The new D3 B.net forums are up and running (well, limping, as numerous players report they are still unable to log in) and naturally various Bliz CMs have been making replies in order to make the new place look functional. You can’t find them as easily as you’re used to, since our Blues.IncGamers.com forum spider isn’t pulling from the new D3 forums yet (it will be functional in the very immediate future), but thankfully RisingRed cut through the chit-chat and bug reports and made a post in our Diablo 3 community forum to point out the two semi-game-related tidbits from Bliz CMs today.

    DigitalForce asked:

    With DiabloWikibeta (hopefully approaching), have all game systems been revealed or will more be revealed before/at beta launch?
    Bashiok: I think we’re all set. Just working toward beta and then release of the game.

    Prior to Gamescom we knew we still had “systems” to be revealed pre-beta, and the main expectation was for some sort of DiabloWikiend game feature. We got it with the info about DiabloWikiInferno… and that’s it. Alas, if you were hoping for something more to be in the game and not yet revealed, such as say, guild support, it looks like you’ll be waiting and hoping for the first expansion.

    Elsewhere, another CM handled a question about official info reveals, such as class skills.

    Really looking forward to seeing the classes listed on the new game guide, hopefully complete with all their skills even knowing they’re subject to change. Is that something which is on the horizon for us soon or will it not be present until during/after the beta?

    Or are the classes and their skills too much in flux for this to even be feasible?
    Kaivax: It’s not a matter of DiabloWikiflux, it’s just a matter of time and resources. I’d like to now post the very first soon on these new forums:


    Glad to know it’s not my fault, then.

    Finally, the first post on the D3 official blog concerns… facial hair. An excerpt:

    With no release date for the game yet announced, the challenge of developing the ultimate Diableard will push you into limits unknown, but we’re hoping you’ll summon the courage to join the Diablo III developers on their quest.

    To participate, simply send your Diableard photos to [email protected] We’ll be collecting the most impressive images of your beards and beard-like constructs to show off on the official Diablo III website as the release of the game approaches.

    DiabloWiki@Diablo claims that DiabloWikiBashiok is already taking part.

    In response to the Diableard contest, can we modify it to the Diablstache? In commemoration of Bashiok’s mighty visage, ofc. #diablo –NocturneGS
    Bashiok is also now growing a beard in honor of the challenge. Its patchiness is only matched by its slow rate of growth. —Diablo

    And here I thought we’d have to wait until after D3 was released to stop caring about personal grooming.

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