Blue Posts on Guns and the “Hell Hell” Issue

One amusing issue that came up when Blizzard first revealed the Inferno difficulty, was the fact that in some languages (such as Italian) “Hell” is translated as “Inferno.” Thus Diablo III’s difficulty levels, in Italy at least, are Normal, Nightmare, Hell, and Hell. A fan brought this up on the EU D3 forums, and got an interesting reply.

A kinda funny thing that maybe not everyone know: In Italian Inferno translate to Hell. It creates an weird redundancy…how will it be translated in Italian?
* English : Normal – Nightmare – Hell – Inferno
* Italian : Normale – Incubo – Inferno – Inferno?

Zhydaris: Good point there 🙂

At the moment we’re considering using this for the Italian version:
Normale – Incubo – Inferno – Abisso .

“Abisso” means “Abyss.” And you know what? I think I like that better than “Inferno.” It’s not the name of a spell from D1 and D2, at least, and it’s not just a synonym for “hell.” It’ll be fun to say, “My character just hit 60. I’m about to enter the Abyss.” Agree or disagree?

Elsewhere, a fan points out a mention of ‘guns” on Blizzard’s Demon Hunter page, and got an update from Bashiok.

Demon hunters are able to pepper the battlefield with scores of arrows and projectiles, or snipe distant enemies with a precision undreamt of by other heroes. Their arsenal includes longbows, guns, grenades, hand-thrown weapons, and even dual-wielded crossbows.
Bashiok: There are no guns in Diablo. Shame on anyone who wants otherwise! SHAME.

It’s an error in the text, and will be corrected.

That same bit of text came up for debate in our Diablo 3 beta forum, and had players hopping to find justifications. We’ve been told many times that there will not be guns, but “rockets” are (somewhat mysteriously) mentioned in a number of Demon Hunter rune effects, so players were wondering if those terms went together. Apparently not.

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58 thoughts on “Blue Posts on Guns and the “Hell Hell” Issue

  1. “Abyss” FTW! Way better, in my opinion; I agree completely with the sound and feel of your example: “My character just hit 60. I’m about to enter the Abyss.”

    I loved the Inferno difficulty concept from the get-go, yet was very unmoved by the name given–too lazy. Inferno and Hell are too close in any language to be placed side by side in such a manor.

    • I totally agree, and the word “Abyss” gives an eerie feeling of the unknown, whereas inferno just feels like.. hotter fire? – lame. Inferno also makes me think of hot buffalo wings.. which I guess could be a good thing? Now I’m hungry 😕

    • Well… the weird thing is: in German Abyss means the same as hell (at least that’s what my dictionary says)… so you can’t really make everyone happy… ^^

  2. +1 for Abyss.

    But I wonder, why don’t guys over Blizzard change the title for Spanish speaking people? I mean Diablo means Satan for them and Blizzard have been so pasisonate about removing real word religious symbols and connections from the game?

    Or are they trying to use brandname recognition and they calculated that they would sell more copies of the game with the title Diablo and religious connection here thus becomes tolerable.

    So when it comes to money, creating a new world and removing religious connections for ethical reasons from the game doesn’t matter huh? Greedy bastards.

    • Nope Permaximum Diablo don’t mean Satan its means Devil. And like Devil it only really refers to Satan if its El Diablo or The Devil.

    • Satan or Devil. What’s the difference? Maybe I don’t know it because I’m not Christian. AFAIK there’s only one devil but many demons.


      Says who? Come here again if you got your personality but I don’t see any atm. You sound like a parrot.

  3. Yeah Normal – Nightmare – Hell – Inferno is dumb.  Spanish, Hell = Infierno.  They should have just called it abyss or insane across the board 🙂

    • Probably just because they know the difference between the two languages they’ve presented the problem to blizzard…among the other things, i think that “abyss” for its concept fits better for the name of the last difficulty, either in english or other languages

    • Really? Don’t you know “Italians” “invented” the word itself? It’s kind of your problem that you can’t see the difference and origin. You owe Romans a great deal for a lot of you vocabulary, don’t you ever forget that.

      Or you’re just trolling. In that case, well done.

      • He has a point, and he’s no troll. The Italians should be able to see a difference between the words hell and inferno. One is spelt h-e-l-l and has one syllable and the other is spelt i-n-f-e-r-n-o and is three syllables and sounds different. These two words are different enough that the Italians should be able to see the difference. duh.



  4. Darn, I was hoping the highest level gear included guns, mech armor and laser swords as Sanctuary entered the technological age. kidding.

  5. In portuguese, inferno is the translation for hell too. The brazilian localization will use: Normal – Pesadelo(nightmare) – Tormento(Torment) – inferno.

