Boon of the Hoarder not Dropping from Guardians in S3

Treasure Vault TipsAs the Seasoners assemble their array of DiabloWikiLegendary Gems in Season Three, one Gem has been coming up missing. The DiabloWikiBoon of the Hoarder. Initially dropped only by DiabloWikiGreed in DiabloWikiThe Vault, some patches ago the devs changed it so any Guardian in a Greater Rift could drop the Boon, once you’d found the gem from Greed in the first place. This was helpful if you lost the gem (Hardcore) or just wanted a second or third copy, but didn’t want to have to find The Vault again.

In Season Two (almost) no one had gold issues or a need to search for The Vault, since players who had found a Boon previously just got it from GRift Guardians, same as all the other LGems. That’s not the case in Season Three, and this time you have to actually find The Vault to end your gold woes. This change was not documented in the Patch Notes and Blizzard hasn’t made any comment on it, so it’s not known if this is a bug or a feature.

Update: Testing proves Guardians will drop a Boon if you’ve already found one. So you just have to find The Vault again in S3. Thanks to Leviathan for confirming.

Portal from a Blood Thief.

Portal from a Blood Thief.

So, we’re back to farming Greed’s Domain again, eh? It’s not too hard in a multiplayer game; just spread out and fast explore areas (not Rifts), simply to find as many Goblins as possible, as quickly as possible. Also, has anyone seen the golden portal open up from a non-DiabloWikiTreasure Goblin? I’ve heard that all goblin types (except Rainbow) can open it, including Blood Thieves, Odious Collectors, etc, but I’ve never seen that myself. And no idea if the 3 new types of Goblins can open the Golden Portal as well?

Update: Commenters confirm finding The Vault portal via Blood Thieves. Awesome. But shouldn’t the new Gilded Baron have a bonus chance to open the portal?

Boon of the Hoarder not Dropping from Guardians in S3.f


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  1. Noticed this over the weekend after collecting every gem and then the last one SHOULD have dropped it but didn't. Others in forums said it dropped very randomly, but located a Vault through bounties and got it. yada yada yada 250 million gold later, not a problem.

  2. Just confirmed via drop on the ground method, boon of the hoarder drops from RGs once you have found it from the vault.

  3. 1) Level to 70.
    2) Go to Tower of Cursed/Tower of the Damned in Act 3.
    3) There is always at least one goblin in those four levels, and the layout is always the same.
    4) The goblin locations are also relatively standard; they like to hang out in a couple of corners near the inner half of the largest "ring."
    5) Do this until Vault opens.
    6) Collect Boon
    7) Profit!

  4. It drops if not technically found still, but you need to atleast be in a game where the vault is opened, happened to me a few days back, got invited to a party but since you cant enter the vault if not present while it spawned I couldn’t enter so I left and continued with my GR’s and there I got the boon from the RG kill.

  5. In regards to the question in the news post: I just got a Vault from a Blood Thief, so it's definitely not vanilla goblin only.

    For confirmation purposes:

  6. The vault is for me like a ghost, everyone talks about it and tells where to find it, but so far I have not experienced it, have massacred thousands of goblins, solo and with my friends, but none Vault portal so far

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