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With our Blue tracker once again working perfectly on posts from the European forums, it’s a good time to survey some of the recent activity on that side of the pond. Most of these posts cover known info, but every time I look at the forums or the D3 Reddit stuff, all the hot topics are things we beat to death here six months ago. Obviously a lot of people are new to following D3 or haven’t been watching the news every day, which means there’s no crime in refocusing on interesting things, from time to time.

Dead DiabloWikiHardcore characters will not take up any of the (very) limited 10 char space on your account, thanks to the Hardcore Graveyard-esque DiabloWikiHalls of the Dead. Quote from CM Vaneras:

We have plans to create a Hall of the Dead where your can view your deceased HC characters, and you will probably also be able to view fun and interesting statistics about them.

Dead HC characters will not remain in your main character list, though.

Blizzard hasn’t released any shots of this interface yet, but presumably it’ll be similar to the account DiabloWikiArmory they recently added in the Beta; you just won’t be able to play the characters displayed therein. I hope they have a cool ossuary theme to the display. Also, how about you unlock something like this for your account sigal with some Hardcore achievements? A bone-crafted chevron, which gets bigger with each dead HC. You need to lose a Clvl 60 of every class to unlock the full crest, like the one in that picture.

In other Hardcore news, the shared stash does not share between SC and HC chars, as Vaneras confirmed some time ago.

your character dies and you’ll lose all the equipment he’s wearing and whatever is on the inventory but you keep the items on the shared stash.
This is correct. HC characters will have their own, separate shared stash. However, items in the possession of any HC character at the time of death will be lost.

Since there’s no way to set corpse looting in D3 (an odd oversight, given their “Do no harm to co-op.” game design motto) this creates an odd inversion of the D2 system.

In D2, a HC char’s stash and inventory were always lost, but your equipped items might be saved by your friends. In D3 this is exactly backwards, with your stash always saved, and everything you’re wearing always lost. Besides the fact that HC chars will use their inventory as little as possible, with everything valuable crammed into the stash, this creates some perverse incentives in battle — might HC chars sometimes *not* wear their best items into a very dangerous situation, if the perceived value of saving the item (in the stash) outweighs its potential life-saving value?

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  1. Armory feature is a great start. I just hope they enhance it a bit more to include a tab for recording, tracking, and viewing your item finds for grailing purposes. Given the recent trend toward showing less info, not sure I should hold my breath, but here’s hoping!

  2. Corpse-looting was seen as a complex mechanism that became convoluted during Diablo 2.  Players wouldn’t understand how to use it, or wouldn’t use it at all, or would grief other players that had enabled it.  Therefore, it was not conducive to the ‘coop play’ mantra and was thus removed from the early D3 build.
    The D3 team felt this change would give most hardcore players a better chance at understanding the overall play scheme, by not having extra features that had to be ‘turned on’ on a per-game basis.  Now, all players can now use the shared stash to accomplish nearly the same thing as corpse looting.  The few players that made use of this feature to regain lost items on a regular basis in D2 were the same ones that might have used weapon switching, customized stats or complex tool tips.  The D3 team feels that this makes the game more accessible to a larger audience and, thus, a better game overall.

    • Excellent sarcasm in this. So excellent that I can’t tell if it’s meant to be sarcastic or not.

      • *Inspect*
        Wow, that’s a perfect stat Shako you’ve got there. Hey, I know, let’s go run a dungeon, and you handle these guys on this side, and I’ll handle the other guys over here. You can trust me not to kite my monsters onto you. I’d never do that. Never in a million years. Not for a perfect Shako or anything. Btw, you remembered to enable corpse looting right?

      • Well his avatar is Sinister…

    • Funny/sad thing is, this sounds very much like something Blizzard would say…

  3. “A bone-crafted chevron, which gets bigger with each dead HC. You need to lose a Clvl 60 of every class to unlock the full crest, like the one in that picture.”
    Haha!  Nice.
    For someone going for that, imagine how much it would suck to die at level 59 on a new class :D.

