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Diablo 3 Right Questions

Gosu’s novella-length “Diablo 3 Salvation” fix-it article has drawn a lot of attention over the past couple of days, and has now spurred a long and very informative reply from a member of the Diablo 3 dev team. This blue post by Travis Day comes with a promise of more information regarding items and related topics that will affect the game’s ultimate longevity. Gosu’s post not only drew the attention of Blizzard, but it brought a lot of hard-hitting questions to light. What I took away from this is that they’re aware of some very real issues that are affecting Diablo 3’s ability to flourish. Some of the answers cover problems that have been fairly thoroughly canvased, though he addresses them with what I felt were promising answers.

TL:DR version of this is they’re looking to make more appealing affixes to rival DiabloWikitrifecta, they’re looking to implement new and varied systems to allow for further character customization, and there is an item blog coming next week.

Below is the response to the original post.

Thanks for taking the time to put your thoughts on paper for us. There are a lot of topics here that deserve attention and I want to share our views on them with all of you. Stay a while and listen.


Challenge is certainly something that has value; players can’t feel a sense of accomplishment if everything in the game can be face rolled. I think many people would agree that, at launch, the game was too challenging. It was very difficult to progress through Inferno depending on your class or items and the challenge was a large part of the reason players felt like they were driven to the AH in the first place. When you present players with difficult content they will find a way to overcome it which usually means using only the most powerful items and abilities. The unfortunate side effect is it also drives players away from the play styles they feel are “just fun”. We have taken steps to improve this problem a number of ways; reducing the overall difficulty of Inferno, improving the potency of underused skills to allow players more diversity in their gameplay, and introducing Monster Power to allow players to set the game to a level which they feel is enjoyable. I think the right way to introduce challenge is to make it optional, for example having difficult content for the players that enjoy it without penalizing the players who prefer a more relaxed gameplay experience.

Read the full Blue post after the fold.

Items and AH

Items are a topic with a tremendous amount of depth and also a very sensitive subject, so I’ll do my best to provide some of our insights into the matter. Removing “bad” affixes is certainly a suggestion that surfaces from time to time, another suggestion is to group all the good affixes into a shared category so that they can’t all roll on the same item. I think on the surface those sound good but the reality of what they would do to the itemization isn’t what we want. I addressed the topic of the “bad” affixes in a prior post about items so I won’t go into too much more detail here, but I think it’s well within our ability to make those affixes compelling for some people, Pickup Radius and Witch Doctors are a good example of this. Specifically as it relates to Thorns, no one will disagree that in its current state is pretty lackluster, but it supports a play style that I’m sure we can capture with enough alterations to both the core mechanic and some supporting class abilities and passives.

As it relates to bucketing affixes so Crit Chance, Crit Damage, and Attack Speed are mutually exclusive, yeah that would add more choice to item selection, but it would be artificial. I think this issue has some underlying causes that we should look at before going to the extreme of preventing them from existing on the same item. One of the first reasons trifecta items are an issue isn’t that they are so good; it’s that they are the only thing that is good. Of course you want the only three stats that increase your character damage in a meaningful way on the same item, because there are ONLY three stats that increase your character damage in a meaningful way other than your primary stat. I don’t want to derail this by getting into why primary stats were introduced or debate whether they are good or bad. I do want to say that Diablo 3 has been through much iteration during which a vast number of approaches to stats and items were tested and in the end we felt primary stats were the right thing for Diablo 3. I think a better approach to this issue is to introduce more affixes that players are interested in, so there is a sense of tension over what the six affixes are on your “ideal gear”. When a perfect pair of gloves is “Core Stat, Vit, Res All, Crit Chance, Crit Dmg, Attack Speed” and you can’t even imagine another stat you would want instead of one of those, we have a bigger problem. Introducing more choice instead of less and giving players more ways to feel like they are customizing their character is what we want to see. If gloves also had the ability to roll +% School Damage, +Life on Hit, Skill specific affixes, plus a couple more things you want, than players may find themselves in a situation where trifecta isn’t as clearly defined anymore.

