Boss Enrage Timers and You

With bosses being the endpoint of an act and the one thing stopping you from progressing to the next one (aside from gear, RMAH, and drop rate woes) Blizzard implemented enrage times on both bosses and champion/elite packs. However what those enrage times mean and when you hit them are not exactly common knowledge. Thankfully Furies on the Diablo 3 forums compiled a handy guide in order to know exactly what you are up against.

Bosses with (?) next to them don’t have enrage timers, but not confirmed.Elite champ packs have an 8-minute enrage timer in HELL (I personally tested this) Elite champ packs have a 4-minute enrage timer in INFERNO (I personally tested this) The following suggested DPS is for a Barbarian with with Frenzy (Sidearms), WotB (Insanity), and playing solo. DPS will need to be increased for other classes and will vary due to skill chosen.

DiabloWikiSkeleton King: None (?)
DiabloWikiQueen Araneae: None (?)
DiabloWikiThe Butcher: After 3 minutes, all the plates on the floor are lit on fire. – 8k DPS

DiabloWikiMagda: None (?)
DiabloWikiZoltun Kulle: After 3 minutes, he will teleport to you and one-shot you (reported as bug due to different from described in patch notes). – 13k DPS
DiabloWikiBelial: 3 minutes into Phase 3, he will cast meteors that will cover the whole floor. – 15k DPS

DiabloWikiGhom: After 4 minutes, gas clouds will spawn 2 at a time, last longer, and spawn quicker. – 17k DPS, needs very good gas cloud placements BEWARE

•Watch from barb perspective:
•Watch from wiz perspective:

Siegebreaker: After 4 minutes, he puts a DoT on you that increases in damage – 17k DPS

DiabloWikiCydaea: After 4 minutes, spiderlings will spawn MUCH more frequently. – 17k DPS
DiabloWikiAzmodan: None (?)

DiabloWikiIskatu: None (?)
DiabloWikiRakanoth: After 3 minutes, he will use his charge attack continuously. – ? DPS
DiabloWikiIzual: None (?)
DiabloWikiDiablo: None (?)

I’m not a huge fan of enrage timers on the bosses, but having knowledge of what I am up against will not have me throwing myself against something I can’t handle. Having read this I can rest assured that my Monk would be facing some challenges in the later acts, especially on ZK and Ghom. Often I would go into a boss fight not really knowing what might happen, You can’t really do that in DiabloWikiHardcore DiabloWikiInferno since that one time is all you get. For those of you( softcore or Hardcore) hitting the brick wall perhaps this info will help you get past it. If you have any other info on any boss feel free to let us know in the comments below and I’ll add it to the post!

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28 thoughts on “Boss Enrage Timers and You

    • agreed. I really don’t see the objective of implementing these. Isn’t the whole point that you should be able to progress, despite being undergeared, if you have a really good build and you’re really good and using it?

      • I don’t know, I think if it’s done right it’s interesting for a game like this. Best example I can think of is something like Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia. Actually any of the old Konami games, they had boss battles down to an art.

    • Fully agree. If players want to create builds that outlast mobs, including bosses, let them. They’re only hurting their own farming efficiency, anyway.

      Blizzard shouldn’t get to dictate how players progress through the game — if someone wants to emphasize vit/effective HP at the expense of damage, let them.

      If they’re still concerned about graveyard zerging, then put enrage timers on . This way, bosses are immune, given that you have to restart the fight. I like trying new skill builds, some of which do relatively little damage at the expense of being survivable. I don’t want that taken away.

  1. I’d like to see someone go into butcher with 8k dps and win. I’m sure you cannot do it in 3 minutes. Maybe the person is assuming 100% time on boss with no moving around?

    • Well.. your actual dps depends on a lot of things. I think the number shown on your character sheet is just based on a 100% weapon damage attack hitting the target continuously.

      If you use skills with higher damage, or do damage with multiple sources simultaneously (follower, hydra, gargantuan, bleeds, debuffs, etc.) then you can do a lot more than 8k dps. On most bosses not moving more than is necessary helps too.

      To figure out the true dps requirement you could divide boss hp by seconds until enrage. Then it’s up to the players to figure out how much damage they need with all the variables considered.

      ps. I agree about enrages not being very diabloish.

  2. Or Belial. 15K? I’d like to see someone pass phase 2 with that. Phase 3 is near 100% uptime on attacks (as range) so it’s not terrible; just tedious. I’d hate to go thru 4-5 meteor phases, instead of 2.

    • I actually just beat Belial on my Barb with exactly 15K DPS.

