We’re not the only ones making suggestions for improvements in Diablo III, and two threads with ideas and questions about PvP got a few blue replies. No new info, alas, just some general encouragement with that patented Blizzard soon™ that we all know and love.

    Vaneras: I know that many of you guys are very eager to get into some PvP action in Diablo III, but there is nothing new I can share with you at this point in time I’m afraid, except that it is still being worked on of course.

    It would be my guess that we will post a blog update about PvP in Diablo III when we get closer to release 🙂

    Vaneras: The future updates I hint at are not “super secret” per se, the reason why we are not ready to talk about them yet is that there is a lot of iteration and changes happening right now.

    How a new feature looks like today for an example may look completely different next week, and as you can imagine it is hard to make a preview or describe a new feature if that feature will work completely different upon release.

    We also don’t want to raise false expectations, so if we announce a new feature and people get all excited about it, then those very same people might get very upset if the developers find that the new feature actually doesn’t work out very well and decide to replace it with something they feel works better.

    How soon is soon? No telling. In the past we’ve gotten the blue blogs fairly close to the release of patches or new features, since post-release, Blizzard never wants to share details until they’re sure what they share is more or less what we’ll get in the patch. I hope they’re making progress on the PvP, at least. They all but promised us it would be out this year, and clearly thought it would have long since been out by now, from some of their “a few months after release” type comments.

    Developing all the content for v1.03-v1.05 surely took more dev resources than they planned and must have delayed the PvP stuff, but check the calendar; D3 was released more than 6 months ago, and it’s less than 6 weeks until the end of the year. Tick tick tick…

    Update: In comments Vei dug up one of many pre-release Jay Wilson quotes about the imminence of PvP patching. From 9:20 point in this interview:

    Oh for the PvP patch? For the PvP patch, we definitely… I would say, we want to get it out within months after release. I would say, if it showed up close to the end of the year, that would be… I would say, almost a disaster. So I don’t see it slipping out of this year at all, and I think it’ll be much sooner.

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