More DiabloWikiBashiok posts on various issues, from the new stuffs:

    More tidbits can be found in the screenshots and gameplay movie, and Frisky Dingo pointed out a few of them, .

    During the video – you can clearly see MF is still on items..

    As well as ain interesting whopping 24% increased spell damage on a fancy pair of pants

    Durability is also on items once again
    There’s actually a lot of information to glean from these shots… can’t wait to see what you guys can find.

    more about crafting recipes and itemsis this another form of essence for the artisants or might this be a form of rune?

    That is a runestone. Socketed into skills to change their behavior or enhance their performance.

    And some came up in another thread.

    As far as Crafting Recipes are concerned, are they going to be in Scroll form and can they be traded to other players?
    It hasn’t been fully nailed down yet, but probably.

    Will higher quality items have a higher chance of better crafting materials upon destruction?
    Yes, and potentially even ‘A’ chance.

    Will the Monk be given the chance to dual wield fist weapons?

    Of course.

    And a question about the Monk’s still unnamed/unknown non-mana resource came up in another thread.

    The monks resource was swapped out for this video as we aren’t quite yet ready to reveal it. The globe shown is actually the current visualization for the barbarian resource, which may still change.

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