Blue Posts on PvP and Coming Feature Changes

We’re not the only ones making suggestions for improvements in Diablo III, and two threads with ideas and questions about PvP got a few blue replies. No new info, alas, just some general encouragement with that patented Blizzard soon™ that we all know and love.

Vaneras: I know that many of you guys are very eager to get into some PvP action in Diablo III, but there is nothing new I can share with you at this point in time I’m afraid, except that it is still being worked on of course.

It would be my guess that we will post a blog update about PvP in Diablo III when we get closer to release 🙂

Vaneras: The future updates I hint at are not “super secret” per se, the reason why we are not ready to talk about them yet is that there is a lot of iteration and changes happening right now.

How a new feature looks like today for an example may look completely different next week, and as you can imagine it is hard to make a preview or describe a new feature if that feature will work completely different upon release.

We also don’t want to raise false expectations, so if we announce a new feature and people get all excited about it, then those very same people might get very upset if the developers find that the new feature actually doesn’t work out very well and decide to replace it with something they feel works better.

How soon is soon? No telling. In the past we’ve gotten the blue blogs fairly close to the release of patches or new features, since post-release, Blizzard never wants to share details until they’re sure what they share is more or less what we’ll get in the patch. I hope they’re making progress on the PvP, at least. They all but promised us it would be out this year, and clearly thought it would have long since been out by now, from some of their “a few months after release” type comments.

Developing all the content for v1.03-v1.05 surely took more dev resources than they planned and must have delayed the PvP stuff, but check the calendar; D3 was released more than 6 months ago, and it’s less than 6 weeks until the end of the year. Tick tick tick…

Update: In comments Vei dug up one of many pre-release Jay Wilson quotes about the imminence of PvP patching. From 9:20 point in this interview:

Oh for the PvP patch? For the PvP patch, we definitely… I would say, we want to get it out within months after release. I would say, if it showed up close to the end of the year, that would be… I would say, almost a disaster. So I don’t see it slipping out of this year at all, and I think it’ll be much sooner.
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38 thoughts on “Blue Posts on PvP and Coming Feature Changes

  1. agreed, but i remember Jay the Loser Wilson saying on record that no pvp before the year’s end would be a “disaster”, im sure somebody can dig it out.

    • “Jay: Oh for the PvP patch? For the PvP patch, we definitely… I would say, we want to get it out within months after release. I would say, if it showed up close to the end of the year, that would be… I would say, almost a disaster. So I don’t see it slipping out of this year at all, and I think it’ll be much sooner. ”

      9 Min 20 Sec in the video

      • On the other hand, what did you really expect him to say at the time?
        ‘Yay hooray, we’ll hammer out D3 for release now no matter what now, but for the PVP feature we advertised since forever you’ll need to wait another year’?

        I mean, look at their other post-release content: If I recall correctly, the promised post-release DLC campaigns for WarCraft III: The Frozen Throne took them took forever to hand in. And even that was before they panicked about focusing all their ressources on maintaining WoW’s success / creating a new cash cow franchise …

    • I remember this too. In fact, every time I see Diablo 3 and PVP in the same paragraph, “disaster” comes to mind.

  2. Not that PVP is high on my list of things to do, but anything that brings more players back or helps retain players is welcomed. It’s pretty much a no brainier that a high population of players is more healthy for the game, and the “economy”.

  3. You know what? I’m sure this is a minority opinion but here I go anyway: Jay Wilson sucks. I think a lot of the bad stuff in the game comes out of him not having a good enough bullshit detector.

    Just my 2 rupees.

    • Offtopic: @Humungous
      rupees? hi there, fellow indian. I’m a bengali from kolkata.
      Ontopic: PVP will bring back a LOT of players including three of my friends.. hopefully by xmas. I’m going nuts playing alone.

      • I originally thought that as well. I no longer think pvp will bring back very many friends that once played. I’m sure there will generally be a big influx again of players, but I doubt pvp will be able to captivate many of those players long enough to stick around for a while ESPECIALLY considering how limited customization/itemization is. honestly XfingersX that pvp is good, but i have little faith at this point in the dev team.

  4. Q2 2013.

    Blizzard thought they would release PvP right after because they actually believed they had a well-rounded game and would only have to patch small things. (L M F A O)

    They had to scrap all their plans to try to save the game for, at least, the hardcore audience, which is where all their resources went to. Every single patch has been focused on pleasing the hardcore audience because they are their last hope to keep the game alive.

    Now that it has been more or less “taken care of”, they will go back to their PvP and casual players plans on full resources, which means Q2 2013 at the earliest.

    • Yeah, making things easier by reducing monster dmg and health, adding loads of free mf and increasing drop rates sure as hell has made this much more of a game for hardcore players? 😮

      I was sure as hell a hardcore gamer five years ago, but since I started at the university I can’t really call myself that anymore. I do play a lot (havent played this much since WoW vanilla) when I have time and did play loads over the summer, but to reach far in this game atm you only have to spend a few hours now and then.

    • A random shrine bonus for only one round @0.5 dollars/euros with an option of subscription? Ooooh shiny piles of gold.

  5. “We also don’t want to raise false expectations, so if we announce a new feature and people get all excited about it, then those very same people might get very upset if the developers find that the new feature actually doesn’t work”

    Oh like say … Talisman or Enchantress … 🙁

  6. I don’t even like to think about the lack of pvp in diablo. I choose to forget about the ridiculousness that it has been 6 months without ANY form of pvp, not even a quickly thrown together dueling system to give us a little something in the mean time. It reminds me that I paid full price for an incomplete game. I try to forget that they could quite possibly be purposefully delaying the release of pvp for a well timed second spike in sales/active players rather than working hard to get it out asap for the people who have already purchased the game.

