Act 2 and Act 3 mats required.

    Act 2 and Act 3 mats required.

    In Patch 2.3, you only get one of the five Acts as a bonus act at a time, and when you finish all the bounties in that act the bonus switches to one of the other Acts that you have not yet completed.

    Since the Bonus Act awards you a Bonus Horadric Cache when completed, and those are the only way to get the new Cache Materials required to operate Kanai’s Cube, plus you need them for all the level 70 crafting recipes, so it’s kind of a big deal.

    The system on the PTR is supposed to switch which Act is the bonus every hour, but not while you’re actually playing, since it would suck to get 4 of the bounties done and then suddenly that act isn’t the bonus anymore. Especially if it’s Act five, because Act Five bounties are a little slice of death. Bonus Bounty Act Bugged?

    So, I was doing Act 5 bounties and I only had 1 quest left. IRL stuff happened so I had to go AFK. I come back occasionally to unpause to make sure that my game doesn’t end due to being AFK for 30 minutes.

    When I’m finally done with what I had to do, I go kill the boss (last Bounty). I completed all 5 bounties and I am about to reclaim. Suspicious, I decide to make sure that I’m still in the Bonus Act. My suspicions were confirmed. The Bonus Act had swapped, even if I was “actively” doing it.
    Nevalistis: That’s interesting; the bonus Act shouldn’t be swapping in an active game until it’s completed. Sounds like a bug!

    For those of you who have experienced this, are you seeing this behavior in multiplayer, when playing solo, or both? We’d like to take a closer look.

    It’s an interesting question; how is the game to know if you’re actually working on that Act still, or if you’ve abandoned it and want the bonus to switch to another Act? What if you just do Rifts for an hour+, without entering any of the bounty areas in the bonus act? In my exp on the PTR, the bonus act never switches in a game, unless you complete it. I’ve tried to get it to switch, doing bounties in other acts or Rifts, but it just stays the current bonus act (inevitably Act Five) forever. It’s quicker to just do the bonus act and make it switch than to try to wait it out.

    The never-switching Bonus Act is often vexing on the PTR, especially when there are huge game creation queues and you can’t just roll a new game. (Which won’t change the bonus act either, in theory, until the next hour another act is selected.)

    In the short term on the PTR most players just do all 5 acts in the same game, completing each while it’s bonus bounty, and accumulate even amounts of each DiabloWikiHoradric Cache material. The Cube Recipe to extract a legendary property requires 1 of each DiabloWikiCache mat, so that works out fine. Imbalances in cache mats occur when you hunt specific Cache legendary items (RoRG or Pride’s Fall, for instance) building up more of the mats from those Acts. Or if you keep crafting the same item, such as Reaper’s Wraps (Act 2 and Act 3 mats required) you start to run short. And that’s when you really wish you could change which act was on the bonus, since you get to a point where you have zero need to complete the Bounties from some acts, but have to do so if you want the bonus act to switch to your desired act.

    How do you guys think it’ll work out long term? Should the bonus Bounty Act be semi-random? Are there strategic or RNG aspects to that randomness that must not be disturbed? Or is this just RNG for the sake of RNG and it’s kind of annoying?

    Several players in comments confirm the bug of the bonus act changing mid-game in the new PTR patch, so beware. Check to be sure your act is still the bonus before you finish up the bounties or talk to Tyrael. If it switches, you’ll need to do the other acts as they get the bonus before it switches back to the one you were working on, and lets you finish up with that bonus cache reward.

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