The “problem” with trifecta items can’t be discussed without also pointing out that it is only a problem because the AH makes obtaining these items so easy. On a basic level, I have no problem with items existing that players highly desire, but when it is a forgone conclusion that you will have those items then we have problems. If the auction house never existed, players wouldn’t be upset that trifecta exists, they would be upset that they haven’t been lucky enough to find their own trifecta items. To summarize, I think the right solution to this problem isn’t cutting trifecta items from the game, but rather it’s about getting to a point where you want more things than you can fit on an item.

I think your affix ideas are cool, and we have spent a lot of time lately talking about what kind of awesome effects we could put on items that we don’t currently have. I’d even say that as cool as some of these ideas are, we can go even further. We are putting a lot of effort into coming up with really awesome item ideas for future content. I’ll give one quick example of my personal favorite so far before moving on and also to give context to the direction we are moving in. Imagine a pair of Legendary boots that read “Makes you ethereal, allowing you to freely move through enemies”. Whether or not that idea makes the final cut is hard to say, but we want to really push the boundaries as much as we can, so legendary items become things that players can get really excited about.

Character Customization

Your system idea for Nephalem Power Stat is basically a roundabout way of suggesting we re-implement the Diablo 2 skill system. The old skill system was fun, back in the day, but I think it’s honestly dated in today’s landscape. People fondly remember making tons of characters and trying out different builds, and while I have a lot of those same fond memories, I also remember that usually the end result of my time investment in my “cool new character” was complete and utter disappointment.

Today the availability of web sites or posts about character builds would mostly overshadow any of that old character rerolling. You would read a post saying someone else tried the build that you had imagined would be amazing, only to find out it was awful, or you would find out it was great and build it also. The skill system today allows people the flexibility to try out things they enjoy without penalizing players who want to experiment with new ideas. The only difference is if their idea doesn’t pan out, you didn’t waste hours leveling a bad character.

Character customization is fun. People want more ways to feel different from their neighbor, and we want to help provide players with more options in this regard as well. There are lots of things that we have discussed and some ideas we have for long term system additions to the game to help in this regard. One of them which I mentioned in another post is the plan to eventually introduce a system to allow players to customize their character appearance more. Another system we haven’t talked about before is the long term plan to change the way the Paragon system works to allow it to offer more character customization in the form of actual power. The details of that system are still being worked out and players probably won’t get their hands on it for quite a while. We do agree that customization is important and we want more ways for players to both express themselves and differentiate themselves from their friends and other members of the community.

Too many items

I cover this topic in some depth in the upcoming Item Blog that community is in the process of getting ready for release next week. I will briefly say that we agree that too many items drop and we have plans to eventually reduce the rate that players see items, while also taking measures to improve the general quality of items you do see. The end result should be fewer items that are better instead of tons of items you don’t want.

Legendary and Set items

This is a topic I’ve touched on some in this thread and it is also a talking point of the upcoming Item Blog, so I’ll just say that we agree and we want Legendary items to feel game changing.

Finding your own gear

Whenever we talk about what the fantasy of Diablo is and what we want the core gameplay to be, never do we say “we want players to farm gold and go buy items off the auction house”. The AH definitely has made an impact on Diablo 3 and we talk about it constantly, but our conversations are usually in the context of “how can we get players to find their own loot instead of just buying it”. The new crafting recipes and Demonic Essences were added to provide a little bit of this gameplay but we have a lot of ideas for the long term about how we want to go about addressing this. At the end of the day, it is our intention that players are able to find their own items, because we feel the game is just more fun that way. There are several reason why it might not feel that way right now. One is the inherent randomness of our loot system. Another is the fact that the AH completely removes all friction between player trades. And another is when players DO find items they should be excited about, they are often disappointed because this items are not very good. All of these are very important and we hope to address them over time.

