Book of Cain Artwork Demonstration

Thanks to Softshack for pointing us to a blog entry by artist James Gurney, in which he shows off one of his pencil drawings from the DiabloWikiBook of Cain. Here’s the artist’s description of the piece.

A few months ago, Blizzard Entertainment, the game publisher that had developed World of Warcraft, Starcraft, and Diablo, commissioned me to do some pencil drawings for their book called “Diablo III: Book of Cain.” The book has just been released.

I drew the floating city of Pandemonium, the center of creation in the Diablo universe. While I worked, I shot some video. My parakeet, Mr. Kooks, hung out on my shoulder and supervised.

Not only is the artwork of the city revealed in the post, but there’s a short video which shows the page in the actual Book of Cain, plus some video of the artist at work. It pains me that a human can create something like that with just a pencil, a tool with which I was scarcely able to fill in Scantron ovals, but there it is.

We’ve never seen Pandemonium City before, but it’s just lore, not really a spoiler, since this is merch, not the game plot. (OR ARE THEY THE SAME?!!!1!?) If you do want spoilers, of extraordinary magnitude, about the Book of Cain and Diablo III as a whole, check out this forum thread started by RisingRed — the info from the book and theories about the game’s story are flying thick and fast there.

Click through for the artist’s video.

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5 thoughts on “Book of Cain Artwork Demonstration

  1. I’m really enjoying the Book of Cain and I’m just 5 or so pages in.  Reread the D1 and D2 manuals prior… great fun!
    @nobbie true, but Dalaran isn’t double-sided 😛  Unseemly things are happening on the flip-side of Pandemonium!

  2. It kinda bothers me that there’s a ‘Pandemonium’ in Sanctuary and yet Blizz keep saying that they’re trying to create an original mythology. Things like this, not to mention Lazarus, Lillith, Lycander, hell even the Amazons are a bit of a stretch.

  3. The book was surprisingly well done. Easily the best Blizzard has produced from any of their game series.

    The thread is very spoilery but mostly safe from game spoilers due to people tagging their information behind spoiler tags. Book spoilers abound, though.

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