Bonus Beta Areas Confirmed

The bonus beta areas we posted about earlier have now been confirmed, as a functional section accessible through the Diablo 3 Beta. I spent the past hour exploring in the area myself, and took a few screenshots for documentation.

Diablo 3 Bonus ContentThere are three areas, the DiabloWikiFestering Woods and the DiabloWikiFields of Misery are large surface areas you reach via waypoints. The DiabloWikiDrowned Temple is the third area, which should occur between the other two, but is just a small series of stairways with a non-functional dungeon entrance at the bottom. Dungeon entrances that don’t work are very common in this area, as you’ll see if you view some of the screenshots. There are numerous ones throughout the areas that highlight and hover, but have long, bugged code names and none of them can be entered. (A very few do work though, and they have normal names. You see the DiabloWikiForlorn Farm in the screens below.)

The monsters in these areas are largely different than what we’ve seen thus far in the beta. Lots of huge charging beasts, goatmen (who often emerge several in a row out of tiny foxholes), various attacking trees (who create poisonous pods all over the ground around them that are quite damaging), carrion bats, ghouls, ghostly spirits, and more. It’s a few levels higher than any previous beta content, and while my Wizard wasn’t in any real danger of dying, I was constantly out of Arcane Power, as the monsters had more hitpoints, plus I was playing a three-player game. I could instantly see why using at least one DiabloWikiSignature Skill will be necessary for Wizards long term.

Diablo 3 Bonus ContentAs for how I got into the area… a friend found someone else with the Festering Woods waypoint, and shared it to me. We still don’t know how someone got over the fence from the cemetery in the first place; I think it might have been an unrepeatable event, from some partial disconnect or weird bug, which is why no one knows how it was done. Now people with the waypoint are just sharing it with friends, and soon enough practically everyone in the beta will have it.

I don’t see any reason Blizzard should really care; you don’t see any plot or story info in those areas (the quests aren’t working; just some of the events), and it’s almost like an end game for beta characters, since the monsters are a few levels higher than anything in the Cathedral or the Leoric fight and with their different/new tactics they’re nasty.

None of the screens below are exactly spoilery; as none show any plot or story or big events, but if you’re trying to prevent your eyes from seeing anything not in the beta, don’t click. They’re sorted with numerous others in the Beta Datamined Images Gallery.

Diablo 3 Bonus Content Diablo 3 Bonus Content Diablo 3 Bonus Content Diablo 3 Bonus Content
Diablo 3 Bonus Content Diablo 3 Bonus Content Diablo 3 Bonus Content
Also, check out a few videos that have been posted in the forums.

Gameplay videos of these areas can be found in a subsequent news item.


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    91 thoughts on “Bonus Beta Areas Confirmed

      • OMG!!!!!!!!! I’m playing the new area now…. Just wanted to log in to say that it is AMAZING!!!
        So much fun!!! And some of the random events are just…. wow lol…
        I’m loving this!!  😀

        • The monsters attributes, oooooh.

          Vortex (Anti-knockback sort of thing?)
          Walled (Creates long barrier walls that block attacks and movement)
          Jailer (Cannot move for ~2 seconds, can still attack)
          Molten (Longer delay on death bomb)

          The special events!

          Random merchant (sells dyes, ~expensive)
          Farmer event (CREEPY!!)
          2-level Dungeon with quest (Less epic than I feel it should have been)
          Nephalem Monument (Neat, but more of a story event than a loot event)
          Memorial Hill (Similar to above, but gives loot)
          Sheltered Cottage (Multiple things can happen here. MULTIPLE THINGS. “Bloody Chest”, heh)
          Secluded Grove (So many poison spores >.<)

          The random environmental events @[email protected]

          Scarecrow that spawns a plague bat
          The various camps of goatmen
          The hole in the ground with plague bats you can shoot down into
          The traps!
          The killable chickens 😛

          So much awesome in these two (technically three) areas. Sooooo much awesome. 

        • I also play there, i think they will crack it.. They where fast to crack from patch 12-13 🙂

      • Just spent an hour or so sharing in the trade channel, it should be well dispersed by now.

    1. Yeah, I just did all the content… I also got to access one of the little rooms/temples that typically looked closed off. Had 2 levels, and then a room with a quest giver… something about releasing her family. Killed 4 purple elites and then it was over. Was weird…

      • U are a good man, bro!
        I’ll follow ur steps and share wp with other mates. Keep it this way!

