Book of Cain Artwork by Adrian Smith

Fmulder points us to fantasy artist Adrian Smith’s blog, where he posted two illustrations he created for the DiabloWikiBook of Cain. The first shows an unnamed demon of extraordinary size, which may or may not represent something we’ll see in the game. The second shows DiabloWikiLilith, and as Festerfaust points out in comments, her headdress and shoulder armor looks strikingly similar to DiabloWikiDiablo, as “he” looks in Diablo III. Compare to this shot, for instance.

So um… coincidence? The Adrian Smith artwork was inspired by recent artwork of Diablo? This Lilith illustration is years old and it actually inspired the look of D3’s Diablo? Or is there some plot/story relationship between Lilith and Diablo, this time around? I haven’t heard mention of Lilith as a character in the game, even in the spoiler threads, so it’s kind of a mystery all around. If you’ve got any more info or just want to guess, hit the comments.

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19 thoughts on “Book of Cain Artwork by Adrian Smith

        • Not really. Where was she in Diablo I? I’ve no recollection of that…

          Diablo II wasn’t really killing her since she was just an add-on. If we’re going to kill her properly she isn’t going to be a re-color of Andariel.

          • Also, if my recollection serves me correctly, I believe Bliz said at one point that the Pandemonium Event/Uber Diablo were not to be taken as Canon. Therefore lore wise, she has yet to present herself in actual gameplay.

  1. In the book of cain, Lilith was one of those “to be continued” dangling plotlines. They mentioned her, of course, as she’s fairly central to the history of Sanctuary, but they passed it off as “we don’t know what happened to her”.

  2. Or maybe he just felt like giving Lilith big horns to go with her ginormous (and very impractical) wings…

  3. The “big demon” reminds me of the demon that erupts from the earth in the Black Soulstone cinematic. 

    You know? The part where the armies of Azmodan are flooding the land with Mt. Arreat in the background.

  4. “her headdress and shoulder armor looks strikingly similar”  — that’s quite a bit of a stretch.  she looks as much like the Queen of Blades as she does Diablo in that drawing.

  5. In the Book of Cain the picture depicting the squad of angels battling the giant demon is alongside the passage detailing the Eternal Conflict. The demon is unnamed, so I’m sure it’s just to get the imagination running and bears no specific meaning.

  6. Huuunh…  If I remember correctly, the Book of Cain mentions that Lilith changed her shape…
    Yeah, page 67. “She (Lilith) morphed into a far more horrific form than any had ever seen – of tooth and claw, spike and blade – and hunted down her fellow renegades.”  I was assuming her transformed form was the one in the accompanying image (the same one reproduced in this post).  Perhaps the image depicts her original form, and her battle form is the one we’ve been thinking was Diablo.

    • While there is something up with diablo (it isn’t called “Diablo” in all the game files), I think that’s stretching it a bit. I would have to assume from context, after looking at the book, that this was the form they referenced in regards to her change in appearance. Every image accompanies text directly related to it, and what they referenced (which you quoted) happened a very, very long time ago in the world of Sanctuary.

    • Or she just transformed back into her normal form after the Purge and was like this when she died… They also show her like this in that picture of her and Inarius…

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