Skill Diversity

This is something we constantly strive to improve. Yes, there are a lot of runes and abilities that are lacking, but as you can see with our patches, we try over time to improve the balance of them regularly. In some cases runes are designed just to be fun or cool. In other cases, we try to make a large spectrum of runes competitive, but the math ends up favoring one over the others. In some cases, certain abilities or ability combinations are so potent that they overshadow almost every other option available. WW/Sprint/Battle Rage is a good example of this. There are some cool ideas here, but I don’t want to turn this post into a discussion about specifics of design. This is a problem that we can’t fix overnight, but we are confident that over time we can constantly improve the situation and hopefully the community can see that we are making efforts on this front with every patch we release.


What crafting was meant to be and what it ended up being aren’t necessarily the same. Again there are a long list of reasons why it turned out to be a bit underwhelming for some people. Not the least of which is the existence of the AH. Why make random things when you can buy exactly what you are looking for? We are constantly exploring new ideas for how to make crafting more relevant and trying to carve out a more defined role for it within the scope of Diablo 3 itemization. We have discussed ideas such as letting players have some control over what stats will appear on the item they are crafting, using the crafting system to allow players to reroll the values of affixes an item already has, etc. This is a system that, with time, should be able to find a better place in the overall gameplay experience of Diablo.

Social Features

This is an area that has a lot of room for improvement. I personally used to talk about the fact that when I would play with my brother and two of my good friends, I constantly felt like they were a detriment to my ability to farm, which is at the core of my enjoyment of the Diablo series. Since then, we have made changes to improve the coop experience like reducing the health multiplier of additional players and removing the damage scaling when more players join the game. However, we need to do more to improve both the in and out of game experience. We want it to be easier for players to find other like-minded people to play with and this is a topic we are actively trying to improve in the near future.


Ok I’ve reread this thing enough times that my brain is starting to melt. The Diablo team is incredibly passionate and constantly striving to make the game we love even better. I hope this post helps clear the air about where we stand on a lot of these topics and I also hope I never find myself never feeling the need to write a post this long again lol.

TLDR – Travis has crit Gosu with Wall of Text for 1 Billlllllllion damage.

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40 thoughts on “Blizzard Post: The Salvation of Diablo 3

      • Re-read carefully and you’ll find that the central communication of this post is that Blizzard needs more, always more and even more time in order to address these issues. And by the sound of it – and the frequency it is stated – they are not referring to the ‘blink of an eye’ amount of time they had since release (9.5 months).

        So yeah, ‘late’ is somewhat the key word here.
        Better late than never? We’ll see.

    • The Main Main problem is … Pay-to-win system.
      TONS OF BOTS,Insane items randomization,crappy co-op system,nothing else to do instead Act3,Insulting “PvP” system,What else?Lack of Customization/lack of viable skills/runes… and more…

    • That ray of light is far in the distance. These guys have a lot of work to do, obviously, and post-release development seems to have become extremely convoluted for a variety of reasons. The sweeping changes many players would like to see will probably have to wait for the expansion (which also happens to be a great selling point for Blizzard… blang blang.)

      Personally, I won’t bother returning to play until the itemization is fixed. I recently saw an SS of high-rolled crafted item on this sight and it was… boring. The stats and itemization in D3 is ridiculously linear.

  1. Wow. This might be the best D3 related post to ever come out of Blizzard.

    D3 might finally get released.

    I am cautiously optimistic.

  2. Not bad. But I think if they “make trading harder” or do away w/ the AH (cash or gold), then we’ll just get D2’s RMT all over again. The trick is to make the best of the best of the best gear NOT for trade, while still leaving a lot of other stuff (crafting materials, twink gear, gems) available for trade.

    This also supposes a lot of sinks; gold, item and gem. I can’t believe the econ folks didn’t choke this dev team w/ their bare hands. Freshman calculus students could prove how this current item system would inflate into meaninglessness.

