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    There are no ethereal, indestructible, or self-repairing items in Diablo 3. Will that state of affairs remain forever?

    There are no current plans to add ethereal or indestructible items to the game… mostly because we do not think it feels super awesome to have an item that does not need to be repaired.

    There is of course the possibility that we might add self-repairing items to the game at some point 🙂

    It’s a common question, but we might as well relay another answer of it. Do you have to play Inferno mode with friends, to survive?

    Inferno mode will definitely be more difficult when soloing, but it can be done. We do not intend co-op to be a requirement 🙂

    DiabloWikiArtisans are tied to your account, not to any individual character. But what if you do not want that?

    I’ve recently read that artisans will be shared will all characters, so they will be the same level with all characters. But, I’m now thinking, since I often like starting my games from scratch, will there be a possibility to completely reset your artisan levels?
    Artisans are based on progression at the account level and as such there is no way to reset their levels at this point. That being said, we are considering adding an option or ability to reset artisans for people who truly want to start from scratch.

    I can see this being forever promised but never delivered. If they actually do it, with their current “nothing possibly confusing to a half-imbecile chimp can be left in a Blizzard game” design philosophy, can you imagine how many “I have read the terms and agree to this action” pop up boxes you’d have to click through?

    That said, I hope they get it into the game. I’d like a way to *not* share gold also, (other than simply throwing it all away) as the game currently makes it impossible to play in Live off the Land style. You share all gold, all Artisan progress, and all stash items, ensuring that no character, other than your very first, ever truly starts off from scratch.

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