Blue Posts on Shrines, Whimsyshire, and Attention

A fair number of Blue posts today, but mostly just chit chat stuff. Some of that chit chat is worth further debate though, so here are some quotes. First off, a fan asks if anyone still farms DiabloWikiWhimsyshire.

Does anyone still farm whimshire?
Lylirra: Whimsyshire is actually one of my favorite places to farm whenever I’m looking to gear up another character, or help out a friend do something similar. It’s nice change of pace (and scenery) and, hey, I get to punch bears in the face. So there’s that.

As for super serious farming? Nah, not really. It’s definitely not my preferred spot, but it wasn’t really designed to be that. It’s a fun addition to the game, for sure, but not necessarily a core part of it. 🙂

This reminds me that I have *still* never done the secret level, despite having all the materials for creating it on a mule since like, June. I blame the small stash in D3; if it was larger I’d still have the cow bell and Leoric’s Ankle and all the other crap in the stash and would see it and be reminded. I use the same technique — leaving the letters in the middle of my kitchen counter — to remember to pay the cable bill in real life.

Elsewhere, a fan asks about the DiabloWikishrine buffs in Diablo III.

If you could choose 1 perma-SHRINE buff …
Vaeflare: If I could choose one Shrine buff to have permanantly, it would be Fleeting. Zoom zoom!

The blue answer surprises me, since I instantly thought “Frenzied.” And after a moment of contemplation… I still say that. I’m curious how others will reply though, so let’s vote! But first, a reminder what the six types of shrines (two newly added in v1.0.5) do:

  • DiabloWikiEmpowered Shrine – Increases resource regeneration and reduces cooldowns.
  • DiabloWikiEnlightened Shrine – +25% bonus to Experience gain.
  • DiabloWikiFortune Shrine – +25% bonus to Magic Find and Gold Find.
  • DiabloWikiFrenzied Shrine – Increases attack speed and critical damage bonus by 25%.
  • DiabloWikiFleeting Shrine – Increased movement speed and +20 yards to gold and health orb pickup radius.
  • DiabloWikiProtection Shrine – Reduces all damage taken by 25%.
  • The vote asks for your favorite shrine, rather than your favorite for a permanent effect, since I’m more curious about the overall fan opinion.

    Which is your favorite shrine in Diablo III?

    • Fleeting Shrine (Faster run, +pickup radius) (50%, 1,207 Votes)
    • Frenzied Shrine (Faster Attack/Critical Hit) (21%, 510 Votes)
    • Empowered Shrine (Faster regen / shorter cooldowns) (15%, 366 Votes)
    • Fortune Shrine (+25% MF/GF) (5%, 122 Votes)
    • Enlightened Shrine (+25% Exp gain) (5%, 113 Votes)
    • Protection Shrine (Reduces incoming damage by 25%) (2%, 57 Votes)
    • Not sure/no opinion. (2%, 48 Votes)

    Total Voters: 2,423

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    Click through for one more post about where the CMs actually relay fan suggestions to the devs, etc.

    Voice of the forum Blizzard cares, Why?

    Let’s be honest here. 99% of the stuff posted on every forum everywhere is gibberish. Blizzard doesn’t need our suggestions, nor do they care. (and why would they) we have no creditability. We are just an anonymous hoard who can never agree on anything. The forums are here to create a community among players, and to act as a means of first response to bugs, exploits and on going issues. That is it. If you think bliz is going to change something because some people cried about it. WRONG. They are making the decisions based on metrics (or at least should be). Take note to EVERY Blue post ever.

    There has not been one in the single history of the game that went like so.

    “Dear forum member, your suggestion is really something interesting we never thought of. We are going to task the development team on it and see if it’s something that is viable”

    However EVERY blue post EVER goes like this.

    “Dear forum member, your suggestion coincides with something we noticed* that had already been under development. (*Here is where the metrics come in). So and so is unbalanced and agree it needs changing”

    Just like most of you don’t care what 99% of the other posts have to say neither does anybody including blizzard it’s just white noise.

    So you can complain all you want, RD is BAD, RD is GOOD. It doesn’t matter. There are so many conflicting point of views it would be foolish as a company for blizzard to make any decisions based on the voice of the community because the unlike the metrics they are capable of viewing we simply do not display a singular point of view.