    I do like how they’re not rising to the bait to reintroduce the awful D2 skill tree. “Oh, there are too many useless skills and builds in D3!” Did you not play D2?

  3. I dunno. I’m still eternally cynical. Lots of \we’re looking at ways\ and \we’re constantly talking abouts.\ I think his worst answer is regarding the social aspect. For me, my problem isn’t so much not being able to find games I want to play in, but just simply feeling compelled to actually SOCIALIZE with my team members. The chat window sucks. The old Battle Net Chat rooms are gone. Naming games. Etc.

    He’s acknowledging problems but not giving us much to go on.

    He also mentions over and over again that the AH has caused item problems but then never even suggests they simply get rid of the AH.

  4. Too little too late.

    Activision can coat their greedy in honey all they want but they’ll never be getting another cent from me.

  5. *facepalm* they have admitted *some* of their shortcomings, now can they actually address them in a meaningful way?

    I hope they arent just blowing smoke up our arses. I honestly did not expect to hear about 1.08 or any upcoming changes until well after a new project manager was announced, yet here we are. Lets also keep in mind that just a couple patches ago they *fixed* the items (mainly legendaries) and look how that turned out.

    I truly hope this is what it looks like, but with this team… I will believe it when I see it sadly.

  6. Let’s hope that they don’t go too deep with this paragon level customization thingy. I don’t want to be forced to farm for countless of hours with all my characters just to be able to customize my character. Let just say I’m not that type of player. I’m okay with the small increase in power that they have now.

    If they give you some perk for every paragon level up to paragon level 30 i’m okay with it. 30 is not that tiresome to achieve. But If I’m forced to play to lvl 100 paragon to be able to customize my character I might just quit, honestly.

    What d3 really need is more interesting passives.

    “3% life steal!! OMG 15% dodge chance! Wow now my 20 AP cost skill last for 10 minutes instead of 2, and I get 180 life per second! Insane!!! I now feel that my character plays totally differently.”

    How about, “Increase your attack speed and movement speed X% for every second channeling a spell to a total of X% attack and movement speed. Last 10 seconds.”

  7. That’s cool but I have to say I’ll believe it when I see it in the patch notes.

    There’s been plenty of these “We know what you want and we PLAN to make it better EVENTUALLY” blue posts with limited results. In the past they have been pretty set in their ways about things… So yeah I’m beyond skeptical at this point but not ruling out a miracle completely.

    Is it too late? Well it’s pretty damn late and they’ve already lost a ton of players and reputation. It’s far from dead but D3 is sitting at a 3.8 on metacritic after almost 8,000 user reviews at this point. That’s just embarrassing… A catastrophic blow to the franchise regardless of who says what and any future patch content they deliver.

    Most quitters probably won’t come back no matter what now that they have PoE to mess around with for free which is getting far more positive reviews from the old Diablo playerbase. I don’t even play PoE so I’m not trying to pump it up. It is what it is.

    I guess we’ll see how many quitters come back IF they actually deliver on the hype this time. To turn the reputation around at this point would require nothing short of a monumental effort followed by a miracle. Does leaderless team have what it takes to suddenly redeem themselves and pull off the greatest comeback in gaming history? I wonder what odds Vegas would give them.

    • I don’t think there is such thing as “too late” when it comes to D3. People leave and come back all the time, so long as they keep improving, players will return and begin to stay much longer before going on another hiatus to play Wasteland 2.

      The game can’t die. It’s more that it’s stock is really low right now. So long as Blizzard has money and devs willing to improve the game and make good changes, then the future is bright.

