Blues IncGamers Beta Opens

We have opened the Blues: IncGamers site today for Beta testing. This new site on the network is a top-notch blue post and Twitter tracker which will also notify you via email of Blue post updates that appear in your forums of choice. The site covers ALL Blizzard forums for all their games so if you’re playing more than one Blizzard title then you can get all your updates in one place.The site is still in Beta testing and we hope that the community will find it very useful.

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  1. I’m not sure I understand his comment about “Hell not being easy with any build”… Being the kind of person I am, have taken all chars to Patriarch/Matriarch status in SP but the Assassin and Amazon were barely getting hurt.  Even though they were un-twinked.  To be honest the hardest one was the Sorc though (stupid “immune to all elements” bosses xI)

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