Bonus Beta Content Hacked?

Fields of MiseryScreenshots have popped up from anonymous sources, claiming to be from beta testers who have found a way to enter additional content in the Diablo 3 Beta. The screenshots all show monsters and areas from the Fields of Misery and its sub-areas. That is the next surface area in the game, which is accessed through that locked gate at the north of the Cemetery of the Forsaken. (We previously saw this area in Blizzard’s “Inferno is really hard” video from Blizzcon 2011.)

The gate will clearly unlock in the full game after some quest or accomplishment. Perhaps even with Leah coming along with the key, as she does in Old Tristram. You can see this area and most of the rest of Act One in the dozens of screenshots Risingred posted in various galleries, but those were all taken from an emulator, and thus have no functional monsters.

These shots are definitely previews of what we’ll see later in Act One… it’s just unknown if someone’s actually seeing it now in the beta, or if these screenshots are clever fakes created with an emulator and some Photoshop post production.

If anyone knows a supposed method, mail it in and we’ll confirm/deny, while preserving your anonymity. Thanks to Aranam and KERMIz for the news tip.

Diablo 3 Beta Bonus Area Diablo 3 Beta Bonus Area Diablo 3 Beta Bonus Area

Diablo 3 Beta Bonus Area Diablo 3 Beta Bonus Area Diablo 3 Beta Bonus Area

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    110 thoughts on “Bonus Beta Content Hacked?

        • When I don’t want spoilers, I don’t read  the largest fansite. Pretty simple, isn’t it?

          • Easier said then done 😉 It’s just part of my internet surf routine. The spoilers aren’t that bad really. It’s not like he posted act boss shots.

      • Let’s scour the auction house for non-crafted items that clearly outstats the current content. Or not.

    1. Well it might be legit, and I believe that because I see a orange latency bar on several screenshots wich indicates that it’s still in the laggy beta patch 14 lately.

      • Yeah but mooege server doesnt need to be running locally. You guys are playing some detectives here but have absolutely no clue what you are talking about.

          • I think they are legit, but you realize that photoshopping the player profiles and dialogue and a latency bar, whether green, orange or red, into screenshots from an emulator would take about 5 seconds…

    2. This is definitely not an emulator; at least not any current mooege branch, which is the only project in development that I know of.
      It now has semi-functional monsters and other small things, but this seems fully functional.

      And I am SO glad that vanishing dyes are bought off of merchants. Such a relief, I hope they keep it this way. 

      Kaknoos, good catch. Definitely the server isn’t running locally.

    3. Really interesting… I wonder if this is in fact legit, and if the people who found it will release it. Hopefully using it wont result in the ban of the beta account.

      • I wouldn’t be surprised if it would. Its just that if it is made known how to do this, I am not sure if I can keep myself from going there 😛

    4. “If anyone knows a supposed method, mail it in and we’ll confirm/deny, while preserving your anonymity.” sorry for saying but this is even more pathetic …

    5. Now that I have seen it I need to try it. To bad I need to figure out how to get past that gate before it gets fixed 😉

    6. stupid really, how long does the beta still have to go anyway? if this was months ago, then it would be quite cool. now? meh, who cares. and if it’s anything like the later versions of the stupid emulator where you gotta compile everything yourself, then even less people will bother since not everyone is compile-savvy……..given from the amount of “how do I?” posts in the emulator thread

    7. LOOOOOOOOL this is the mooege emulator and you could already visit those places long time ago.

      Also the emulator could spawn like 100 different monsters even on the beginning of development.

      • No. it isn’t. It’s not about places. It’s about spawned monsters and AI, champions, vendors, items, and stats.
        Current mooege branches don’t have any of that; they don’t even calculate armor and stats from gear you have equipped. It doesn’t have AI for monsters other than zombies. I compile every build from every branch regularly. This is clearly a fully functional version. 

        • Last time i checked they were already messing with the items and stats. Vendors were also working long time ago. They just needed to find that dye vendor. What are you talking about with that AI? This is a screenshot how do you know if AI is working properly?

          • They are messing with items and stats. In the current state of things, only your level affects your stats. No matter what you equip – your armor, dps, or anything will change.
            Mooege doesn’t spawn champions.
            Look at the damage numbers, look at the gold drops, monster HPs, everything. Look at the current Objective. You can’t complete the first quest in Mooege because Moooege doesn’t spawn quest monsters for the first quest.
            Look at the item drops. If you played in Mooege for at least 5 minutes, you would see the difference between item drops – Archon Plates, Doom Plates, Recipes, Non-existant affixes, deformed item names, etc, etc.

            Everything in these screenshots looks accurately generated. It would take a tremendous amount of work to make mooege spawn all this stuff. A lot of stuff the mooege server returns is just placeholder random stuff.

            I’m talking about the latest builds, too. 

