Blizzard’s artists held a the Book of Cain signing yesterday afternoon, January 7, 2012, at Book Soup in West Hollywood, California. Thanks to site contributer Nizaris we’ve got a first hand report and some pictures. Nizaris reports that the event was fun and that the artists seemed happy to be there meeting the fans. There wasn’t a huge turn out, but a good number of people showed up to get their books signed and meet some of the artists behind the project.

    The book store was in West Hollywood, and there were 5 artists present to sign books, which was less than expected. They had a preamble speech and they had people ask questions for a small while. They didn’t answer anything really amazing, but they did mention that they are thinking about doing similar books for their other franchises.

    The other thing is that they’re working on the “Abyss” portion of their lore. When Duriel, Andarial, etc, were killed, they all went to this “Abyss.” They have yet to really hash out what it is. Basically, they used the term to distinguish it from Hell… because if they were killed and just went to hell, it would be like a vacation for them. So right now they’re figuring out what kind of existence it is, if the Evils can come back from that place, and how that might occur if it does.

    Other than that, same old sort of Q’s and they just said they’re really close to release.

    Some pictures from the event, taken by Nizaris on his cell phone. Big thanks to him for the info and pics.

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