Bonus Diablo 3 EXP During Korean Gaming Promotion

Site reader Secondii mailed in to let us know about a promotion Blizzard is running for Diablo III in Korea. Over the next four weekends, all gamers who play Diablo III from some participating cyber cafes will get a 25% bonus to experience gained during Fri-Sunday, including experience to their Paragon levels. (Which Google translates as the “Conqueror system” which IMHO is a much better name for it.)

The Blizzard promotional page is in Korean and Google translation doesn’t work so well on Hangungmal, but the gist of it is that this is a promotion Blizzard has with one (?) chain of cyber cafes. They promote D3 and Blizzard gives their players a special bonus to experience, which drives more business to their stores.

Secondii says this sort of promotion for MMORPGs is quite popular and common in cyber cafes in Asia, but this is the first time he’s seen it run for any Blizzard game. Doesn’t seem likely we’ll see anything like this in the EU or US markets any time soon, lacking the cyber cafe culture that so dominates Korean online gaming. It’s not a huge promotional value either, really. You can get 25% exp from a medium-high level Ruby in your hat, and 5 stacks of Nephalem Valor is worth 75% exp bonus, so it’s not hard to have +100% experience, even without any item bonuses, and tacking another 25% onto that isn’t a real game changer.

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14 thoughts on “Bonus Diablo 3 EXP During Korean Gaming Promotion

    • You may be right, but think about this. Blizzard could add another 100 levels and call it the Conqueror System where each level you get 1% damage or something. Seems insignificant but you know we would all continue to grind to get it. Could this be our future?

  1. to me sounds like they are playing a completely different game altogether… apparently bnet-asia is twicked (I guess) server-side to offer this, lets call it advantage or promotion, to the residents of said ‘realm’.
    Now that makes me only think, why would they stop there if it is so easy for them to rig the server just so to make it more appealing for people to play there.
    How do I know that they don’t have drops +100% chance/quality, or mob HP/resist etc adjusted, which eventually makes me wonder: is this the same game anymore in all different servers or just baloney/tailored versions to satisfy each market…?
    I was naive enough to believe that once upon a time they did it for server issues like stability or performance in general, splitting the realms but I don’t buy it anymore. 🙄

    • It has been brought to my attention that rubies only add a percentage from the BONUS FROM EQUIPPED +XP ITEMS, and not overall XP.

      That’s not much.

      • That’s incorrect, which isn’t hard to see after a few minutes of testing. 🙂

        Rubies and +XP% in general increases all your XP gains, except quest XP. It applies after the +XP items, but it definitely increases the base XP from monsters.

      • My experience agrees with Hardrock.

        I’m not sure of the formula and order of operations, but I’ve leveled up twinked chars with ruby in hat and no other +exp, and it’s markedly faster than w/o a ruby in the hat. Rushing through areas and doing zero dungeons and I’ve still been level 32 after act 4, when I’d be lucky to hit 30 without the ruby in hat, and that’s doing full clears, extra dungeons, etc.

        Unless you’re claiming that the formula somehow changes for Paragon levels vs. normal, but that seems unlikely.

      • Cool.

        I THOUGHT my DH had made faster progress from 55-60 after I gemmed her.

        I’m happy to have been wrong about it only applying to bonus XP.

  2. Personally i think it’s ridiculous and a slippery slope, but i’m not the type to freak out about it.

  3. It is logical as the Korean NCSoft launches GW2 this week, so the internet cafes want some attention for other on line games.

    I was surprised the last few days the D3 in game public games numbers were on par with previous weeks. So I think D3 players are not really into MMO’s much, except for Blizzard players where there is a clear upper or lower activity whenever there is something new in another Blizzard game.

    I guess the Asian market will rally around D3 with patch 1.1 as these guys are really fanatic when it comes to PvP, casual or not, these guys have no limits when talking about arenas.

  4. Very clever. Encourages new players or maybe a burned-out player who might think “shucks, I guess I’ll try this new patch after all” and then puts them in an environment where there are a ton of other people playing the same game.

    Good marketing, imo.

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