Bonus Removed Diablo 3 Cinematic Footage

We’ve all seen the Diablo 15th Anniversary Video by now, but unless you caught it when it first went online, you didn’t see the whole thing. The version now on Blizzard’s site, and that you can see in our post, is censored, with several new pieces of cinematic footage removed.

The changes take place starting around 10:25, when new cinematic footage of an unknown Archangel (most fans think it’s Imperius), and seconds later, a brief view of Tyrael (apparently holding Imperius’ spear, Solarion) were removed. Twenty seconds later there was also footage of the Diablo 3 version of Diablo, showing him (Her? It?) from the waist up, with the shoulder mouths very clearly visible.

You don’t want this description though. You want to see the removed footage! Click through to see it, and note that this is just the 30s that was changed; not the whole video, since all the rest was the same. The narration is identical as well, and I embedded the full video, if you want to jump to the 10:25-11:00 mark to see the changes side by side. Thanks to Grug and raveharu for being the first two people I saw to document these changes.

The full movie from Blizzard, with the above scenes censored.

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49 thoughts on “Bonus Removed Diablo 3 Cinematic Footage

  1. I do not understand this post. I am just back from the official diablo 3 site (french one) and the video is still the one with the archangel and diablo female version.

      I used the link Flux posted for the us site, and i was seeing the footage too after everyone said it was gone… Eastern Eurpe here… maybe it’s region specific?
      Altohugh i remember the shot of Tyrael being from a higher angle… though that might just be my memory being affected by only 6 hours of sleep…

      • My memory is faulty, but the parts with Tyrael and the others are still there on the official site…  and looks much better in full screen…

  2. well it’s certainly gone now from the Oceania side, and who’s the one that captured it? forgot the most basic of capturing rules……getting rid of the mouse cursor

  3. and why do people even need to capture the vid…….when it makes a copy of the source file in your Temporary Internet Files folder??? it’s an about 240mb FLV file titled “extended-retrospective-en_US[1]”

    why don’t you guys just go to your temp internet files folder and get it from there? upload it for the rest of us or something 🙂 I hope you haven’t performed a disk cleanup in the last 24 hours or so

  4. Nice thing, but is eventualy this our 15.anniversary suprise? Some new mini cinematics?
    And as for some reason, why is not intented? So the speculation hurrys up, more and more news about D3 himself and so on. Marketing in its best form? Or realy a mistake? I cant believe..

  5. i dont understand. I played the second video, which flux said is censored……. but it is not?

    • Yup, the missing scenes are there for me too, and this is the first time i’m loading it from home, so it’s not from the cache or something…

    • Seems that some international viewers see the original version, while it’s only been changed in the US?

      The changes are boring stuff; they just show some more (old) slides of environmental artwork during the Angel cinematics, and then there’s a clip of Cain from the intro cinematic instead of Diablo.

      • Yeah, t’s pretty odd.
        Btw, the 2nd video you posted here is also not censored… and unless Blizz can do magic we should all be seeing the same one seeing how it’s on your youtube account…

  6. Notice that the narrator says: “…Tyrael hurled his runeblade at the crystal, triggering a catastrophic explosion.” But what happens to the worldstone he doesn’t say, no mention of the Worldstone being destroyed.

    Also remember all that hemming-n-hawing when someone at the Lore Panel asked about it. Metzen said something like “Can you really destroy the Worldstone?”

    Friends, what the Hells is going on?? Too many mysteries!!

    Hope this doesn’t end like LOST.

    • Just after that he says that Diablo 3’s story takes place “two decades after the Worldstone’s destruction” so yeah… it’s blowed up… but maybe not forever… or that may have not been the real one…

      • They did say that it existed between dimensions, and that is the reason it could act as a boundary or bridge between Heaven, Hell, and Sanctuary. They then implied that because of its multi-dimensional nature that we may not have seen the last of it.  I don’t remember the source but I do remember hearing that.  Hope someone can tell me where that was from.

