DiabloWikiBashiok continued his post-holiday forum renaissance yesterday evening with additional posts on a variety of topics.

    A fan asked if the DiabloWikiMonk or the DiabloWikiWizard was best for PvP. Traditionally, mages own this sort of thing due to their greater maneuverability, but with teleporting on a shorter leash / longer cooldown in Diablo 3, that’s not necessarily going to be the case. If you missed the numerous excellent hands-on PvP Arena reports from last year’s Blizzcon, you should definitely check those at for much more detail on this issue. (The consensus was that Wizard was slightly better than Monk, but there was debate on the rankings, and the pre-made chars in the Blizzcon demo aren’t necessarily a good preview of the real game.)

    As for Bashiok’s reply, he goes for a theoretical overview.

    I don’t know, ranged does have a damage advantage just because … its ranged. A melee oriented class like the monk has to close the gap to do any damage, but luckily the monk has a few options to close the gap. The monk is going to be beefier though with more defense and vitality over the wizard, ideally that’d negate any extra damage the wizard is able to pull off before getting pommeled.

    There isn’t a right answer, though. It comes down to skill selection, gear, and the players. Everything being equal it comes down to balance, and that should be equal as well if we do our jobs right, and if we don’t you can expect some hotfixes or patches to try to make it that way. 😉

    Elsewhere, a fan goes for an tortuously-convoluted argument (I TLDRed, but it’s something to do with mlvl and defense progression) that the Diablo III expansions will add levels to the max cap. Of course everyone said this the minute we heard that Clvl 60 was the max in D3C, and back then, Bashiok danced some amusing kabuki as he pretended that might not happen. He’s dropped (most of) that pointless PR evasiveness this year, thankfully, and in this new post, he essentially confirms that the expansion(s) will add to the max Clvl.

    Diablo III levels are intended to pace the content, 1-30 in Normal, 30-50 in Nightmare, and 50-60 in Hell. It would stand to reason that were we to release an expansion we’d want additional levels to pace the additional content.

    There will absolutely be newer and better items introduced at some point as well, potentially even in patches.

    Finally, Bashiok continues to insist the Korean Games Rating Board delays due to the Real Money aspect of Diablo 3’s DiabloWikiAuction House have nothing to do with the fact that the game isn’t ready yet.

    When a final decision is rendered and game still isn’t released, finally people will realize the two weren’t linked, as stated. But then the game still won’t be out, so still no one is happy. I suppose those are just the ups and downs you have to expect when following something so closely.

    Here’s the new conspiracy theory spin. Blizzard is going to intentionally tack another month or two onto the release delay after the KGRB decision, just to “prove” that they were not related. Hello summer 2012!

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