A fan points to a photo of a monitor showing the DiabloWikiMonk‘s DiabloWikiSpirit resource bulb, and asks if it comes with cookies. DiabloWikiBashiok replies with comedic misdirection.

    Monk’s Resource Ball A Little Silly?

    I haven’t seen it in action, just a screenshot, but it looks like the spirit is liquid? If so, isn’t that a little silly? Shouldn’t spirit be a gas and not a liquid?

    It’s also white. White really doesn’t go with the rest of the interface. It stands out too far. Could this be a placeholder?

    Bashiok: Well, I don’t want to spoil it, but I’ll just point out that if you’ve seen the Alien movies, android blood is a milky white substance. So… y’know.


    Tragically, the fan didn’t check the DiabloWikiSpirit page on our DiabloWiki.net, where he could have found a clearer image of the Spirit bulb, as well as a description that would have cleared up his confusion.

    DiabloWikiSpirit is displayed in the right side resource globe as a billowing white gas, which builds as the Monk uses his combo moves.

    So yeah, it billows in and settles on the bottom of the bulb, while continuing to puff around a bit, as if the white gas (Spirit) is heavier than air, sort of like very thick ground fog. The best analogy I can give is to the white ectoplasm that filled the suit of Johann Krauss, the character in Hellboy 2. Though I don’t believe the Monk will be able to crack open a finger and use it to reanimate the corpses of a Tooth Fairy.

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