            The AI is apparent that the monsters actually move. In Mooege, nothing even comes towards you besides zombies and risen dead. 

            It is indeed possible that this is a bug. 

      • How come ppl confuse my nick all the time 😀
        Still if it’s not a photoshop it must be original beta – things such as lvl/exp bar icon of the patch 14 town portal – all these things indicate that it might be true bug.

        As far as I know there is no way to get past SK but it’s a gate somewhere earlier. I’m not a tester but that’s what I’ve heard

        • If you take the warp to Cementery there’s a locked gate in the north.

          If one can pass that with whatever exploit then it’s probably possible.
          I haven’t succedded so far.

    8. It’s said that the gate isn’t spawned yet when you just arrive with the WP at the Cementry.
      Some people are saying that when you are at the waypoint you can pull your internet cable, run past the not yet spawned gate and plug it back in then, but this leads mostly to a disconnect afterwards or the player is teleported back in front of the gate.
      Maybe it works when an other player teleports to the “gaterunner” right after he plugs it back in.
      But dunno, haven’t tried it … it’s just rumors.

    9. Tried it, didnt work for me.
      I can get past gate, but tp back or dc, and a mate teleporting to me, didnt work either, he popped between wp and gate.

    10. Don’t think it is an emulator, he posted it on the official forums to explain it to Blizz:


    11. The level 13(?) witch doctor in that alleged “beta bonus content” picture is using Firebomb, which is a level 21 spell in the current beta patch 14.

      • If you have a WD from a previous patch with Firebomb on your bar, it will stay there.  i have a barbarian with threatening shout still.  this is a result of them not wiping the characters.  This is definitely not a fake, I have all the waypoints. 

          • I’ll upload some of my own screen shots in a few minutes, but I’m not giving out my Battletag to be banned. 

            • Mind sharing a bit of info on how you did it? I’d love to find out for myself, but I need a nudge 😛

              I can get past the gate, but then I just get teleported back to the wp >_ 

          • Lol, it’s true dude settle down. Everybody that didn’t switch their spells out can use higher level spells, until they switch them.

    12. This is definitely not a fake.  You need to find someone who has the waypoints and join his game.  You will now have those waypoints too.  It’s important that you never change the current quest you’re on in the main menu or you will lose the waypoints.

      Two areas are populated with tough monsters, different affixes like vortex, molten, and Jailer.  Jailer is really cool.  It disabled all movement for up to 3 seconds and you can’t do shit. The art is beautiful and there are some new events.  One where you help a ghost woman lay her family to rest by killing them.  they spawn as 3 elites.  another one is clicking a tombstone and waves of enemies come at you, but that one doesn’t offer a reward. 

      there is a third area called the drowned temple but you can’t do much there.

      • Teleporting to an available waypoint is not the exploit – acquiring it in the first place is the actual secret. Which everyone is so hush hush about =p

        • I know that teleporting to the wp is not the exploit, I’m more curious how he actually got past the gate and thus, got the wp’s in the first place 😛

    13. As promised, here is an album of a few of the screen shots i’ve taken. 

      The rings and amulet I have drop in the Crypt Of Decay, a random dungeon in the fields of misery.  This Crypt has the new event I was talking about.  I don’t know the method people used to actually get the WP’s, I only received them from someone else. 

      It’s a really cool glimpse into just how awesome this game is going to be.  You are all in for a treat.  

      Edit: Flux, feel free to use these screen shots. Contact me on here if you want screen shots of anything else, or any other information. I will NOT be sharing waypoints at this time. It is unclear if people will be banned for this.

      • Makai, seriously, your evil.
        Please lemme receive a wp, ive done nothing but help people get some playtime the last weeks, time that some diablo love shines my way! :p

        Awesome screens… 

        • I’m not trying to frustrate anyone, sorry.  I’m just not comfortable sharing with people I don’t know.  I really enjoy my beta access and don’t want it revoked.  I hope you understand. 

          • Just pass on the info then so we can do it on our own, no need to share your account or the wp’s =)

            • If I knew how people did it I would tell you.  All I did was join another person who had the WP’s. 

          • I understand, but feel free to check my thread where i lend out my beta account to random people.

            I will give you my account, then you can give the waypoint to that account?

            No risk for you at all. 

          • Just give us the WP’s please, I can give you my other beta acc if you want, I can let you change email and everything on it so you know it’s safe, if you just give me the WPS. 

            Blizzard will fix this bug soon anyways and make a char wipe.

          • Yet you are okay with getting the WP’s from someone else (which should also be bannable if your logic holds true).

    14. Again, I have zero knowledge about HOW it is performed.  I just got them from someone else. 

      • So if someone gaved you the WP’s you should give them to us,

        Blizzard will fix this bug soon anyways and all chars will get wiped etc.


        • That would require me giving my battletag out, which isn’t happening.  Sorry.  Enjoy the screen shots.  I’ll take more if people want. 