      • 100% agree with you that the game is not dead. Certainly if they decide to do complete 360 and fix the major issues that haven been brought to their attention for months now the game has a chance at regaining a large portion of it’s former audience. Even someone as jaded as I am right now I still have a small sliver of hope that someone over there puts their foot down and accomplishes something major in the next patch. Who knows maybe Wilson’s leaving has sparked some sort of revolution that we will benefit from? We’ll see…

  8. Liked the blue post, but I’d still like to promote or excerpt some more from Gosu’s mega-post. It’s in the forums here and it’s worth a read, and not just for the context of Andrew Day’s comments.

    Andrew’s comments were pretty good but he really skimmed over the skills and runes stuff, probably since that’s not his department. Gosu’s suggestions there were great, not necessarily in specifics, but definitely in concept — variety! Too many useless rune effects now, and too many that don’t really change anything. Slightly more damage, slightly less cooldown or resource cost, etc. Few that actually change play style or technique or strategy. And Blizzard’s been patching and upgrading the underused skills, but basically just by increasing their damage. Which is better than nothing, but feels pretty uninspired.

  9. Barbarians should still have the capability to single hand two handed weapons, thats all i need to say period!

  10. For sure D3 will be better game after 1 year.
    Damn greedyvision i was the one who did a bilions of Mepho/Pindel/Baal runs.
    How can i quit the game after only 5-6 months ? It’s just super boring.
    Action House Ruines everything.Diablo 3 is a business.Just buy some digital versions, play some bots, try to earn some $$ or EE and thats it.That pay-to-win model is stale.
    Also: I am that kind of player who want to have the PERFECT items.That’s my goal. Like Perfect Shako, Perfect Storm,The Best weapon etc.. This is what motivates me to farm.With that randomization it is impossible.EVEN IF YOU PAY!

  11. Why did they wait 9 months to write this post? I want to see posts like this every week. They spend too long time to fix core issues and if we know they work on it that might cool down the player-rage and maybe, just maybe, Blizz get more specific player feedback on what they are currently trying to fix/improve. 200 000 brains are better then 20. These awesome boots that was mentioned…my god. I have read suggestions of similar boots on the forums.

  12. This has to be the best Blizzard post ever.

    My only concern is the extremely long development time they need to do anything in this game.
    I believe a lot of the stuff he mentioned won’t be available until the expansion comes out. And I’m afraid that that’s too long for me.

  13. the only 2 ways to make significant impact and create improvement is to get rid of the “only weapon damage affects spell damage”. as long as that’s around, itemization (which is supposed to be a major factor in such a game’s longevity) will still remain in the Burning Hells.

    and to completely remove the auction house. people see dollar signs instead of good stats, and Diablo 3 has become an online casino. the Korean market was perfectly right to ban the game. it IS a form of real gambling and it should stay banned.

    • Well said. The uninspired item stats, auction house, and existence of terrible runes seem to be the arrow in Diablo’s chest at the moment. All they need to do is pull the damn thing out even if it means starting a fresh server call it “Classic Mode” or whatever. It’s been this long so I doubt they have the power to fix those core issues though I hope I’m (eventually) proven wrong.

  14. I think they need to get over the idea that the D2 skill tree system or idea is “dated.” Sure it’s 12 years old, but it’s also lightyears above the auto-skill feature that we got from 1986 RPGs.

  15. I’m curious… Why they didn’t wrote a blog post with that info 6 months ago. Just a twit: “We know AH demolished the sense reward for a lot of players. Not intended. Working on it.”

    It fells like:

    1)Sells tons of copies;
    2)Get insane profit from RMAH;
    3)Make the console thing a reality, generating more expected sales money;
    4)Actually finish the game and kill the AH x self found elephant in the room;

    After seeing the console news, I kinda quited. Now I’m just not playing because it fells I will be wasting my time getting stuff that will be turned useless after a couple patches/xpack.

    And I know my train of thought is a trainwreck, but it fells weird… “Let me spend 100 hours farming millions to get my crit chance zuni pox, that will be the next sigon’s set after XPack and its higher level items? Nah, thanks. I’ll wait.”

