Bonuses from Kills = Multiplayer Issues

A fan asks about the LAEK (Life After Each Kill) property on items and how it works in multiplayer games and gets some Blue food for thought.

if i dmg a mob but my party member kills him instead, do i get the full percent HP return, a partial return based on dmg done, or no return in HP?
Lylirra: No, you don’t receive a return in HP.

On a larger scale, this is something we’ve been discussing how to improve. We definitely realize the way Life on Kill works right now isn’t very co-op friendly. When you’re playing with a group of people and sharing your killing blows, the affix just doesn’t have as much value as it does in solo games, and that can be a really poor user experience. We also recognize the same applies to various skills, such as the wizard’s DiabloWikiArchon ability.

We still want players to feel like they can gear/build their characters differently for solo vs. co-op, of course, and we think there will always be some affixes and skills that are better in one more or the other. But, at the moment, the degree of advantage seems like too much of a swing (I imagine a lot of players would agree). We’ve been discussing possible solutions for how we can bring LoK/Archon/etc into better balance between the two game types, but haven’t settled on the best course of action just yet. This issue is absolutely on our radar, though, and we’re certainly open to your feedback in the meantime.

The deal with Archon, for those of you who don’t play a Wizard, is that every enemy killed while in Archon form adds 1 second to the duration of the transformation. Of course that’s “killed” not “injured” hence the issue with using the skill in multiplayer games.

Lylirra doesn’t offer anything other than assurances that the devs are aware of this issue, and that it’s something worth debating. Anyone got any clever ideas for addressing this matter? As the Blue says, they want some mods to be better or worse in MP than in SP, but things that only proc on kill, rather than on damage done, are clearly uniquely handicapped by party play. Maybe LAEK and Archon in parties could just use math, and trigger on every X amount of damage, where x = the average hps of the monsters being battled?

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12 thoughts on “Bonuses from Kills = Multiplayer Issues

  1. It seems quite simple if you ask me, if you deal over 50% of the damage done to an enemy, you deserve the kill buffs, like LoK/Archon. This way when you deal over 50% you atleast get the second of archon or the LoK, and the person who gets the killing blow also obtains the LoK or second of archon etc, this not only makes affix’s like LoK more desirable and practical, but it also makes things less frustrating for wizards who never get their second of archon even if they did the other 99% of the damage dealt to the enemy. And its not like it makes a new problem, “Ohhhh LoK is OP cause 2 people could possibly get it.”, or “2 wizards are OP cause they both get a second of archon.” I mean come on.

  2. Example:
    If you dealt damage 50% of monsters HP, you get 50% of your life on kill value when it dies, regardless who last killed it, within exp radius.

  3. They should be fixing the monk and nerfing the broken cm/crit build wizard class first rather than worrying about one minor skill.

  4. “We still want players to feel like they can gear/build their characters differently for solo vs. co-op”

    WTF? freaking share paragon on account then..

  5. IMO , if you dealt damage to it you should qualify for the Archon/LOK proc , LoK is crap as it as , and multiplayer games are also not very rewarding, so why not?

    • LoK also isn’t as useful in D3 because elites are usually what kill you and LoK does nothing to help heal while fighting them until you start downing them.

      Plus, there are less mobs in general in this game.

  6. Well if we are talking any Co-op why then does it matter who gets the liking blow? Shouldn’t you be treated like a party member and get the bonus LoK or extra second of transformation either way? I mean the idea of Co-op is team work right?

  7. You should gain a factor of the LAEK depending on the number of players in the game whoever kills the monster.

    So for each kill in a 2 players game you get 50% of total LAEK.
    For a 4 players game, you gains 25% of your total LAEK.

    Inflicting damage to the monster may or may not be needed according to taste.

  8. For any affix that works “on kill”, if you did damage to it, and it died and you got XP for it, then you should get the “on kill” bonus. How hard is this… really.

  9. I always thought it’d be kind of cool to use moves like this to push some of the less min/max affixes in the game. Maybe the modification could be that Archon adds duration if you get the kill or if the mob dies within a certain radius…adjustable by gold pickup radius affixes.

    While they’re at it, I don’t understand why all of the AOE abilities (DMG & Buffs) don’t scale with that affix in some way. But what do I know? I can’t understand why Monk heals don’t scale with +Health from potions. =P

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