          • Funny how you feel like a little special kid who is important or something just because someone gaved you the WP’s and you are such a dick who don’t give them to someone else. 

            I hope Blizzard just check which account’s that got acces to the WP’s and remove their beta acces and ban the accs.

            • Funny how you are acting like an entitled little twat who thinks you deserve anything.  I posted screen shots to share with everyone. That’s my limit.  If you check 4chan, you can find people who are willing to share, since that is where this bug originated from.  

              You are being the dick and acting like a child who got told no.  

          • Makai, not true.
            Ill glad lend you my account, so you personally, without giving me any battletag, can transfer the waypoints to said account… now im just slowly smelling troll… :/ 

            • JC, you cannot transfer WP’s.  That would assume I know how this was done, which I do not.  I’m not trolling. I’m taking time out of my day to share a cool thing with this community.  

            • Makai, you said i should just join your game then the account would get the wp’s?
              And ive taken out weeks of my time to help other people out, and trust me, its a good feeling, we should honestly all share the diablo love.

              So again, you can get my account, log in together with your own, then i should get the waypoints, and then ill gladly share with everyone, cause i honestly dont care or fear any bans. 

    15. Guys he already says he doesn’t know how to get the WPs, he was given them by someone else. Stop begging.

    16. Makai if I get you an access to my account, will you be so kind and make may WP available? You wilkl not have to give us your battle tag, because you will delete my character from your friend list before you will give me the account back. What will you say to that? I would be very gratefull.

    17. it appears you need to glitch/lag/disconnect your way through the gate and have someone else who is connected teleport on you by click on your banner.  Anyone up for this?  I really do not feel like unplugging my ethernet cord in and out from my rig, but i guess i can try real quick on my lap top.   anyone down? 

      • Me and a mate spent an hour trying do it that way, you only end up at the WP or in front of the gate

    18.  Makai if I give you an access to my account, will you be so kind and make may WP available? You will not have to give us your battle tag, because you will delete my character from your friend list before you will give me the account back. What will you say to that? I would be very gratefull. contact me please: [email protected]

    19. ok, well i’m going to head to the gym.  Would anyone be so kind to pm me if they actually get the WP?  I’m tied of slaying the skeleton king.

    20. people should stop begging, its pathetic. The more people know, the sooner it will be patched.

      • It’s too late. It’s going to be patched anyway, if they will give as an access to wp or not.

    21. Well, disconnecting trick works for me, I can pass through the gate, but I can’t login within 10 secs to get to whole level. So it drops me from a game.

    22. Mephisto: “People i can tell u one thing :
      It is not this ‘going true the gate’ and trying not to get portal’d back …

      It is not !”
      Maybe it is not the unplug, run and replug method everybody is trying?

    23. Well, I’ve been trying that unplug method freeagent has been advocating a couple dozen times, and I have not ever been able to get through the gate, it’s there each and every time.

      Too bad, would be cool with something new to explore 🙁

      • I posted the thread, 


        To give people steps to people to help figure it out.. In my thread it doesn’t say I’ve done it yet, but it’s a step in the right direction, I think.

    24. I can get to situation where there’s no gate, I run past through and get ‘Fields Of Misery’ text, but then I get disconnected, every time

    25.  MakaiWhat about my above proposition? You will not have to share your battle tag with me. Just make wp’s on my account available, I will give you an access. Please contact with me.

    26. Sorry to be the messenger, but it’s already been hotfixed you can’t exploit past the gate anymore you now get teleported back.

        • Becuz getting the inet plugged walk past and replug makes you teleport back to the WP, but after letting a friend teleport to me while i was past the gate he got teleported to the spot where I was “d/c” so perhaps this is not the “exploit” that has been used. And using Teleport affix mobs aint working either.

      • Just as far as everyone else, the other pics are from Mephisto, so no, that won’t work.

        “I figured out HALF of the bug and we have 48 hours to figure it out before it gets patched on Monday at the latest.”

        • Or before we get free access to this “bonus zone” (apparently accessible in the upcoming Diablo 3 trial version) when they reveal the Diablo 3 release date on Monday! ^^

    27. don’t waste ur time on d3sanc‘s method . that’s how far i can go
      always tp back. mephisto is right 

    28. I actually got the “internet hickup” trick to work, but Blizz must have fixed something because As soon as it realized I was in the fields of misery, it just kicked me out of the game. Not out of bnet, just out of that game. Almost got to some monsters :/

      • All of the images in the poster’s thread were removed from imageshack. I manually typed the links in, they’re all gone.

        • I know, sorry I should have said so in my post so you wouldn’t have manually typed them… Oh well, you would probably have tried it anyway 🙂

    29. I tried to do the disconnect method and even a speedhack but no luck 🙁 Maybe the barb wasnt the best choice

    30. I just did it! but you run into the edge of the map a few steps over the bridge and cant pass…

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