Blue Posts on Artisans, Indestructible Items, and Solo Inferno

A few more recent posts of interest from the EU forums.

There are no ethereal, indestructible, or self-repairing items in Diablo 3. Will that state of affairs remain forever?

There are no current plans to add ethereal or indestructible items to the game… mostly because we do not think it feels super awesome to have an item that does not need to be repaired.

There is of course the possibility that we might add self-repairing items to the game at some point 🙂

It’s a common question, but we might as well relay another answer of it. Do you have to play Inferno mode with friends, to survive?

Inferno mode will definitely be more difficult when soloing, but it can be done. We do not intend co-op to be a requirement 🙂

DiabloWikiArtisans are tied to your account, not to any individual character. But what if you do not want that?

I’ve recently read that artisans will be shared will all characters, so they will be the same level with all characters. But, I’m now thinking, since I often like starting my games from scratch, will there be a possibility to completely reset your artisan levels?
Artisans are based on progression at the account level and as such there is no way to reset their levels at this point. That being said, we are considering adding an option or ability to reset artisans for people who truly want to start from scratch.

I can see this being forever promised but never delivered. If they actually do it, with their current “nothing possibly confusing to a half-imbecile chimp can be left in a Blizzard game” design philosophy, can you imagine how many “I have read the terms and agree to this action” pop up boxes you’d have to click through?

That said, I hope they get it into the game. I’d like a way to *not* share gold also, (other than simply throwing it all away) as the game currently makes it impossible to play in Live off the Land style. You share all gold, all Artisan progress, and all stash items, ensuring that no character, other than your very first, ever truly starts off from scratch.

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22 thoughts on “Blue Posts on Artisans, Indestructible Items, and Solo Inferno

  1. Not being able to start from scratch is sad. It really is the funniest way to start over, at least in my opinion. Clearly the devs don’t share my point of view. I know I can play untwinked by not using the shared stash. I know I can simulate the individual chars economy if I want to. I know I can do hc mode during my first play trough by starting over if I die. But I don’t want to do that. If I start over I want to actually *start over*. And if I die I want to stay dead. Simulating fun isn’t fun…

  2. Indestructible items were actually quite good in D1, where items would vanish forever when they got to 0 durability. The affix appearing on some unique items was a nice boon (as opposed to simply not having that mod at all).

    In D2 Indestructible was boring because items could never be destroyed. Similarly ethereal items were boring because no one actually used them – the idea behind them is that you would ‘use up’ your weapon like it was a healing potion and then replace it with something else. But in practice no one ever did this. 

    Could Indestructible have a place in D3? I’d suggest yes, it if were a modifier that could not be added to other items (like Zod in D2) as an enchantment but would only appear on pre-determined unique or set items. Having it appear on rare items for the most part just makes people prefer they had something else.

    I’m also not sure why they think self-repairing items are somehow different from indestructible ones. I see no realistic difference in gameplay, except self-repairing ones might sometimes cost money when you go to the blacksmith.

    • There is also a very small chance the self repair item could completely break which depends on how and when it self repairs. I used ethereal items with my hireling all the time. I never really followed any  build guilds per-say I always went the way I wanted to play. Guess I was one of the none normal people in that regard then.

      • Has anyone ever had an item break in D2? I think hardly ever, after Act 1. Just go to the blacksmith, click “repair all” and move on. Similarly in D3 I don’t think items are going to break very often. Then if you have two items of the same type, the self-repairing one will break even less than the regular one. Therefore the only real difference between a self-repairing one and an indestructible one (assuming your items never break because you constantly repair them) is that a self-repairing one will sometimes cost gold to repair.

  3. It’s fine if people want to complain or attack or whatever in comments, that’s fine. We like debate here, and I put critiques and debate ideas in the posts to stir up comments.

    But if you’re going to do it, you need to have something to say. You can’t just vomit up some gibberish that’s not worth anyone’s time to read.

    • Oh i didnt know the empty posted were deleted posts. 🙂 

      That said, i do have a suggestion of restarting that might not sit well with others……..

      Once u are through with ur character, use RMAH and collect enough money, then buy a new account of D3. Then u have a fresh start. In a way you dont spend any money, since someone else is paying it for you.

    • He’s right though. Shared stash/gold/artisans was more about matters of convenience for power gamers w/ tons of alts than it was for “too hard for noobs.” It might also just be to keep their database less cluttered (Blizzard always complains about how bloated the WoW database is). Stick it to Blizzard when they actually deserve it, like the tooltips, making you go through SC before you can use HC, and lack of a PvP ranking system.