      • Thanks again for the wp share.  

        I hope to share this around for those who still need it in the coming days if Blizzard doesn’t get around to fixing it.  Keep an eye on the main trade chat channel.

    2. Then please come to Trade Chat (top) and share with those wishing to also test the content 😉

    3. Very cool. Really enjoying the new areas. Fun to play around with a bit tougher enemies. Not much, though.

      Message me: Ignatius#1870 I’ll get you the way point. :0

    4. I’m gonna laugh if blizzard permanently bans everyone who has the festering woods waypoint.

    5. I’m guessing there’s a glitch somewhere, so now the wps are being spread.

      I hope D3 will not turn out like D2, get wps, share them, rush, get to Hell.

      There better be level restrictions for each difficulty. 

      • I don’t think so. I suppose ppl will do this when they have already played Normal, Night and Hell with one char, and starting a new one… Since there is no more build commitment, there’s no need to do all over again, only if you want to spend your time.

    6. Well I started a plague of waypoint sharing, so hopefully people will get around to getting theirs soon enough.

    7. It would easier enough for them to fix this just do a player wipe and that would do the trick if they want to do it that is

    8. I’m starting to think Blizzard in someway played a part in this happening, for me it makes sense, I mean for me and most people I’m seeing, the “feared” excitement towards the game is being re-enforced, i was starting to worry and doubt if i’d get that diablo ‘feeling’ when progressing through the game having been at Beta Content for so long, it’s grown quite weary, and made me worry ‘what if I just have the same feeling further on in?’
      Just the feeling I get takes me right back to Diablo I and II, I just want to kill every monster and explore every corner, and it all looks so good, it was a great event to happen for me, and just puts my mind at rest knowing just how good this game is going to be once being able to play the full content, and can now calmly wait for a release date
      Either way, If Blizzard did have a part to play in this “extra” content becoming available (in a way where the community has to work together and show comradery (which actually does – for me – show good signs of just how well the community can interact over Battle Net 2.0) kudos to them, I think it was an awesome idea just to help some of us Diablo 3 fans make it these last couple of months,  If it wasn’t, either way, awesome 🙂

    9. I don’t have beta access, but I swear this news is the best one by far for months now! 😀
      Everyone’s (even grandmothers) refreshing the forums like mad… So awesome!  

    10. The new area is pretty awesome! If you are not careful the monsters WILL hurt you. The monsters all have some pretty cool mechanics that will require tactics when it gets more difficult. An elite pack of those charging beast can be pretty nasty!

    11. I notice the monsters in the new areas drop more loot. That merchant girl in the hidden cottage had some rare pants for sale when I played. Cool seeing Moon Clan and the exploding dead cow from D2 Tristram in there as well

    12. Btw, any chance to see video footage of these new areas with monster behaviors and stuff? I understand ofc, if not due to we still have no idea how will Blizzard handle this “event”… 🙂

    13. I got in too. My WD constantly has to resummon her pets since they keep dying.

      And I agree, those Savage Beasts are pretty nasty as elites. The phantoms are insane. 

    14. Jailer Savage Beasts… lock you in place… charge at you, will be NASTY in inferno I would imagine ^_^

    15. Just got done running them a bunch of times. Ran into some mobs with some special properties that aren’t in the other content in the beta currently. Molten, the mob would leave trails of damaging lava as they moved around and would explode on death. Jailer, the mob’s attacks would randomly root me to the ground leaving me unable to move for a few seconds. Vortex, the mob would yank me to him much like the Barbarian’s Ancient Spear.

      While most of the dungeons aren’t implemented, there we a few side areas that were. A crypt with two levels, with a quest at the bottom from a ghost to kill her undead family. A cottage with a vendor who sells dyes for your gear. A pillaged home with a murdered family and a chest full of loot.

      There was also a Grove with a chest in the middle, which upon looting it spawns several ents including a unique ent. A hill with a memorial up top it that spawns several waves of undead, ending with a unique mob.

      The gear is a bit higher level and tends to have nicer stats. Oh, and the rings that were removed from the other content drop here. Landed myself a bad ass ring for my Wizard. 🙂

      All and all the area was quite cool, the scenery was beautiful, and the mobs were interesting. Felt great to run something new and fresh!

