A fan echoes the dissatisfaction of many at the reveal of this year’s Blizzcon panel schedule, and gets a reply from Bashiok:

    Only 3 panels for diablo 3 this year. Not very much.

    Maybe 2012 isn’t so unreasonable for a release date after all O_o. You’d think for such a high profile event and diablo 3 being the big release coming they’d want to they hype the living death out of it.

    It’s the same number as last year. Two ‘info’ panels and one open Q&A.

    I really don’t see how this could be interpreted as any indication of… anything, at all. We have specific things to talk about. It’s a weird stretch to come to a conclusion that we must not be able to talk about anything meaningful unless there are 3+ hours of stage time dedicated to talking about the game.

    So anyway, yes, there are two panels – – and in-between those panels and for 14 hours a day, both days the developers are in back-to-back interviews with news and press outlets. There will be plenty of info streaming out about the game all over the place even if you don’t think that two panels is enough to do so.

    …Well, what can I say. World of Warcraft is huge. You can’t really compare anything to it, the vast majority of people that go to BlizzCon are hardcore WoW players. We’d be silly to not cater the events and time spent on them to the people paying to attend and their primary interests.

    StarCraft II, yeah, they have a lot of panels this year. Last year they had three. They just shipped a game and I think have the time to devote to creating more of them.

    Again, the number of panels has nothing to do with the amount or quality of info released.

    Like a lot of you guys, I’m disheartened by the paucity of D3 panels, and if I weren’t attending the show I’d probably be among the many in the Diablo community talking about canceling my Direct TV live pass order. However, as Bashiok says, it’s not the number of panels, it’s the quality of the info released in them.

    I’ve got to disagree with him on one thing; the number of panels does matter. When there are 6 SC2 and 7 WoW vs. 3 D3 panels, it’s impossible not to see that as a measure of the importance Blizzard places on their various titles. Even if you logically realize that they can talk about a lot more stuff for released games than for ones still under production.

    That said, as Bashiok points out, the panels are not the only, or even the best, source of game info from Blizzcon. Developer interviews and gameplay reports provide much of what we know, especially when it comes to the nitty-gritty details. Look at something like DiabloWikiQuests; the higher level conceptual info comes from panels and interviews, while virtually all of the specific details on the 13 quests we have documented came from hand-on reports by wiki contributors.

    Finally… a little less of this and this would have been wise, since it was their repeated, “Best BlizzCon Evah!” promises that raised our expectations and made the same number of panels as last year = i am disappoint.

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