Boss Modifier Guide at DiabloWiki.Net – Part 1

diablo 3 boss modifiers part 1

The DiabloWikiBoss Modifiers page on DiabloWiki has been undergoing a large update over the last week or so.  The main page has all the boss modifiers listed and each entry has a brief overview of what it is, what monster level it is and monster type it’ll be found on, damage type and resistances.  Each entry from Arcane Enchanted through to Knockback has individual pages which are much expanded to include more information and strategy information.

As the title of news update suggests part 2 will be incoming and that’ll go from Missile Dampening all the way down to the not at all annoying Waller.

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    16 thoughts on “Boss Modifier Guide at DiabloWiki.Net – Part 1

    1. Hey Elly please respond.. i think their is some mis information on some of those links. For example, eletrified or plagued no longer have resistance to electricity or poison. This was Patched in 1.02? or 1.03… i forget. my gut said 1.02 :mrgreen:

    2. Please don’t forget to correct that “Vampirificipitidimilic” nonsense.
      My grammar nazi heart burns with torment 🙂

      • OrcJMR – I can’t see anything in the post about Vampiric. If you see a mistake on one of the wiki pages you’re welcome to change it yourself for maximum soothing of your torment 🙂

      • Mirror image does break jailer. Teleport will move the wizard, but won’t break the jail effect.

    3. LOL the response to this list is like, whatever. Not because you did a bad job mind you, but because when you say boss mods to a D3 player you get “the look”. 😆

    4. There’s an error on the Knockback page – the Witch Doctor skill Wall of Zombies – Pile On rune knocks backs enemies it hits. The page currently states that WDs have no knockback.

    5. omg wall i love it so much, it is the least annoying modifier in the game, like when i am in inferno trying to move out of danger from mobs that hurt and they hit me up with a wall, i am always like “gee golly, that god that wall came up,” i some how get around and 2 more spring up, “wow oh wow, that sure is a useful spot for that wall, that goodness it appeared.” then there are those situations where your in a tight spot or on the stairs and bam a wall either goes in front or behind or atop you preventing you from shooting or moving. then it is like “wow awesome a wall, this sure is gee golly great” and as the poison and desecrates appear under you…. or that horde arcane beam casts around you. then you are like… “Yeah, i am dying!!!!! woot” and hopefully you can restart at the last checkpoint too… and hope you are not in hardcore mode.

      Btw… as you can tell i love walls as much as you probably love run on sentences because they are the best who else wouldn’t want to be exposed to them for the reason of it being so useful and fun and i really do hope great things happen to the person who created them as well as everyone get those wonderful modifications that add wall and help experience and share the wonderfulness and awesomeness that the wall brings in times of battle although i do enjoy my skills not being able to go by it as i love very high walls.

    6. Wallers…

      Killed my Wizz on Inferno HC, made triangle around me and fire chained me to death…

      Got me wondering which “genious” came with this modifier, this is no challanghe, this is stupidity, you have no chance to outrun this same as jailer. Walls should be destroyable, like you’d have to hit it 3 times and you could move on. That would provide a chalange + annoyance, but you’d have a chance to outrun, help yourself in situations insted you’r just there standing and counting those sec’s for wall to dissapear.

      In D2 you had souls + dols that were and uber combo, but you had chance there to make things right, here in D3 you’r just without any option, since you have limited amout of skills from which you can use at one time…

      You must go offense else you kill nothing, and thos leaving you with no skills for defense.

      This game blows so hard :S

      • This made me laugh – “This game blows so hard :S”

        Think about it – you’re playing hardcore (don’t have to), a wizard (which doesn’t have the best escapes), and in Inferno (built to be the toughest, nearly-unplayable mode). And you’re bitching. It sounds more like the complaint should be, “This game isn’t easy enough for me to beat in every possible variation.” No one makes you play on ‘god-mode’ and if it’s not fun, choose not to do it. Freewill my friend, exercise it!

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