The Book of Cain: Readable Sample Pages

Doomscream points us to the website of book publisher Insight Editions, where can be found readable (zoom in and scroll around) versions of the previously-seen sample pages from the DiabloWikiBook of Cain. There are 9 such pages, though they are unfortunately not contiguous, aside from the first two.

Still, you can get a nice sense of the book’s style and content, plus read the foundational myth of the entire universe; apparently the seven greater/lesser evils came from the seven heads of a primordial dragon of evil? (Just like my ex-wives.)

If anyone can pick through the page source and decode the javascript code that’s pulling the larger images that are being magnified to legible size, please do so. Viewing them in whole pictures at readable size, instead of scrolling around the blurry enlargement script, would be great. (Or if you’re really bored waiting for Blizzcon, take a bunch of screenshots and piece together the whole pages.)

Elsewhere, BlizzPlanet has info on many of the contributing artists, plus a few additional promotional images obtained from the publisher at their NY Comic Con booth. The pictures are kind of flash-blinded, but are still worth a look.

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    6 thoughts on “The Book of Cain: Readable Sample Pages

      • It’s interesting that on the Diablo and Baal pages they reveal that those are not their full names… they are really Al’Diabalos and Tor’Baalos… I’m guessing Mephisto and perhaps the lesser evils also have alternate names…

        • I thought that was really stupid. A feeble attempt at forcefully pushing away connections to real-world mythology for no apparent reason, changing things that have been set in stone for over 15 years.

    1. Wow… can’t wait to get the full version of this book… finally the full timeline of the Diablo universe laid out in epic simplicity… oh hey they added more dragons lol… mark my words, in the Diablo MMO they make after they are done with Diablo 3 there will be regular dragons in Sanctuary and everyone who hates how there’s so many in Warcraft will cry and I will laugh… 8)

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