  16. They really should have been this open from day one. But, I’m glad it’s finally happened, either way. And now that they’ve started posting, they better keep it up!

  17. An extremely disappointing blue post. The top 5 problems with this game involve lack of social tools and community. The blue goes at-length to discuss various issues, but when it comes to to social tools, it gets a smallish paragraph and when you actually read it, he opens with some NEGATIVE personal experience of social tools, that being having friends ruin his efficiency?

    Absolutely terrible blue post. No wonder this game is in the state it is.

    • I think you missed the blue’s point. The fact that playing with his brother/friends made him less efficient was a sign that the social system was broken, and he was acknowledging that. He wasn’t saying that was a good thing.

  18. Blizzard north did not make this game, diablo is dead and will never return to its former glory, we all should just acctept this and move on

    • Clearly you never read about what Blizzard North’s original D3 concept was. Their direction could very well have killed the franchise in a more permanent way than what we got from Blizzard Irvine.

  19. I honestly wonder how many commentators here actually played Diablo 2. Diablo 2 was also pay to win, how many of those Enigma Hammerdin’s found all those runes and socketed gear themselves?

  20. Its just the same old “acknowledgement of D3 issues” but now with more specifics about what those issues are. I think people got way hyped just because of a single post, it just shows how needy and starved this community is, the changes needed to put D3 on track are major game redesigns that I doubt they will have the balls to release it on a patch, on those 9 months it has mostly being piecemeal patches that are some band-aid fixes to a bad design decision.

    Everything is way into the core, they already showed in those 9 months that they unwilling to mess with that.

    • They definitely get an attitude when someone suggests they fix a core gameplay issue. That’s not very encouraging. “Skill trees are dated” Who cares what YOU think is dated at this point?! Just fix the damn thing!

      Lets hope their inspirational words regarding an itemization fix next patch are more than just fluff. I want to see a DRASTIC legendary item overhaul. I want to see then reword every single one of the “worthless” legendaries and sets to encourage a new build. Same goes for the worthless runes. I want to see them add progress over time customized upgrades on runes and do some rewording.

      Oh and give me an AH free hardcore server. Why is that so hard?

  21. I will consider any itemization patch that does not address the staleness of magic/rares, a step in the wrong direction.

  22. By far the biggest issue with d3 is the failure to promote co-op play. Farming in a group is just so much worse than farming solo. D2 had very powerful buffs on each class that made co-op a breeze. Additionally, the option to go anywhere and kill anything made it possible to avoid inefficient areas.

    Playing co-op in d3 is fun, but much less rewarding than solo. I don’t care about itemization problems nearly as much as the huge failure that is random co-op in d3.

  23. 1. The beauty of the Diablo 2 skill tree is that the skills gave you damage which took pressure off of what stats your items needed. This is turn gave you more flexibility in item choice as you went through the game.

    You can play D2 all the way through self found because of this.

    But Yeah, that’s so lame and outdated!

    2. You can re-roll items in D2 via the cube, craft items via the cube, imbue items via Charsi, socket items via the cube and larzuk, make runewords, gamble items, and the list goes on and on. In D3 you have to find it or buy it. No contest!

    And the win goes to D2!

    3. Items, d2 broke the items into logical groups via class. Then there were normal, exceptional, and elite versions, it was very linear BUT VERY LOGICAL. A complete newb could get the system down in a few minutes. Spears were spears and polearms polearms. Now in D3 we have war pikes(a spear type in D2) in the friggen polearm category, WTF! D3 completely butchered the items. Bring back stability, bring back logical progression. Like others I am skeptical on this being fixed, its a very very big change. Its like they (the devs) never even played D2. Always trying to be fancy, always trying to reinvent the wheel, WTF blizzard!

