Book of Cain Delayed

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Book of Cain

Originally scheduled for release around the 15 November, it appears that the release of the DiabloWikiBook of Cain has now been pushed back by a month. According to an email Risingred received from Amazon, the release date is now the middle of December

Deckard Cain, Blizzard Entertainment “Diablo III: Book of Cain”
Estimated arrival date: December 16 2011 – December 20 2011

There’s no explanation for the date being pushed back but maybe Blizzard are looking to get the book in the hands of fans closer to the actual game release.

The book can be also in Europe and also in Europe now.

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  1. Seems like Blizzard’s delays are not only for their video games.

    Pretty disappointed in this actually, I was truly eager to get my hands on this soon.

  2. It was mid november now mid december. 1month. they repeatedly said they were hoping by end of 2011(likely mid december) now this confirms my belief of a mid january(similar to the rumored release date) release of Diablo III. february at the latest 😉

    • I dunno anymore. They’re still testing inferno, probably have a ridiculous amounts of small tweaks and bug fixes to make and there is still the rune system that is in question. I think a Jan, and my pessimistic side says even February, release is wishful wishful thinking.

      I hope I’m wrong, but not at the cost of the game being released if it’s not 100% ready.

  3. Theres prooly massive teasers/spoilers in the book so I’m not really suprised.
    My opinion is that they planned to have the book out a month before D3, now thats D3 is 2012 im guessing they just moved the release a month and will announce in a few weeks that the release date for D3 is Jan or Feb. Lets hope I’m right 😛

    • They said that the lore in it is mostly the stuff leading up to Diablo 3 including the great span of time before Diablo 1, not what what happens during D3 so I doubt there will there will be any spoilers… maybe some teasers on certain things though…

  4. I’m pretty annoyed that they did this… now it falls into the middle of the Christmas break when I’ll be out of town and if I pre-order then it will just end up sitting on my doorstep for 2 weeks and I was eager to get into it asap… oh well… 😕

  5. You are lucky. I’m from Brazil and mine will arrive in January only.

  6. They might want it to be closer to the game’s release? Then they should make it mid/late 2012, that’s more realistic at this point.

  7. I’m hopeful of a January/February release and this delay would fit into that hope. I think they’ll probably have to tweak the game a lot after release but that’s fine. I think they’re probably working the most on game content right now, and maybe that’s why the beta patch is taking so long, as it’s not a priority.

    I still hold to Jay Wilson’s statement that Blizzard games tend to release 3-6 months after the beta, so that’s December-February. Obviously they did plan on releasing the game in 2011, so I think it more likely that the game was only delayed a couple of months. I’m hoping one day they will announce that hey, Diablo 3 will be released in 3 weeks, and it will be January, and we will all breathe sighs of relief. But I could be wrong.

    • Hardly, the game is complete content-wise. They just can’t make up their damn minds about anything so they keep tweaking and retweaking what’s already there. Starting to look like obsessive compulsive disorder.

  8. I’m not surprised at all to hear this news, Blizzard will ALWAYS push release dates back, if they made a cereal they would push it back 6 months because of how loud the box would be when opened. Release the dumb book in November, the game will be planned to come out in March anyway. Could be spring for all we know because they’ve been spending time making sure DH stats are good, 1 down 4 to go…

  9. we heard you like delays so we delayed your delay so you can be delayed while being delayed

  10. Imagine they had to hold the release of the book until the game is released because of the spoilers. The Diablo 3 release date would be around mid December if so rigth?
    Would be a welcome surprise if, once upon a time, a companny released a product before the expectation of the audience, would that mean that companny can do well if they want to rigth?
    Pardon my poor english.

  11. The real reason for all of the delays is probably Blizzard is trying to make sure the auction house is fully functionally because that is what is going to earn Blizzard the most money… even more than sales of Diablo 3… The Book of Cain has some images of monsters you’ll probably fight in D3 and they don’t want the cat out of the bag yet

    • Can I just beg people to stop saying D3 is “delayed” (how can something that never had a release date be delayed?) because of the RMAH/AH. 

      The rune system is still being worked on. The single most important aspect of character customization is not finalized. OK? Can you please get that conspiracy out of your minds? It’s not because of the RMAH that the game doesn’t have a release date yet (thus, it’s not delayed), it’s because there is no decent rune system yet. 

      By the way, my rant has nothing to do with Book of Cain. 😛

      • It had a release date window of this year, which got pushed back, hence the delay.
        And the RMAH is the cause of nearly every woe “we” have, straight from the mouths of the devs themselves.

        • The release window was divulged through blue posts and wishful thinking marketing, the only official release window that has ever gone public (as in for the whole world and not just the few of us who follow the forums) is Early 2012, which is as non-specific as you can get – what’s early? Is August early?

          Would you mind forwarding me to whatever source you have for the assumption that the RMAH is the cause of all delays? Because I can link to tons of developer interviews and news items stating that the runestone system not being ready is the major concern right now…

  12. While “early” may not mean much I certainly think that Blizzard wouldn’t twist words just to make people more hopeful. Common sense would dictate that early in the year means sometime in the first half of the year, at least. So January-June.

  13. I am also looking forward to this book. I was not a big lore fan when playing Diablo II years ago, but have gotten more interested as the new release gets closer. I also pre-ordered this book and got an email from Amazon notifying me of the change of estimated delivery. I got the email on 10/24, and it reads as follows:

    “We’re writing about the order you placed on September 28 2011 (Order# 105-1246830-2082XXX). Unfortunately, the release date for the item(s) listed below has changed, and we need to provide you with a new delivery estimate based on the new release date:

    Deckard Cain, Blizzard Entertainment “Diablo III: Book of Cain”
    Estimated arrival date: December 15 2011

    We apologize for the inconvenience caused by this delay.”

    Edit: I suspect that my delivery date might be earlier as it is only going to the east coast? as opposed to the UK

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