As anyone who pays attention knows, the Blue posts on the B.net forums are always more about chit-chat and than full of game info. Many people enjoy reading them anyway, and that’s why we have a Blue tracker, so you can do so quickly and easily. Today though, reading those posts feels entirely irrelevant, since while our Diablo 3 Beta forum is bursting with awesome new game info coming from beta leaks, any such posts on the B.net forums are getting deleted instantly.

    That understood, the CMs went to the trouble to exercise their fingers on a few occasions today, and if you click through you can see what they had to say:

    Someone on the US forums posted yet another “never tell anyone your account password” warnings, which is probably a useful reminder. We all think we’d never fall for such scams, but the sophistication of them has increased greatly over the years. They used to read about as (un)convincingly as those Nigerian 419 scam emails, but over the past few years the, “Your WoW account details have been changed.” emails I’ve received have become virtually indistinguishable from an actual email from Blizzard. (The fact that I’ve never had a WoW account make it pretty easy for me spot the fakes, but not all of you are so lucky.) Besides, those 419 scams are (still!) parting fools from millions of dollars a year, so if people will give away real money to those, they’ll surely believe a realistic-looking email from Blizzard.

    A poster on the EU D3 forum complains about Blizzard’s slow development process and makes a reasonable point; that other companies see Bliz game features in advance, rip them off, and stick them into their own games long before the Bliz game is even close to finished. A CM replies by changing the subject.

    We’re not slow. We’re differently fast, that’s all.

    And of course we listen to you people, even on these forums. Your passion for the games we develop is just amazing and it’s truly an inspiration for us all. Listening to you is just the direct consequence of sharing this passion and dedication.

    A fan who is actually in favor of the always-online D3 DRM made a post aggressively pushing his opinion. My favorite part is his assertion that, ” 0.000001% of the population can’t play since they don’t have internet 24/7.” I had no idea I was in such a blessed minority when Comcast went out for 4 hours Sunday evening? Now that I know I’ll feel much more special next time it happens! Bashiok replied, but only to comment on the tone, not the substance.

    If anyone wants to hold discussions on this topic, do feel free, but it’s not going to be in a thread that tells people to “stop whining” or encourages that brand of attacks on others. Not appropriate.

    Another of those “how will you play your first time through the game?” threads popped up, earning a reply from Zarhym.

    I really hope most of you do choose to explore the environments, dungeons, and chances for rare encounters, as well as listen to the tales told around you by the inhabitants of Sanctuary. A lot of players will naturally have this desire anyway, which is good. If you pass up an unexplored wing of a dungeon because you found in there what you needed for a quest already, you get the feeling while playing that something of consequence could still be in the dungeon. The game’s been designed to make exploration feel important to the story, fun, and rewarding. 😉

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