  4. they do this in wow via heirlooms, and thats way worse (use the same damn thing in that slot till max level). i think people are over reacting i think its a dope concept and don’t mind one bit. Sorry for you others who sound like your going to whine on release day with tons of things you do not  like, but i for one am going to enjoy this game no matter what simply because i enjoy diablo far more than i ever did wow or anything so im not too concerned and confident they will release an awesome product, as always.

    • Without a doubt I will enjoy the game unlike any other for a long time, simply because it’s a Diablo game like you say. But, that doesn’t necessarily mean I agree with every design solution. Will I buy D3 no matter how much they screw it up in my eyes? -Yes. Are there aspects of D3 I suspect will annoy me? -Yes (but so did D2 have). Will I whine my ass off like a little girl about it after release? -Not outside my gaming room. My gf will prolly get fed by it though…

  5. That really will be kind of sucky if you can never reset the artisans. It means some of the artwork is going to be little-seen I guess, since, for example, the only time you will ever see the base level graphics is going to be the first time you play the game.
    Definitely prefer having the option to *not* twink gold/items/artisans for some builds. Maybe a patch before the xpack when people are firmly into exotic challenge mode?

  6. Inferno mode will definitely be more difficult when soloing, but it can be done. We do not intend co-op to be a requirement

    pffttt….i can foresee a very easy inferno for a well equiped char, and a piece of cake inferno for a party…
    sighh….thats the way of the future..

  7. I dont see this news as death for the Live of the land folks. It just makes it a little more difficult. Honestly, using recycled items is a no brainer. Just dont do it. As far as gold goes, you would have to keep track of how much you collect and only use that much. Obviously, its going to slow things down quite a bit and make for a lot of work. I dont have the beta, but does the gold you collect go right into your shared stash, or does each character have a wallet, and the stash as well?

    Artisans not being reset is tricky, but as long as you only craft items that are for your level, with materials you farmed with said character, it shouldnt be an issue. You could also keep track of what patterns you find on said toon and only craft those items.

    Is it a pain in the ass? Yeah. Is it doable? As far as I can tell, id say yes. Not the best solution but a solution none the less.

    • Both the wallet and stash are shared however if you’re rich enough with your first character you can purchase additional stash space. Once you complete a full page you can buy additional pages.

      One way to keep your stuff separate is to have one page designated to each character.

  8. Bigger than the issue of starting from scratch is sharing accounts… think of a pair of young siblings, or in my case a spouse and I, only want to buy the game once… really… I have to share my stash…
    I can see many parents having to referee fights between their kids over stolen gold from a stash…

    • Hey, look at it this way: its more sales! Oh wait, we’re not Blizzard 🙁 🙁
      A little side note here… Blizzard Balance will probably be like Steam Wallet where they have a $5 minimum (just speculating, but seems very plausible given CC/debit/PayPal/whoeverElseWantsSomePie fees). So much for buying $0.10 items or $0.80 items. They wanna make sure we don’t get any bargains. I’m not liking the thought of this stuff…

  9. “Inferno mode will definitely be more difficult when soloing, but it can be done. We do not intend co-op to be a requirement”

    Best quote I’ve heard since the announcement.

    • Even if they did intend Inferno to be done with a party, I think a lot of SP people would just take it as a challenge to make it through anyway, ’cause that’s just how we roll. 😈

  10. I think they are trying a different approach to starting over. They want us to play all the characters through all difficulties, and spend more time on runes and loot drops, not leveling our artisans with every character, starting over fresh is cool, but “starting over” is better! It’s like the start plus in chrono trigger for SNES where you get to start the game again but with all of your weapons. Plus you can go through one char and max out an artisan, then play another character and max out the other without having to do all three peeps each time! Gawd, talk about boring!

    Edit: I wonder how this will work in hardcore if you’re only playing one character.

  11. In my eyes having characters share everything and being able to respec on the fly kinda kills the end game. They made this game so that you can make 1 of every char and be done with the game. There would be no point to make two barbarians when you can just repec you first one. In d2 half the fun was making a new character that was specialized in a different way. I could make 5 sorceresses and none of them would play the same. I liked starting from scratch to make a new badass character. Now I fear i will make 1 of each char and then get bored and have nothig to do…..

  12. The artisans thing is interesting. It answers my question about what happens to your hard leveled artisans when your hardcore character dies =(.

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