    • Dude, are u sure that here in Brazil we’ll have a level called “Tormento”?
      Damn! i personally perfer Abismo(Abyss).
      It’s not personal, but i’m cheering that u’re totally wrong. I really hated Tormento haha.

    • I plan to play in english anyway, so i dont really mind what they call it.

      And on another note, i prefer Inferno over Abyss. Since both Inferno and Diablo are spanish words.
      Plus, it sounds better to me.  😛

    • I plan to play in english anyway, so i dont really mind what they call it.

      And on another note, i prefer Inferno over Abyss. Since both Inferno and Diablo are spanish words.
      Plus, it sounds better to me.  😛

  6. I’m indifferent on the whole Inferno debate, at least for the language versions where the translation of Hell isn’t Inferno.
    Maybe if Inferno was like the other difficulties instead of just a leveled version of Hell with more content, then I’d understand and would probably also be in favor of a name change as well.
    I’m sort of at a crossroads on how I feel there not being guns in the game. I’m happy in that they’re not moving the timeline forward enough to where gunpowder and steam have not been invented yet, like they did with WarCraft 3. It will be one of the, albiet smaller, differences between these two universes (and we need more of those). A part of me though wonders what the Diablo universe would be like with these two technologies available.
    Maybe we’ll find out in the next trilogy of Diablo games, or MMO, or whatever they decide to do with the franchise when the original trilogy is all said and done.

  7. thank god for guns, after i saw posts saying guns would be fun i wanted to kill myself, only people who never really understood diablo universe could say that

    • I agree. I thought the “guns” was a typo but it got me worried. I’m all for guns, just not in the Diablo universe.

      • Unfortunately the sound the pistol crossbows make sound like gunfire…. its just terrible. I really hope that its changed.

  8. There are no guns, but correct me if I’m wrong, some rune effects say that “rockets” are shot out of the DH’s ranged weapon.
    So, no guns, but rockets?
    I also like Abyss. I would actually prefer our levels of difficulty to be Normal, Nightmare, Inferno, Hell. Hell always seemed like the ultimate trial.

    • And there’s a couple that actually change the arrows to bullets… bullets that somehow fire from crossbows… go figure…

  9. Abyss sounds so much better inferno just sounds kinda stupid and childish to me not very adult orientated imo

  10. Abyss sounds nice, anyway hell it’s ok as well, and probably there is no translation to portuguese for the whole game then “normal-nightmare-inferno-hell” still nice.
    please blizz, make a release 🙂

  11. The fact that we will have rockets and homing rockets in diablo 3 as demon hunters thanks to runes i wonder what people think about that

  12. Aaaaah, you people are all missing another jewel from that Inferno thread!
    Someone  suggested a better alternative for true Italian D3:
    Normal – Incubo – Inferno – Unicorno!

  13. well you wouldn’t call it The Abyss unless they actually made it a level called The Abyss. if it’s just an additional difficulty level you would say, “i’m moving onto Abyss difficulty” or “just finished Hell, now on to Abyss”

    kinda cool though

  14. I personally find it very odd that they can figure out grenades, homing rockets, auto-firing turrets, and cluster bombs but not black powder guns… also there’s the fact that two of the evasive fire runes make it fire bullets… but there’s no guns… wtf?

    • But its not odd that the wizard can shoot a death beam out of her hands? anything goes in a fantasy world. Perhaps the demon hunters projectiles are propelled by magic and not combustion.

  15. Actually I’d prefer if they just renamed the third difficulty and made Hell the last one. I mean, what can be worse than Hell? Even an inferno can only be a part of the nightmare (!) that is hell.
    Who cares, whatever name they use it will quickly lose all other meaning in a Diablo context.

  16. I also prefer abyss to inferno.

    But mainly I was posting to say that there clearly are guns already in D3.  They just look like crossbows for some reason.  But if it walks, talks, and shoots bullets like a gun, it’s pretty much a gun.

  17. I like Abyss too, and also think Torment sounds pretty cool even tho I seem to be alone on that here 😛

    But the only logical and badass thing would be:

    Normal > Nightmare > Purgatory > Hell

    Seek in your hearts and you will know this is true… 😈

  18. inferno = burning alive for eternity
    abyss = noone can imagine it; if u could u would brake together and the only thing u want to do is kill yourself

    => abyss > inferno

  19. The problem with Abyss is that lore-wise there’s actually an abyss, and it would be weird/impossible to travel there. It works for Italian because Abisso can translate to words other than Abyss depending on context.

    Plus, it sounds just as great to say “I’m level 60. I’m about to enter the Inferno.”

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