Bashiok answered some questions about gambling and socketing in Diablo III in the forums on Friday. First up, a fan issued a plea for gambling, and DiabloWikiGheed, to return in Diablo III. Bashiok replied helpfully, but negatively.

    I can see there being a possibility for some high end crafting recipes to have fewer or no fixed attributes, which in the latter case would be gambling, essentially. But better.

    As far as a system dedicated to gambling, there are no current plans, but as I just said gambling could be pulled off a whole lot better through the crafting system directly. If we thought those types of recipes were a good idea.

    Which I have no idea if we do. ‘We’ being other people that decide these things. wink

    Elsewhere, a fan wanted some more info about blacksmith socketing in Diablo III, and got it.

    As far as I last heard it (and this is subject to change of course) the blacksmith can add one extra socket (max) to specific items, up to the maximum allowable. So if (for example, I’m not claiming max socket numbers) a sword can have two sockets, but drops with none, you can add one socket to it.

    “How do items that take up 2 slots in the inventory have more than 2 sockets?”

    Requiring you to equip the item to gem?

    “Also, will they all looks visually appealing like for the Shield example, or will they just be stuck to the center.”

    The shield one was stuck to the center.

    From the sounds of that, it’ll be possible to find items with more sockets than you can make, with the assistance of the blacksmith. We don’t yet know how item generation works in Diablo III, especially in terms of affixes. Jay Wilson has said that sockets in all types of items are treated like an affix, but that doesn’t mean getting sockets on your rare/legendary/set item necessarily means you get one fewer prefix/suffix. It’ll be interesting to see if it’s better to find a great item your Blacksmith can add 1 socket to, or if the best items will be found ones with multiple sockets.

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