As you know Blizzard opened up a new set of forums so tracking the old forums for new Blizzard posts seems rather pointless. The good news is Dorjan and I have been busy working on getting blues.incgamers.com up and running to track the new forums. We are now fully tracking both the US and EU Diablo 3 official boards and we also continue to track the old Battle.Net boards in case something appears there. All the old Battle.Net posts are archived and will stay in the system forever for future reference.

    While we were in there doing our stuff we also decided to soup-up the site a little and now when you hit the front page you are presented with the latest EU and US Diablo posts only. Should you wish to skip to other games you can navigate to the updates via the top navigation. We have also styled up the site more so it is easier to follow posts added by an official Blizzard poster and ones which have responses from a Blizzard poster.

    Also note, you can have email alerts sent directly to your email when an official Blizzard post is made and you can have them set as either daily as a collection or hourly. Nice and convenient 🙂

    The official Twitter feed is also still there which you’ll see linked from the top navigation bar.

    We have also updated the navbar here on the site (look to your right) to show all the new posts in the US and EU as well as a tab for the ‘old’ forums.

    The Blues: IncGamers site been optimised in the past week and performance has improved greatly to provide a better service. I thank you.

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