MCV UK has posted a new interview with DiabloWikiMike Morhaime and DiabloWikiFrank Pearce. No mention is made of Diablo III, but the Bliz bosses share some interesting tidbits about how wildly inaccurate (low) their pre-game estimates were for WoW’s popularity, and remember what a struggle it was to catch up with the demand. WoW fundamentally changed the company, “The day we launched WoW was the day we transitioned from a company that sold boxed products to a service company.”

    They also talk about working with DiabloWikiBobby Kotick and offer some no-comments on DiabloWikiTitan, as well as taunting the interviewer with references to Blizzard’s other secret projects that have so far remained entirely secret. Here’s a quote from the part about Bobby, cause he’s fun. Click to MCV to read the whole thing.

    MCV: Has life changed, post-Activision merger? Activision said they?d bought Blizzard because they liked how you operated and they?d leave you alone ? and it turned out that this wasn?t BS.

    Frank Pearce:  Don?t say Activision bought Blizzard ? now you?ve got Mike riled?
    Mike Morhaime: Our parent company Vivendi bought Activision.

    MCV: Well, after whatever happened happened, what?s life been like?

    Mike Morhaime: We wouldn?t have supported the merger had we not believed Bobby and Activision understood how special Blizzard is and weren?t supportive of our values. We were convinced that they did, that the two businesses were complementary and that we wouldn?t be giving up our creative autonomy in any way. And that?s exactly how it has panned out.

    MCV: How do you feel when Bobby takes flak for not being sympathetic or empathetic to the creative elements of this industry?

    Mike Morhaime: I have an advantage there because I know Bobby personally and we have very long, in-depth conversations, so my view of him is not limited to small sound bites taken out of context. I can tell you that Bobby has been very supportive of Blizzard and that we have a great relationship with him. I don?t think the public image that some people have of him is fair or accurate.

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