  7. PVP = bot to win or duel wield credit cards.
    What a joke it will be regardless of the match making system they come up with.

    F*uck diablo 3 its an insult to the diablo 3 name.

    • You mean, just like in Diablo 2 where if you wanted to do anything but die repeatedly in duel games you had to run 5 bots 24/7 for 5months or load up your paypal, log in a chat room and wait 5 second for the next spam message to get an url…

      In those aspects, diablo 3 can only be better than diablo 2 since any matchmaking system will make things better for the average player.

      Actually I’m a bit harsch on D2, there where community forums where you could find mates more in your league to compete against, and there where fun things like iron maidens. But really I don’t see why there couldn’t be the same community forums for diablo 3 😉

  8. Plus we have to wait for that Maghda bug to be fixed on there side of things, still don’t want to risk my HC toons, due to a massive drop in framerate which turns the fight into a stop-start animation.

  9. PvP is pretty much the only + the biggest flaw in diablo 3 right now IMO, all my friends who are still on the sidelines of ever playing again ask me “Hey is pvp out yet?” and I say, no, probably now for a few months atleast, and then they don’t play… this has been happening since launch for me.

    • Just wait pvp will come out, it will be a blast then everyone will realize how shallow it really is with awful itemization. Spend hundreds of hours to play a arcade style deathmatch where… gasp… your gear is essentially the same as every other class you play. The only difference is that you have better stats on your gear. The game is just broken, imo, for any really unique pvp experience. It’s going to evolve around a group composition of players and their abilities and have little to nothing to do with your gear.

  10. For pvp, I’m hoping for two modes:

    -preset gear mode
    -open mode

    Preset would mean each class gets a generic gear set. This would be a ‘skill-based’ pvp system.

    Open mode would be with your character and gear acquired however you want with some matchmaking to rank players and make competition ‘fair.’

    • Agreed

      An option for standard pvp gear is the best way to do pvp.
      There is no satisfaction pwning someone with gear bought for money or botting.

      Fun from winning only comes from a even playing field where skills decides the victors “like starcraft”. pwning weak poeple with godly gear would be fun to start with but would get old fast, like a man beating on a defense child.

      I hope to see pvp gear tiers and something like battle points to get betters tiers like the wow pvp system.

      • Quite disturbing that you think a man beating a small child would be fun in the beginning, but I do get your point 😉

      • if they have anything like a wow pvp seasonal tiered gear. /ragequit for good. But then again its not like it really matters, gear in d3 is bland as shit anyway and the real customization doesn’t even exist.

  11. The have fail on pve in diablo3, i dont have so much hope about there’s PvP. Its will take like alot of patches so balance the pvp, and of curse its boring maps and no one have thought so much about it, and after 1 week, 3 best barba owns every one.

  12. Except the number of people that actually care about Diablo 3 has since dwindled.

    Most people I play with just straight up don’t care anymore.

    • Sadly, that’s exactly what I have seen. “MEH, don’t really care, i might check it out and i might not.” I’ve all but given up that the d3 dev team can fix this game to keep me interested. I’m probably going shift any care I have left for this game into an effort to get it moddable. IMO, blizzard had their time to try screw with the game and gave us both amazing and horrendous stuff to deal with. It’s apparent they either don’t want to make the game more complex and expansive or lack the ability/vision to do so. Give the community a chance to work with the game at this point.

      • Seriously.. surely the release of diablo 3 could’ve been better. But since then they provided us with great patches and without doubt they’ll keep working on the game to improve it further.
        If you’re this disappointed in the game, its just not for you, it has nothing to do with the developers of Diablo 3.
        I for one an very pleased with the effort blizzard puts in it and am confident that D3 is fun for years to come, especially when the expansion is released (in a 20 years or so.. I know..) 🙂

  13. They certainly didnt expect the backlash that the game received and had to hurry with the huge ammount of changes they had to patch in to keep people`s interest in the core game, so its probably not their priority to add too much resources to a secondary feature such as PvP.

    Everything now looks like a rush job to keep people in but most have already gone, I dont know about you guys but my friend list is sitting there with no one online, I dont know anyone who still plays, some have tried this patch and the MP feature but nah… its nothing groundbreaking, the game is still a ponzi scheme where the money is the promise of fun.

    They might as well be open about it and say that D3 was just designed in a wrong way, they already backpaddled on so many of their design choices, its pretty much clear how they had no clue on what to do with it. God help us on how they will handle PvP in game tied up with Real money items.

  14. You know, When pvp comes out and its underwhelming, WHICH im pretty confident it will be. ( Though I don’t doubt it will be a blast at first ). And pvp consists of ONLY death match. I sure as hell hope that these dev’s swallow their pride and let pvp become moddable. I feel that overall d3 as it is is just broken and a mess… A very polished mess still a mess makes.

    The game has some absolutely stunning and amazing aspects to it, but ultimately is entirely too shallow and boring for a diablo game. Blizz fails horrendously at stopping botters, it isn’t doing a great job keeping dupers from duping… just… let the community mod the shit out of the game. Give US a chance to make things right.

  15. PvP is never going to be good. PvP could be a Cadillac, but putting a Cadillac in a Yugo of game where the Itemization, affixes, stat points, skill runes are all broken. That’s a no-go, just like the failed promotion of buy a Cadillac get a free Yugo. (Anyone remember this. Anyone wanting a Cadillac sure as hell is not going to want or be caught dead in a Yugo.)

  16. IMO the devs are being given too much time to overthink things. They polished the shine off of D3, and I have a feeling “PvP” is going to just be a contrived mess. Seriously, these guys really suck at their job.

    Honestly, they should have just contracted development out to Runic.

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