    In the end we are really just here on the forum to share our tales, promote the game, trade items and interact with each other. Enjoy it for what it is and you won’t be pissed off all the time.
    Vaeflare: While indeed the forums (and social media in general) are intended for players to interact and chat with each other about whatever interests them, I whole-heartedly disagree that we don’t care about feedback. We do care, and feedback from the forums has absolutely influenced the direction of Diablo III.

    The thing is, we as community managers don’t make the calls on what should and shouldn’t be implemented or changed in Diablo III. That’s not our job. So it’s true that you’ll never see us saying we’re tasking the development team for anything, because we don’t make those sorts of decisions for them.

    What we DO do, however, is to keep in touch with the development team and relay important discussions and trends that we see in the forums on to them. Similarly, we often work with our developers so that they can relay information to us about what’s going on behind the scenes with Diablo III, and help us to answer your questions. This community is certainly full of ideas and competing points of view, and they are all extremely valuable to us. Your discussions often provide insight into concerns and ideas that may or may not have been prominent on our radar, and our job as a community representatives is make sure the developers are aware of what you think.

    At the end of the day, it’s up for the developers to determine what decisions are made for Diablo III. Those decisions can be influenced by the community at-large, and we genuinely appreciate that so many of you take the time to leave us constructive feedback, regardless of whether or not it is directly incorporated into Diablo III.

    props to vaeflare for relaying all our feedback. you must have the patience of a saint to filter through the countless garbage threads
    Vaeflare: Thanks for the kind words. 🙂 I try to be as candid and unbiased with the feedback I gather and pass along as much as I can. While I sometimes raise an eyebrow at some of the threads and posts that are scattered about the Diablo III forums, I know that for the vast majority of players, the reason they’re posting here is because they’re passionate about the game. When you realize that players are posting because they’re passionate, it’s a lot easier to see eye-to-eye with people and treat them with respect, even if you might politely disagree with their opinions.

    Do you guys have an opinion on this last one? Do you care? I’m pretty cynical about things, especially PR from major corporations (especially from Blizzard Irvine, based on long personal experience) but I think the Bliz CMs do a decent job. (Perhaps better, now that Bashiok and his perpetually-misunderstood sarcasm has been banished from the D3 theater.)

    But I never forget that “CM” stands for “Community Manager.” Their purpose is to make fans feel better. They’re not “community input development coordinators” or whatever job title you might want to invent where their purpose would be to screen fan ideas and send the best ones to the devs to SAVE DIABLO III or whatever. They might pass along that sort of thing from time to time, but if you really want your opinions to matter to Diablo III, befriend/marry one of the devs, or get a job at Blizzard. Otherwise you’re just another dude with an opinion in a forum.

    And you know what’s said about the correlation between opinions and assholes….


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    1. Fleeting shrine is always a welcomed sight. Definitely my favorite shrine. Followed by fortune I guess since the others make little difference for my CM wizard.

    2. Definitely fleeting. You should do one on the D3 players being banned.

    3. Fleeting of course, because of the stupid MS cap it ignores. I’ve had 3.00+ attack speed without shrine but you can only go ~100% movement speed for a short duration without the shrine.

    4. I really wish for some info on what is planned next for diablo 3. I think this is the longest that we’ve ever been going without any real clue about what may be coming in the next patch.

      That said, I’d love to be able to get some more movement speed! Really hope for a buff to fleet footed… And maybe a decrease in the resource cost of Tempest Rush. I really do not get why the resource cost of tempest is based on AS, so the more aps I have the less I am able to use tempest rush… Bleh.

    5. Perhaps initially surprising, but for me it’s Protection Shrine, because i play HC. Nothing like safety.

    6. Fleeting is hands down my choice. In my opinion, the characters in DIII move too slow! For once, it’s nice to be able to outrun some of the monsters. Being able to run (or dodge) is a defensive skill which seems to be overlooked in this game.
      I’ve never seen a stamina bar in any other game than Diablo II. (let me know otherwise, I’d be really interested in knowing!) I thought it was a great mechanic and contributed a lot to strategy. In a way, the stamina bar in DII offered a challenge similar to the enrage timers we saw in DIII. -But in my opinion, it worked much better.

