Book of Tyrael Giveaway

Looking for something to do while waiting for March 25th to come around? Why not get caught up on your lore for free! We have 6 copies of the book of Tyrael to give away and are doing it two ways: long form and short form. As the book of Tyrael tells the story from Tyrael’s perspective we want to know what Tyrael would say about your hero if he were to pen it.


We will choose three winners from our forum post, and three winners from our twitter (@diabloincgamers). Forum goers are entitled to write as much as they want while twitter people are limited to only 140 characters – brevity is the soul of wit they say! Winners will be chosen at random and notified via forums and DM on twitter. Entries are limited to North America only. Good luck and we’re looking forward to hearing your hero’s tale!

Forum posters please post here

Twitter followers please use the hashtag #tyraeltale

Winners will be chosen on January 24th!

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18 thoughts on “Book of Tyrael Giveaway

  1. having read both the book of cain and the book of tyreal, I have to say that Tryeal falls flat in comparison. The ‘story’ for lack of better words is quite short.

  2. You killed a female diablo with sexy hills…grats man…when I was young the regular heros fighted true badass monsters like the gothic Diablo and the scary Baal, just for epic looting!!
    Open your eyes dear nephalem…Diablo 3 was only a dream…

  3. “Not much is known about John. But this much is true. In all of my years facing many dangers I have never seen anyone quite like John the Demon Hunter. His knowledge in battle is quite formidable. Hatred seems to fuel him and he gets more enraged the more danger he is in. Enough of my ramblings lets get back to his story from the bits and pieces he told me from talking to him. His parents were murdered by Baal when he was very young. The death’s were Hard for him to deal with and it shook him to his Core. He had to train himself to survive the many dangers of living in the demon infested Dreadlands. He trained day and night growing more and more Disciplined and with each kill he learned to harness his hatred. His fellow Demon Hunters were wary around him for they had never seen anyone enjoy pain and use it as a devastating weapon to destroy the Hellspawn. Countless near-deaths would bring him more power as he learned to find better equipment and weapons to better slay every demon in his path. Still he forged ahead and fought Monsters of increasing Power Levels. He even killed Diablo and his lieutenants but it was not enough. Even becoming a top Paragon in Sanctuary was not good enough for him. He had to have better gear so he could kill every last demon and would not stop until Hell itself was no more.”

  4. Here is my entry to the Book of Tyrael Giveaway.

    When my mind was clouded by darkness and uncertainty, he stood by. I dare not say with glee or humor in his voice, but a rasp determination that mirrored his dark armor and slung crossbow.

    In conversing with the Nephalem, his inquisitions met with a strange kind of… sincerity. Something I’d seen before among his kind, but his was marked with darkness that no matter the knowledge he learned, his fate was one of chaos and bloodshed.

    On the field of battle, the man was almost kindred to the demons he fought. Gliding between his opponents, one by one, each arrow bore another notch on his quiver with a grim sense of purpose and determination. Arrows flying as fast as any spell I’d bore witness to. At times, you could almost see the wings of my brethren guiding him, but his coiled from vengeance and not righteousness.

    Yet… there is compassion within him, masked by sarcasm and indifference. I watched as he spoke with comrades with both an interest in knowledge, yet a degree of separation from them as well. His commitment to the eradication of demon-kind almost lay on zealotry, much like Kormac.

    Within Bastion’s Keep, I witnessed him speaking to a young boy who’s father had gone to fight on the wall. The hunter reassured the young boy, over and over, encouraged him to grow strong and protect his family.

    It was then in my mind that I realized that the Nephalem was more than simply a butcher of demons. He was truly a man, a paragon of his kind. I felt a twinge of envy watching him, knowing that I may never reach a level of humanity that he had. I could only aspire to what he represented of humanity.

    And now, we must call on his help once again. Malthael has the Black Soulstone, and the Nephalem knows firsthand what horrors lie within. I have no doubt after seeing his actions across the lands and into the High Heavens themselves. He can stop Malthael.

    He brought humanity back to a man who had forsaken his in the name of order. He brought compassion back to a man who all would think had none. He brought knowledge and understanding to a woman who knew nothing of the world around her.

    The Nephalem will save us, both angels and humans. Nothing will stop him.

    Thank you for the opportunity to participate in this competition!

  5. About the dead HC character dead due to lag Tyrael would say: “What a shame. He was a good man. What a rotten way to die.”

  6. “Oh him? He dragged me around Mount Arreat to tank enemies for him. He also smelled of something he called pepperoni pizza’ and didn’t talk much”

  7. When first we met, we both didn’t know who we were. I from loosing my sword, she because she did not yet know. She was only clad in little more then rags, using a simple dagger as weapon. But she assured me she would help me and took me to Cain. While she was trying to recover my sword, she started to learn what she truly was, especially when she was allowed to enter the drowned temple, defended by some undead nephalems she defeated.
    It was a real pity we couldn’t save Cain. I because I was not aware yet who or what I was, she because she was someplace else, trying to recover the third piece of my broken sword. I was shocked by the power Leah manifested there and then. It should have alarmed my, but I wasn’t yet my true self.
    When I again saw the nephalem, she had increased in power and spirit. She was slaughtering the covenmembers like they were mere puppets. When she fought, it was a blur of fists and sometimes even of her whole body when she moved around. Also her gear was starting to get legandary, though she stocked them away as easily when she found something she thought would suit her needs better.
    She defeated Zoltun Kulle and Belial, giving them no remorse.
    I was really honoured when she allowed me to fight alongside her when hunting Azmodan, though I had trouble to keep up her pace. She got faster and faster as she gained in power from fighting all these daemons. I saw exploding enemies, wirlwinds hurled through groups of them and an auro emitted from her inner core. And so Azmodan was dead before he knew it, while he was still muttering that it didn’t matter she had defeated or destroyed one thing or another.
    In the end she even impressed the angels. Even Imperius was impressed with the power of the Nephalem. He felt threatened, afraid of loosing his grip on things, thinking of himself as the most powerfull being. But when he was incapacitated by Diablo’s destruction of the Chrystal Arch, and the nephalem destroyed Diablo, even he had to give in and thank the Nephalem for her determination and valor.
    And now we will have to ask her again to help us and save the world of Sanctuary. Because again evil beings walk this world. Will Sanctuary be a sanctuary again? Or will it be a field of war forever?

  8. Okay little late on the posting but are winners are Valenkelt, Elko and Moredreadd. Not too many entries so the odds were quite good. Twitter entries will be announced on twitter tomorrow. Obviously I’ll need your mailing info so email me at [email protected]

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