Boon of the Hoarder Gold Stacks Reduced

news-boon-hoarder-stacks2Blizzard has hotfixed a change to the Boon of the Hoarder, again reducing the number of stacks of gold that pop out each time the DiabloWikiLegendary Gem procs. When this LGem was first enabled it created a fountain of gold stacks, with 10-12 per proc. That created a lot of (glorious, glorious) screen clutter, and the stacks were soon reduced to ~5 stacks per proc. The total gold has not changed over time; the same amount of gold pops, it’s just heaped into larger and now even larger stacks.

Hotfix: Boon of the Hoarder gold stacks reduced:

DiabloWikiBoon of the Hoarder

Number of gold piles produced has been reduced from 5 to 2.

  • The amount of gold earned per pile has been increased so that the total amount of gold dropped is unchanged.
  • This shouldn’t make any real difference for gold farming, and in fact should help since you (or your ferrets) can scoop up 2 stacks more quickly than 5. And the screen clutter should be reduced, which some might regard as a negative, since it was quite fun to see those gold carpeted scenes during a Cursed Chest event.

    If there’s any real change, it might come to players using legendary items like Goldwrap or Kymbo’s Gold, that grant procs each time you pick up gold. However, since most of those items grant their bonuses proportional to the amount of gold you pick up (not per stack, aside from BotH) even that shouldn’t be too much of a change.

    Any objections?


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    1. I guess for people who play on a toaster this will be a "boon". I for one will miss the screen being absolutely filled with gold. It was just so…satisfying!

    2. Any confirmation on how Custerian Wristguards work ? Amount picked up or number of stack picked up ?

      • 1) It's 1 XP for 1 gold, so it's not affected by this change.

        2) Custerian sucks for XP anyway. It looks good on per run basis, but not if you factor in run length. Basically you're better off going for kill speed.

        I think the only item that will be negatively affected by this change is Averice Band.

    3. They should UP the number of stacks to 15. If you have the BoTH equipped, you'll want to get this "gold everywhere!" feeling.

      • As a HC player I'd much rather get that "I can see WTH is going on my screen" feeling. BotH was downright dangerous in HC when you got tons of swarmer enemies on a level, although the previous reduction to gold stacks already helped a lot. Still, in my opinion when possible all items should drop in a single stack.

    4. This is stealth nerf to make the upcoming Season 2 achievement when you need to pick up 50 million gold even harder. Well played, Blizzard.

      • Either I didn't realize that the achievement was to pick up 50 million gold stacks or you didn't read that the total amount of gold from BotH will be unchanged.

        • Yes, but my argument is centered around the fact you need to keep your gold pick up streak going. And to get the streak going, you need to pick up stacks. And less stacks there are per one monster, the more distance you have to walk and you also have to kill more monsters¨and faster, because you can’t keep too many safety stacks lying on the ground with just two per monster.

          • You're right of course, but compared to the current 5 stacks this change will be barely noticeable for the purposes of the new S2 Conquest in my opinion. We'll see, I could be wrong about this. Worst case, you'll have to equip a Gladiator's Gauntlet to keep that streak going. Just as a FYI, the time allowed between pickups is actually longer than the time the picked up gold is displayed.

    5. In general, 2 stacks doesn't seem like it should be much diff than 5, in terms of how much they spread out. In terms of how much movement you'll need to pick them up, or if your pickup radius will make a diff.

      Exception would seem to be in cursed chest type scenarios like those pictured above. I haven't had a chance to play with this yet, but anyone who has can compare the amount of gold filling the screen now vs. in the ago? Assuming you do the battle without moving around much to pick up during…

    6. Avarice ring pickup radius duration should be doubled then. It’s obvious. Otherwise it’s a big nerf on its efficiency.

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