          • Thanks! I knew I had heard it somewhere…
            Also, according to the book of Cain, when Tyrael destroyed the Worldstone his physical form was “disintegrated in the blast,” and we know he’s back!  So maybe some essence of the stone survived in another dimension and can be brought to Sanctuary again like Tyrael was?

    • can’t the worldstone be like shattered in pieces? like pieces all over sanctuary that maybe got found and led to demons invading again? just guessing 🙂

    • I uploaded whatever I grabbed from the update on Blizzard’s site. Maybe I got the uncensored version because I was on it pretty fast.

      • so you want a video in which is less than in the original one? xD, the censored scenes concern one archangle, tyrael with a spear in his hand and diablo animated with his shoulderpads.

        • The post says the narration stays the same, and i was wondering with what they replaced them with… because for me all the vids show the reddish archangel, Tyrael and Diablo after 10:25…

  7. Just watched the second video, yep looks like it is the uncensored one… As well as some small differences in what the narrator says there are also other images they had in there including shots from the intro cinematics of the WD, DH, and barb and a new art piece of a much more masculine version of the 3 mouth Diablo… Perhaps he gets more forms throughout the game/in expansions?

  8. Great, thanks for another spoiler. I didnt watch the movie and dont plan to do. Cant you just post spoiler parts AFTER the break? At first glance I read the archangel sentence and regretted it :/

    • While it is true that you take a risk any time you come on a site as information-rich as this one, I do think the usual spoiler-alert would have been appropriate for this post.  A lot of fans weren’t aware that Imperius would be making an appearance, and the fact that Tyrael is shown holding his spear strongly hints at the course of events between the two.  That’s why it was taken out of the video in the first place.  And I say that from the position of someone who missed that material and purposefully sought it out because I wanted to see it.
      Anyways, why would they only censor the US version?  I can’t figure out a reason for that.

      • @risingred: there is so much info that is not a spoiler on this side. I come for those information.
        @kadaj: exactly, thank you for the explanation. (+1)

        • Count how many posts you’ve made nearly identical to your first in this news entry complaining about spoilers, and then re-assess your logic.

      • If you’ve been avoiding all spoilers, then “an unknown Archangel (most fans think it’s Imperius)” wouldn’t mean anything to you anyway.

        Oh no, there’s another arch-angel whose name I know!

  9. In Raveharu’s thread, there’s screencaps of the cinematic showing Ghom’s concept art (and confirmation that he’s “gluttony”) and also the act 1 boss’ in-game model.

  10. @ThulRasha – It’s not “censored” but replaced images. The one he posted is the uncensored version. It shows Imperius, Tyrael, and Diablo in the high-poly CG forms. They replaced these with more mundane shots in the US version on

  11. As the post said:
    “a brief view of Tyrael (apparently holding Imperius’ spear, Solarion) ”
    I dont really think that was the imperius’ spear… and as far as I remember his sword is gone when he threw that on the worldstone… so unless the still didnt deliver his new sword, i think that could be his “new weapon”….

    • The one Imperius had also had the reddish tint he did… though maybe the weapon changes colour based on the archangel wielding it…

    • Bingo:  His sword is not gone.  It is the center of the plot of the new Diablo comic “Sword of Justice” which takes place near Arreat Crater after the destruction of the Worldstone but before the events of Diablo 3.
      Random:  It’s hard to tell, but by looking at the way the part they hold onto is shaped, I think it’s probably the same staff.  And since the angels are made of light it would make perfect sense for the light flowing through the weapon to be the same color as the archangel that wields it.

    • Where are you form? Because me and others also see the original images, but plenty of people say they don’t… so unless there’s big conspiracy they changed it only for some people…

  12. Flux, where is the “suck it conspiracy nuts, Korea had nothing to do with anything.” post? Because after last few months of “Korea is holding D3 back!” and “It isn´t even a conspiracy theory anymore, it´s a fact.” posts on forums and comments, I think we deserve one. Also, according to that same forum thread posters, Korean rating board has accepted rating for D3, and the game is officially releaseble in SK.

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