break out of jail, but moves the Wizard with the jail remaining around her.


    DiabloWikiWaller is a lot more complicated that Jailer. Only a very few movement skills allow players to pass over walls, but lots of skills allow you to hit monsters on the other side of the walls, especially if the monster is within melee range and just on the other side of the wall.

    Moving Through Walls

    Barbarian Skills:

    • Leap will hop over the walls effortlessly.

    Demon Hunter Skills:

    • None. Neither Vault, Smoke Screen, nor the backflip from Evasive Fire will pass over or through the walls.

    Monk Skills:

    • Seven Sided Strike can be used to hit targets over walls. No other Monk skills can move past walls.

    Witch Doctor Skills:

    • None. Spirit Walk can not pass through the walls.

    Wizard Skills:

    • Teleport can be used to pass Walls without hindrance.

    Shooting/Hitting Over Walls

    Barbarian Skills

    Many Barbarian melee attacks will hit enemies directly on the other side of a wall.

    • Ancient Spear and Weapon Throw are blocked by walls.
    • Many AoE attacks and effects will work through the walls, including Seismic Slam, Earthquake, Ground Stomp.
    • Most Shouts will pass through walls to their usual area of effect, including Threatening Shout, Battle Rage, and War Cry.

    Demon Hunter Skills

    The vast majority of Demon Hunter projectile attacks are blocked by walls. Attacks that are stuffed by waller include: Hungering Arrow, Entangling Shot, Bola Shot, Grenades, Impale, Rapid Fire, Chakram, Elemental Arrow, Fan of Knives, Sentry, Strafe, and Multishot.

    • Evasive Fire shot past Waller walls prior to v1.0.03. It no longer does, though it can still be used to partially bypass walls at diagonal angles that direct projectiles can’t.
    • The “death from above” rune effects in Cluster Arrow and Rain of Vengeance will pass over walls.

    Monk Skills

    • All Monk movement skills and dashing attacks, including Thunderclap, Dashing Strike and Tempest Rush are blocked by Waller, though many Monk attacks (sometimes depending on weapon range) can hit enemies on the other side of a single wall.
    • Deadly Reach’s projected waves will pass through walls normally.
    • Seven-Sided Strike can be used normally against enemies on the other side of a wall.
    • Party buffing or monster debuffing Mantra effects will extend beyond walls.

    Witch Doctor Skills

    Witch Doctors fare well against Wallers, since many of their projectiles are thrown in an arc and thus pass over the walls without hindrance.

    • Blocked by walls: Poison Dart, Plague of Toads, Firebats, Haunt, Locust Swarm, Zombie Charger, Wall of Zombies
    • Not blocked by walls: Corpse Spiders, Firebomb, Rain of Toads, Grasp of the Dead]], Spirit Barrage, Acid Cloud.
    • The AoE of Soul Harvest, Mass Confusion, and Horrify will extend past walls.
    • Sacrifice will detonate Mongrels on the other side of walls.

    Wizard Skills

    Most Wizard projectiles are blocked by walls, though summoning attacks and death from above spells can be cast normally over the walls.

    • Blocked by walls: Magic Missile, Shock Pulse, Electrocute, Energy Twister, Ray of Frost, Arcane Orb, Disintegrate, Familiar’s projectiles, Frost Nova, Explosive Blast.
    • Not blocked by walls: Spectral Blade, Wave of Force, Hydra (can be summoned past walls, though walls block their shots), Meteor, Blizzard, Arcane Torrent, Slow Time.
    • Archon form can not move through walls, but the Disintegration Wave attack passes through them freely. (While regular Disintegrate does not.)

    As I said in the intro, I haven’t personally tested every single one of these in v1.03, so corrections or additions are welcome.

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