A fan posted about the DiabloWikiinventory evolution seen in Diablo III, and asked if people preferred the look of it from March 2009 vs. the most recent layout, from the Artisan presentation at Gamescom last week. Bashiok replied, not with his DiabloWikiinterface or DiabloWikipaper doll preference, but by answering a question about something much more interesting.  That big open space in the newest one, with just the portrait of the grim DiabloWikiBarbarian on display.

    I’m aware of what class I’m playing, I have no idea why I would need a picture of that beside the gear I’m wearing. It seems out of place and just placed there for a filler.

    There’s something that goes there. Another UI element that was purposefully hidden.

    What I hear that it is a system that we are going to be changing “on the fly” during combat. My initial thought in this case would be

    Hrm. I don’t think we’ve ever said anything officially that would give the impression that any changes of anything is intended to be done on the fly during combat except use of different skills.

    Here’s a comparison between the two inventory versions cited in this post. Note the two squares to the lower left and right of the paper doll, in the 2009 shot. The left one was for the player’s backpack; larger ones would have added more inventory space in each of the tabs. The right one is the DiabloWikiTalisman, which was visible but not functional in the 2008 Blizzcon build, but was not anywhere to be seen in the 2009 Blizzcon build.

    As for that large empty space in the newer shot; it seems a logical place for the Talisman. In the 2008 build you clicked on the little Talisman icon and it opened up in another window. If that space in the newer shot is for the Talisman, it looks like it’s large enough to utilize right there, which would be a definite improvement in convenience.

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