    16. sigh, constant trickle feeding the masses, just when people have had enough they do this bring the buzz back up then , wham, “sorry guys we have another delay”, its the pilchard and the pail routine, give a seal a fish to do a trick but the seals sees the whole bucket and thinks if i hang around longer enough i might get the bucket, but the buckets behind the glass and in diablos case , screwed and nailed and glued to the floor, so yeah I’m over it , as you can tell I’m not in the beta, maybe that explains my thought you lucky bastards 🙂 

    17. I find it really interesting how this is spreading so organically through the community.  It’d be an intereresting case study, much like the plague outbreak in WoW was.  Really neat to see.

      I spent the last two hours playing through the new areas.  A metric TON more atmosphere than what is in the ‘vanilla’ beta — I’m super impressed!  The farm and sunken temple, in particular, gave me ‘wow!’ moments.  My energy for this game has definitely been re-kindled, because I wasn’t overly impressed with the beta content’s monsters or environments.

      The later areas almost have a Kurast feel to them, though I reckon they’re going more for a “cursed southern bayou” kinda feel with the hanging moss and marshy-ness.  Regardless, it works super well.

      Watching the big beasts explode into a large skeleton is super satisfying, and the walking trees look 1000x better in person that I ever thought they did on gameplay videos.

      10/10 from me! 

    18. I just did few runs through this ‘new’ content, enough for few days only, my lust for full game wont be satisfied in the end. 🙂

    19. So this is how they plan to release the game. I see what you did their blizzard… clever clever. On a side note hope you guys are enjoying the new content, still sadly waiting to play.

    20. I got my chance to play and I have to say that I’m completely blown away.  The new content is just awesome.  I did not expect Blizzard to throw so many different kinds of monsters my way only a couple hours into the game.

      • @yovargas
        There’s an hour-long video in the forums. I’d put the link but that would delay it being posted due to requiring moderation. Look in the D3 Beta forums for Patch 14 Fields of Misery and More Co op gameplay

    21. As exciting and impressive as this news is, the fact that a lot of the new area content is bugged kind of puts a damper on things.  This is still Act 1 and it’s not done yet.  Is this game ever going to be ready?

      • The bugs are probably just parts that weren’t quite finished when they forked the D3 Beta off of the real version, that are actually removed from the beta game files, or both. This stuff is not complete because it wasn’t meant to be shown/used. Not a reason for concern.

        • No offense, but from my experience, when what we have is broken, it’s broken… no matter how loudly the game company or their fans say “it’s fixed in an internal build”.

          • Wrong. They said that whats in the Beta is what they want to Ship. You seriously believe they were referring to BUGGED CONTENT ? Dungeons that don’t work and say “MISSING XXXX ?”.

            Dead Wrong.  The stuff you see if OBVIOUSLY not the real stuff from the actual game version.

            1000000000% Sure. Common sense use it. 

    22. Oh man, this is going to be a LONG day at work.
      Can’t wait to try this out when I get home! 

    23. A very eager Vega has just gotten home from work and is dying to try this. Who would be kind enough to give me the wp please? 🙂

      • the servers are down, but if they don’t fix it, all you need is to ask wp to fields of misery @ trading channel, you don;t need to post your email (and avoid adress hunters for spam :)) I was able to run through new locations only once and they are indeed great!

      • I imagine it’s not bugged. Just not really fully implemented in the beta files. Probably a lot of things we don’t get to see in the beta or stuff Blizzard won’t bother including since it was only meant to be up to the Skeleton King. Still, some interesting news.

        I’m very tempted to check it out myself. But I don’t want to risk messing around in an area I wasn’t really intended to be.

    24. The best to spread the WPs is once you got them, to join one of the channels and give them to 3 other people 🙂
      PS: You’ll lose them if you change quest or kill SK

    25. Damn that sounds awesome! I can’t wait for this fuckin game to come out. D2 is keeping me busy in the meantime, but I would love to play the beta. I check battlenet everyday, but to no avail.

    26. cant seem to log into beta keep getting an error =(   Grrrrrrrrr

      Someone plz add me so I can get the wp would be much appreciated.

      Battletag: Lumpybigbutt

    27. Temporary outage. I wonder if they are going to remove access to the new area, or is that even possible?

    28. I hope not! People yesterday were being stingy and wouldn’t share the wp’s, and we all could have been playing yesterday.

    29. Damn i really hope this isnt patched by the time i get off work. I wantz more Beta areas!

    30. everybody are sharing the WP on normal but no one has them on HC mode… 🙂
      nice new zone tho

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