A fan made a lengthy post lamenting the apparently loss of character customization in D3, and wondering if that would hurt the game’s longevity, compared to D2’s. After a week filled with travel, DiabloWikiBashiok was in a bad mood Friday, and showed little patience for this retreaded topic.

    I don’t have the energy to read all of this today. Can someone give me some bullet points of concerns which haven’t been previously addressed?

    After some complaints about his tone, Bashiok elaborated and apologized for that, but not for having no interest in that same old debate.

    You know, being Friday you’d think I would be in a better mood, right?

    We’ve repeated a mantra of “If there isn’t enough character customization, then we’ll add more”. Character customization is one of a handful of major design goals that make Diablo games what they are. If there’s not enough, or they suck, we’ll keep working on them until it’s right.

    I would disagree that the three systems you listed are actually good, deep, productive, and/or fun forms of character customization. It’s been discussed a lot before. Some of the old-timers are a bit jaded, and I’ll be personally ensuring they never get into another beta test again if they don’t straighten up (!) but it’s one of those things, we’ve been here every day for years and so some of these topics which have been gone over a lot sort of raise bad attitudes. I apologize.

    I’ve got only slightly more interest than Bashiok in trying to fire up the whole, “needs moar randomization!” debate. If you want that, here are some contentious threads full of such debate.

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