  4. Well, if there aren’t as many “insta-death” scenarios in D3, knowing when death may be coming could afford an opportunity to unequip/drop items before the event. Are key bind macros out? I know interface customization is a no go, but some resourceful players may find a quick way to drop their loot for re-appropriation.

  5. The linked pick of the Schwarzenberg coat of arms looks like a cello. I want to string it to hear what it sounds like. >.>

    I’m surprised they left in HC. They’ve shown a disdain for the entire playerbase thus far; isn’t HC super complicated? IT’S AN ACRONYM!

  6. …And where’s the news? We knew the Hall of the Dead would be coming with lots of cool stuff and we knew that we wouldn’t be able to corpse loot (and since when is an intended and announced feature an oversight?).
    I always felt that hardcore corpse looting was awkward and inconsistent with the overall philosophy. I’m not quite sure how you guys managed to turn that into a “more accessible” argument as it only makes hardcore more… “hardcore” and the shared stash doesn’t really change that. You could store items in safe places in D2 as well, it was just less convenient to do so.

    • I felt the same way about the D2 looting system. Considering how hardcore it is to face losing hours and hours of leveling, the looting option still gave some hope for those hopeless situations.
      Anyway, I still agree. Losing all items on your character is without a doubt more hardcore. If anything, this adds more co-op-ability — don’t let your buddies die.

      • Neither system is optimal, but I don’t think it should be. If you had no chance to lose items in HC, it would be that much less HC; as quickly as you can level up a new char.

        What I said in the post is that it’s odd that D3 does not have corpse looting and a shared stash. After all, they say their motto is to do no harm to co-op, and no corpse looting is clearly a form of harm. As it is the D3 system rewards solo play, or at least doesn’t penalize it, the way D2’s non-shared stash did.

        • And the first time someone kites an elite onto their “friend” in order to loot his carcass, all of that “co-op friendly” crap goes out the window. Corpse looting, in a weird, perverse way, is an INCENTIVE to get your teammates killed.

  7. I’ve never understood the incentive to take off good armor if you think you might die. What is the point of having good armor in your HC stash if you don’t plan on using it in the tough situations? There is absolutely no reason to take off armor and waste your character to save an item that could have saved you.

    • Well if I had some spare armor that was almost as good but nowhere near as rare, I’d probably use that if I knew lethal danger was ahead. This game is all about items after all. Even the most hardcore player hates losing shiny loot but accepts it as the fun and nerve of the actual gameplay outweighs the negatives by far. 

      I find it strange that they removed corpse looting. During my years of playing D2 I never saw anyone abuse this feature. I might have understood why they removed it, from Blizzard’s point of view, if the RMAO was available to hardcore players.

  8. @ Cacophony

    I agree i dont see how corpse looting makes the game less co-op friendly, first of all i dont see the point in letting your geninuine friends loot your corpse so you dont have to start from scratch. for me that undermines the purpose and meaning of HC in the first place.
    second; what cacophony said.
    so if these 2 scenarious are out of the picture you can actually start to focus on the game you have to consider how you gear and with whom you play how. thats the spirit of the game and not using “friends” as the best loot pinata ingame or chicken out of every dangerous situation with lame graverobber tactics.
    i also have no problem with it being reverse to D2 its not like D2 is the Epitome of brilliant Game mechanics. if you play with good gear you risk good gear – if you play with crappy gear you only risk crappy gear, for me that sounds rather intuitive.

  9. Heh… Isn’t that what you want done with your remains? Made into a giant crest or bone chandelier?

  10. Me and my buddies would never play HC alone once we got to a higher level, we would always find someone we trusted so we could corpse loot.  I guess Blizzard figures that corpse looting would only be used on people who they fully trusted, (not once did I give permission for loot to someone that I didn’t know where they lived) and they would play together either way, so coop is not being hurt.  I will miss this feature.

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