    Bring back the real two handed war pikes! Those barbs should be skewering three monsters at once over those Wizards and Demon Hunters heads! Before a barb gets through a doorway the monsters should see the spear long before the character and start running for their lives! They know whats up, a friggen two handed, jagged arse, thick and sharp demon slaying machine that WHAT! 20 lbs of cold steel waiting for you demons!

    Bring back the spear CLASS!

    Now get to work and fix this blizzard…

  24. For someone who clocked nearly 1000 hours and quit D3 just shy of Paragon 100 in December, I agree with nearly everything Gosu said in his original post. I revisited the game the day 1.07 came out but only played for about an hour. There’s just a bunch of artificial little things to do instead of an actual goal or reason to play. Don’t get me wrong the patches have added nice things, but none of the core issues get changed/fixed which is my biggest complaint. Mechanically the gameplay is awesome and because of it I find it impossible to even touch something like PoE. I just don’t have a single reason to keep playing since there is no endgame (endless dungeon, ladder, pvp, …).

    Going back to itemization and the skill/runes. I guess I should wait for the item blogpost, but for right now I think the bluepost was very underwhelming. It’s one of those “heading in the right direction” posts but for me it mostly just seems to dodge the real issues.

    One of my favorite quotes off the original post:
    “Stop giving every rune JUST slows, stuns, altered dmg amounts or decreased resource cost to try and separate them and make them fun. That’s not enough and it never will be.”

    He had similar things to say about the items and I agree a 100%.

    It’s disappointing to see how fearful Blizzard is in actually implementing big changes to items and skills/runes. Everything is so overly simplified and lacking in creativity that it’s just mindboggling.

    Also since they won’t actually remove the AH, please for the love of god give us a ladder/mode that doesn’t have it at all.

    I have to give props to Gosu for his post. It’s incredibly hard to talk about all this stuff without basically throwing your monitor out the window out of sheer frustration towards the whole situation 🙂

    All one has to really think of is the “5 visible buffs” limit and the fact that we are almost 1 year into the game. *facepalm*

  25. Yes a “vanilla/untwinked/self found” mode would by very sweet! This would only work of course when they actually give players more ways to pass the gear checks. Better items, socket adding quest/recipes , jewels, charms, etc.

  26. Blizzard needs to get their act together and make some serious changes to how Diablo 3 fundamentally works. Acknowledging the obvious is not enough. Please grow some balls and make the necessary and in many cases obvious (though admittedly difficult) changes to fix the game.

    Diablo 3 is a damn joke right now compared to what it could have and should have been. The dwindling player base speaks for itself. It’s pathetic that cookie cutter games like Path of Exile can even be compared to it and in many ways surpass it. One can almost forget that this is the sequel to Diablo 2. The game that no competitor could touch for half a decade, a testament to how ahead of its time it was.

  27. “Your system idea for Nephalem Power Stat is basically a roundabout way of suggesting we re-implement the Diablo 2 skill system. The old skill system was fun, back in the day, but I think it’s honestly dated in today’s landscape.”

    And this shows that Blizz is still too out of touch to ever make D3 as good as its predecessor.

    I’ve been playing on a vanilla WoW server for the past few weeks and I’m having a blast with the old talent system as I level up. I can’t say I had the same excitement leveling in Pandaria.

    Sorry, but Blizzard just isn’t the company it used to be. Hopefully they start losing sales in the future so they’ll focus on making GOOD games again, not ACCESSIBLE games.

  28. The blue response to “Challenge” makes me feel like the dev didn’t even read Gosu’s essay, or if he did, he didn’t really understand the point. The dev is like “yes, challenge is important, so we’ve made some skills better and added the selectable difficulty MP system to make it better”. Which is a response to most people’s points on challenge, but NOT a response to Gosu’s. Gosu’s point was that challenge as understood by the current D3 system is just “are you geared enough to stand in the molten/plague/desecrator pool long enough to kill the elite at this level”. The dev’s response simply PROVES that Gosu is right, the only way they see challenge is as a gear check.

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