A fan brought up Just… Stay… Dead…, Demonsbane, and Beast Hunter as three useless DiabloWikitraits, since they all increase damage against just one of the three types (Beast, Demon, Undead) of monster. Bashiok replied, and agreed.

    We agree, and they were removed from Traits a while back. (not that you could have known that) So yay!

    We don’t want traits (passives) to be boring. Even the ones that are pretty bland stat increase type passives, we try to make them feel weighty. Trait points are fairly rare, so that lets us make each point feel a lot sexier to spend. Even if they’re just standard +% stat passives, they’re BIG +% increases. But, there’s also a lot of traits that are fairly intricate in what they provide, and to no small degree can be game changers. Either way they’ll be a crucial component to any character build.

    I’m very happy to hear this, but what of DiabloWikilucky and DiabloWikiintimidation? They are also fairly controversial traits that increase noncombat related stats.

    Lucky increases DiabloWikigold find by 10%. It’s tough to say how that kind of thing will balance out. It wouldn’t be worth taking until at least Nightmare, IMO, and even then a trait point is a fairly powerful thing. I don’t know if I’d spend it on gold find. But, that’s kind of a cool choice then, right?

    Intimidation is… ??? I don’t have all traits memorized, and maybe it changed names. (or was removed)

    DiabloWikiIntimidation is (was?) a Barbarian, Demon Hunter, and Monk trait that was said to, “Increases damage done and reduces vendor costs.”

    I thought that was a fairly cool concept; like your character is so powerful and frightening that you hurt monsters more, and can use your angry glare to get vendor discounts as well. I also liked that the WD and Wizard didn’t have it. Spell casting might be the most effective attack, but no one walking around in a Starfish hat or a belt made from dog bones is going to scare the DiabloWikiBlacksmith into sale prices. That’s not to say I would have used the trait, at least not until I maxed it out on a retired character I was just going to use for shopping and crafting, but it was a fairly novel ability.

    How about it, though? Would you put points into a trait that increased your returns from DiabloWikisalvaging? Or got you discounts on DiabloWikicrafting costs? Or would such traits be pointless and unbalanced; ignored by all active chars and exploited by all respeced/retired DiabloWikiend game shoppers?

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