Bashiok was busy in the forums today. Here’s a batch of some misc stuff.

    A fan pointed out the constant SC2 tech supports posts on B.net and wondered if the activity there is an ill portent for Diablo III. Bashiok sez nup.

    There are technical issues with all games, the amount seen for StarCraft II is appropriate in my personal observation. Looking at ‘last post’ times, the forum is moving, but not at a pace where alarms go off. Not in my head at least.

    Its been a month since the game’s release but I don’t think things have improved that much.

    The fun thing about forums is that’s in an unending churn. As soon as you help one person there are two people right behind them that didn’t hear what you said. Not to say that the issues being experienced are not our fault and can only be resolved through a patch, but in my experience, the majority of contacts to tech support (of which I was a rep for a few years) can be resolved through troubleshooting the issue with the end-users machine.

    Or just telling them I’m sorry we can’t resurrect your DiabloWikihardcore character over and over, every day, for months.

    A fan asked “which char you would pick?” Bashiok’s still a basher, despite having access to all five chars on a daily basis.

    I still love the DiabloWikibarbarian.

    Elsewhere, a fan found the Gamespot March 1, 2010 release date rumor. Sadly he he didn’t find it from our post, which would have saved him asking a noob question on B.net. He got a reply from Bashiok anyway.

    Obviously we haven’t announced an official date. Good on Gamestop for actually putting it on a Tuesday so it could at least be credible.

    But, no.

    Anyway, when was the last time a Blizzard release date leaked through any retail POS system? Legitimate question. I’m curious. Because I don’t believe it’s ever happened.

    Bashiok’s acronym there is Point Of Sale. Not Piece of S***. Though either interpretation works in this instance, I suppose.

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