We’ve all seen the Diablo 15th Anniversary Video by now, but unless you caught it when it first went online, you didn’t see the whole thing. The version now on Blizzard’s site, and that you can see in our post, is censored, with several new pieces of cinematic footage removed.

    The changes take place starting around 10:25, when new cinematic footage of an unknown Archangel (most fans think it’s Imperius), and seconds later, a brief view of Tyrael (apparently holding Imperius’ spear, Solarion) were removed. Twenty seconds later there was also footage of the Diablo 3 version of Diablo, showing him (Her? It?) from the waist up, with the shoulder mouths very clearly visible.

    You don’t want this description though. You want to see the removed footage! Click through to see it, and note that this is just the 30s that was changed; not the whole video, since all the rest was the same. The narration is identical as well, and I embedded the full video, if you want to jump to the 10:25-11:00 mark to see the changes side by side. Thanks to Grug and raveharu for being the first two people I saw to document these changes.

    The full movie from Blizzard, with the above scenes censored.

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