      I had 14K and was dying when he was down to around 1/8th life and someone online suggested switching my shield for a second weapon right at phase three. The 15% extra speed increased my DPS to 15K and I killed him *just* when the enrage timer was expiring.

  3. I wonder if the dps stated is not the result of “boss life” divided by “duration before timer”.

  4. I am pretty sure these numbers assume 100% uptime on the boss. This is impractical. I’d like to see further analysis including worst case downtimes. Some butcher fights as melee only allow 50% or so uptime depending on the fire spawn.

  5. The Skeleton King supposedly has a 5 minute enrage after which he spawns three times as many skeletons. You’d have to actively try to see it though.

  6. Enrage timers are another step in the wrong direction for D3. What’s going to make D3 enjoy as much longevity as D2 is not tougher endgame bosses or mobs; it’s better endgame item-grinding experiences. After a certain time/effort investment into a game, players want to feel powerful enough to be able to cut through most areas of the game without too many deaths and too much effort.

  7. I’m mixed on this. On one hand, i don’t care if there is one. I don’t care if someone attempts a boss way before ready and spends an hour beating it. If they can survive, then more power to them.

    On the other hand, I think enrage timer is a nice feature if it were used as a specific boss feature.

    But when it’s used on every champ and every boss, it kinda stops being cool.

    Perhaps if they made it an affix instead?

  8. I don’t know why anyone would worry about Ghom, other than he has a lot of health so the enrage might be inevitable. He’s one of the easiest fights in the game. The Butcher and Belial on the other hand, that’s just cruel. They’re already hard enough, no?

    • I don’t think the butcher fight changed at all with 1.0.3 when they pushed enrage timers. The floor grates aren’t connected to time spent per se, but moreso connected to the butcher’s health. Once you get him past 50% then they really start to light up, and the lower his health, the more grates light up and the faster they do it.

  9. Referring to your remark; I have some more info on the bosses in this game: Without any exception they drop crap loot like all the other mobs.

  10. 1- Remove Enrage timers.
    2- Reward players killing a boss in less than 3 minutes.

    This is called positive conditioning…. instead of negative conditioning being used as of now with enrage timers.

    • Reward how?
      With loot? Killing the butcher is easy in under a minute with mediocre gear, he’d become even more of a farm fest with added loot rewards.
      With achievements? Already exist (e.g. a Brief Butchering), for what they’re worth.
      The point of enrage timers is just a gear check to make you farm a little before progressing (not saying that’s good or bad). There’s no need for more rewards for killing faster, as people have already said, killing faster is already its own reward in terms of time saved.

  11. As an exclusively HC player, i really, really, really dislike the idea of enrage timers. They seem like a SC concept. In HC they actively make the game harder and less interesting.

    If i come up against a crazy combo pack for my build, i want to be able to retreat, consider, kite, respec. And i don’t like being forced to build my spec and gear a very specific way.

    “Often I would go into a boss fight not really knowing what might happen, You can’t really do that in Hardcore Inferno since that one time is all you get.”

    Of course you can, and i will do exactly that. I read the first enrage timer on the list (Butcher), immediately regretted it and stopped reading there. I want surprises and challenge, just like the first time i went in and fought Belial and was scared as fuck.

  12. Rakanoth has 4,281,295 HP. So you need 24k dps to kill him in 180 seconds. This is with 100% weapon damage skill. Using 200% weapon damage skill you need 12k dps.

  13. I have hated the idea of enrage timers from the beginning. I think they are a product of WOW people working on D3 development, as I also think they are not very “Diabloish”.
    I like the idea mentioned of having them as a possible boss affix. The boss may be a little easier because of one less damage dealing affix, but the enrage affix could have a smaller amount of time until the enrage kicks in to compensate.

  14. Enrage timers have no place in Diablo.
    it’s ridiculous. This is a world of warcraft system.

    If it takes me 20 minutes to kill a boss by running around, struggling to stay alive, kiting, healing,. then by damn i should be allowed to do so and feel good about it !
    If they want to make the fight harder when it lasts longer, fine, give the boss a 1% damage increase every 10 seconds or so.
    But, being forced to buy stuff off the auction house because good gear simply DOES NOT DROP, is ridiculous and creates a “sorry you must be this tall to enjoy the game” cockblockbarrier that is simply pissing me, and many others off and away from the game…

    The listed DPS is nice, but relative to how much you need to “move around” in the fight, hence inaccurate.

  15. If the player is struggling to kill the boss while penalise them to the point where it would be pretty much impossible for them to kill the boss?

    I can only guess it is to force people to use the AH to upgrade their gear.

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