Blues Break for the Holidays

Lylirra posted on the general forums to let the community know that they will have a reduced presence. They were fairly busy right up ’til Christmas and a little after.

As with years in the past, the Diablo III community team will have a reduced presence on the forums, Twitter, and Facebook over the holidays as we unwrap our very own Treasure Goblins and ring in a new year with family and friends. We’re eager to hit the ground running in January, though, and look forward to discussing the delicate art of demon slaughter with you in year of our Lord (of Terror) 2014.

In the meantime, whether in Sanctuary, Azeroth, Mar Sara, or beyond, we hope that you and yours share in the warmth of the season. It’s truly been a pleasure for us to represent Blizzard and the Diablo III community this past year, and we want to thank each and every one of you for your support, your reports, and (most importantly) your passion.

Happy holidays!

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    9 thoughts on “Blues Break for the Holidays

      • Yes, delivering the most awesome, balanced, deep, fun and long-lasting ARP game with best itemization and character progression on a unbeatable social online platform sure deserves a rest. Also the CMs who deliver excellent work in communication and community feedback management deserve a time-out.


    1. Well, it would surely be nice if they come back and talk more about RoS soon. We are moving toward release, and we still dont know much about how the final game is supposed to be. Will BoA stay, which droprate will be final, how about the difficulty, any last minute improvements to loot 2.0, how about CB, ladder, how about that survival bonus. Etc.

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