    7. Still haven’t done Whimyshire.

      Five characters that have full-cleared all content through Normal, NM, Hell — one character that’s full-cleared Inferno, with more running Inferno.

      Multiples of every other Staff of Herding component, and no Gibbering Gemstone. Sigh.

    8. Fleeting. No questions asked. The slow-ass base move speed in this game is a total joke.

    9. Sprint+Fleeting+Wrath of the Berserker+24%movementspeed = awsomeness.

    10. Small stash? News to me, its 3x bigger than D2s, and the items are smaller. Perhaps you need to dump some of the trash you are toting?

    11. You should specify that you want *favorite* not *permanent* before the vote. I voted for Frenzied because I would want it to last permanently so I could farm on higher MP. Knowing that you mean favorite as in favorite to bump into I would say fleeting, since it makes a run I am already on a little faster.

    12. Voted for Frenzied. That attack speed increase is just too sweet to pass up. Overall, I think it will be the most useful in all types of situations especially during boss and uber fights.

      Those who voted Fleeting are the ones who die easily and hated walking from the checkpoint. Haha jk :p.

    13. I voted for fleeting because it increases efficiency and benefits you offensively and defensively, where as frenzy is only effective for 2/3s of those categories.

    14. Fleeting for life,

      I will sacrifice damage to move faster. in a heartbeat. easier to dodge, get things,

      plus increase pick up radius? i am sold. i have only 20 pickup radius, you can never have enough.

      • You can actually have more than enough. In HC, I prefer to have as little as possible, to prevent activating health globes that I don’t need, and leave them for later.

        • Agree. I have 0% on my DH and it’s great when I’m pressing my limits on survival with a higher MP than I should probably be risking. I don’t need health orbs 90% of the time, so it’s nice to leave them behind since that one boss in 10 that’s really dangerous and forces me into a tactical retreat, I’ve got healing waiting on the path.

          That said, the speed on Fleeting is always awesome, and the huge radius is great if I’m I’m doing Act One or leveling up or in some other area where the killing is fast and easy and I just want to slaughter and vacuum up the prizes.

      • 5-10 its ideal raiuds for me, more than that it´s counterproductive

    15. When you’re farming endgame on mp1-2 even elites pretty much fall over as soon as you see them, so fleeting is a lot more useful since you spend most of your time running around.

    16. Fleeting for sure. You can pick up IAS and crit damage from many gear slots, but movement speed on anything other than boots is hard to come by.

    17. For a WD I’d go with Empowered. It would break the game.


    19. Empowered shrine is my pick. Just because I hate the cooldown-mechanics of most spells, and cooldown on potions is the most stupid thing above all.

    20. I think the question in poll is different than what the fan asked, and to me it becomes a bit confusing.

      Because if you ask me “what is you FAVORITE shrine?” My answer would probably be the Fleeting shrine, because i think its very nice and fun too play with that king of movement speed. BUT if you ask me “What shrine power would you like to have constently on you, like FOREVA?” I’d say Enlightened Shrine for a big 25% more XP or Frenzied Shrine for crazy DPS.

    21. One thing I did find funny…

      This is probably the third or fourth time blues have discussed whimseyshire. Always goes something like this. “Hey blue do you go to whimseyshire I don’t know anyone that goes there because it sucks and is bad.”

      Blue response everytime: Yeahhhhh sure I go there. *nervous laugh* LOOK it’s just a joke OK. You are suppose to go there and laugh for a few minutes at our “funny joke” and then go back to the regular game. Everyone just move along now.

      Stock response to not having a bonus exp farming level like cows in D2 which was both fun and interesting to clear multiple times. Moo moo moo?

    22. Fleeting shrine for sure. There’s a reason why enigma was so popular in d2. Move speed is still king in diablo. Combat is fun – anything to reduce time between battles is good.

    23. Amazingly the first time I tried for the mushrooms they were there, just now (never bothered before) When my character walked near them he commented on them, there were also bats in the room, just to update some info others had thrown around regarding your character noticing them and nasties being nearby, too.

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