With our Blue tracker once again working perfectly on posts from the Battle.net European forums, it’s a good time to survey some of the recent activity on that side of the pond. Most of these posts cover known info, but every time I look at the B.net forums or the D3 Reddit stuff, all the hot topics are things we beat to death here six months ago. Obviously a lot of people are new to following D3 or haven’t been watching the news every day, which means there’s no crime in refocusing on interesting things, from time to time.

    Dead DiabloWikiHardcore characters will not take up any of the (very) limited 10 char space on your account, thanks to the Hardcore Graveyard-esque DiabloWikiHalls of the Dead. Quote from CM Vaneras:

    We have plans to create a Hall of the Dead where your can view your deceased HC characters, and you will probably also be able to view fun and interesting statistics about them.

    Dead HC characters will not remain in your main character list, though.

    Blizzard hasn’t released any shots of this interface yet, but presumably it’ll be similar to the account DiabloWikiArmory they recently added in the Beta; you just won’t be able to play the characters displayed therein. I hope they have a cool ossuary theme to the display. Also, how about you unlock something like this for your account sigal with some Hardcore achievements? A bone-crafted chevron, which gets bigger with each dead HC. You need to lose a Clvl 60 of every class to unlock the full crest, like the one in that picture.

    In other Hardcore news, the shared stash does not share between SC and HC chars, as Vaneras confirmed some time ago.

    your character dies and you’ll lose all the equipment he’s wearing and whatever is on the inventory but you keep the items on the shared stash.
    This is correct. HC characters will have their own, separate shared stash. However, items in the possession of any HC character at the time of death will be lost.

    Since there’s no way to set corpse looting in D3 (an odd oversight, given their “Do no harm to co-op.” game design motto) this creates an odd inversion of the D2 system.

    In D2, a HC char’s stash and inventory were always lost, but your equipped items might be saved by your friends. In D3 this is exactly backwards, with your stash always saved, and everything you’re wearing always lost. Besides the fact that HC chars will use their inventory as little as possible, with everything valuable crammed into the stash, this creates some perverse incentives in battle — might HC chars sometimes *not* wear their best items into a very dangerous situation, if the perceived value of saving the item (in the stash) outweighs its potential life-saving value?

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