That’s not only just what your girlfriend says when you get lost taking a shortcut — it’s the mandated navigation instructions in Diablo III, as Bliz EU CM Nakatoir explains.

    I would love to still have the ability to walk around while watching the map, not though clicking but through holding the mouse button. Is this a deliberate design choice in order to keep the player “in the game” instead of looking at a map all the time?
    You are very much correct in your statement that this was a deliberate design choice, Caelestis. We did not want to have the Diablo II scenario where people just stared at a dot on a map to guide themselves through an area. We made the map full screen, completely opaque and prevented commands from being sent while it is open to stop this from occurring. We also like the concept that your character has to take a few moments and stop so that they can get their bearings 🙂

    If you’ve not played the DiabloWikiDiablo 3 Beta yet, realize that the small map is always visible in the top right corner, but that it does not show enough for you to find your way around a large area. You have to hit the “M” key to open the full map, as seen below. Now when it’s open, your character can not move or cast spells until you close the map again. This was not the case early in the beta; back then if you were moving by holding down the LMB (not clicking it; actually holding it steady down) you could keep moving as long as you held the button. This feature (bug?) was fixed a couple of patches ago, and we now know that was an intentional change since the developers apparently felt that the process of navigating through large, empty dungeons needed to be slightly more inconvenient. SIGN OF RELEASE!!1!

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