Book of Cain Preview

The chaps at Kotaku have taken a look at the upcoming DiabloWikiBook of Cain which is released on 13 December. Mike Fahey flicks through the pages of the book so you get a good idea of what to expect.

The book can be picked up from Amazon in the US and Europe.

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  1. it has about the size of a bigger diary… not so much to read… well dunno if there is so much to read about d3 anyway ~

  2. I like his voice (i’m not joking).

  3. “Transformers, Diablo… same thing.”

    T-shirt worthy?

  4. This makes me want to have it even more now 😀

  5. Think I just found my wife’s christmas present to me 😛

  6. ugh Michael Fahey, one of the biggest clueless idiots they have there

  7. I love his 8-bit theatre tattoos. “Urge to destroy world rising…”

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